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Multiple WP for more difficult WP quests


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With easier quests awarding WPs it seems really balanced that some quests which are EXTREMELY difficult compared to easier WP quests give similar rewards.


I propose that it be allowed for a quest reward to be multiple WPs


For one person or for other players that finish?

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We can already reward multiple positions with WPs.


This topic seems to me to just point to inflation, and how the reward/skill gain system has failed to evolve adequately. I don't see offering multiple WPs as a fix to this situation, it will only make it worse.



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I agree with Z.


@Rophs: don't you think that Dst has enough WPs gained one by one? Do you want to give her more then one WPs at once ? :))

Or you plan on doing rigged quests ?


Anyway, there are already issues with WPs that cannot be awarded due to the need of being awarded too often to the same person (and that was imposed to avoid inflation among other things)


So : no. There are other rewards besides WPs.

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Ratings are mostly given on grounds of how well participant did in relation to questmakers expectations. They rate the quality of effort/genius for specific "quest" but you can't compare WP one from one quest to WP won from another quest made by another questmaker.


For example.

One WP is won on a super hard quest that had 100 active participants and lasted 2 months.

Other WP is won on a quest that had 5 participants with task to recite short poem about how fluffy and evil Ary is and put it on youtube and be judged as best.

In my eyes they can't compare :p second one is obviously worth 10 WPs not just one. :rolleyes:


Lastly ratings of WP don't mean anything in practice besides some average number on scoreboard that (almost) nobody cares about.

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Most of my WPs have a score of 1 because they were added manually by shoeps and he found it fit to get a bit of revenge on me by scoring them with 1 so my score is  not accurate.


Also, the WP cooldown has been suspended so now anyone can award WPs in a row to the same person.

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  • Root Admin

pff thanks chew, i was afraid you said anything different when i saw this topic just now.


Let me explain a bit more...

the balance of wishpoints is meant to be in such way that you could pick only the easy stuff to get more wps. ...anyone can do...but if you want that extra wp you need to do the harder ones too. Its well designed concept and works only with one wp rewars, and as chew said, only on rare occasions might be different. Such occasions are for example when there is a need to push forward a certain TYPE of quester, (no , not a certain person). For example if i want to push forward in md people that build nice clay cubes, i could reward more to that quest, just because i am adjusting the balance of things, not because that thing is worth more wp.


Wp is about collecting these points...you gain more by collecting more, not by getting quests with more. A wish is a wish, might be a more or les powerful wish, but this does not translate in more wps


good chew, i am so glad when i see such things

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