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Fairy Princess in Distress!


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Piss Piss has returned and she needs your help!


She lost something and needs you to help her recover it.


Right now she's way too distress to start talking but she will soon!


Be the first to help her out and you'll be her Prince Charming! Doesn't matter if you're a woman! You'll still be her Prince Charming!



If you want to embark to the journey of helping her out, please post your player ID below. She doesn't trust everybody so you need to be checked before!



Hurry! She needs help NOW!!!

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I just got an idea that will ensure a bit of fairness considering the fact that I haven't coded the quest to calculate the amount of time a player needs in order to solve (yes, the fastest will win) so I will do it like this:


Once I announce the beginning of the quest, each participant must PM me ON THE FORUM to get the starting password. The clock will start from the moment I reply. I will try to reply to you after I see you active in game (even talk to you to make sure you're awake).


Piss Piss will give you the instructions. However since she sometimes forgets things or messes them up, I shall post them below as well:


There are 2 sets of pictures. You must find both sets.

Then you need to find 2 keys that have been broken and scattered around the realm.

Once you find them (I'll not tell you how many pieces there are) you need to decode them and apply them to the pictures (how you do that...well..that will be your challenge). Once you get the messages, you PM me (that's when your clock will stop).


The quest will run until 31st of Dec 00:00 ST.





1) Standard Christmas points - 4 for 1st

                                               - 3 for 2nd

                                               - 2 for 3rd


I have agreed with Chew to add one additional point if the quest proves to be difficult (I shall decide that at the end).


2) 1st place will also get a WP (it's Christmas, let's be generous!)

     2nd will get one of each of the following spell stones: Tele to PC, LiC, SendToGazeebo, Acousticremains.

     3rd will get 2 GCs.


Sponsorship is welcomed. Also I am discussing with TKs for additional prizes.


I will announce soon the official start of the quest!

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