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As is my right as the new ruling demon, and to further strengthen my claim for the crown, I now (remember to) declassify an old LotE classified document: A missive that was passed to SoS in 2011



infiltrate nc, i need it demolishable at command

i need a full report on why jester is a tb citizen, before i imprison him in my dungeon for experiments and painful mutations.

i find it to be a diplomatic mokery that an other land king is a citizen of an other, Tribunal will react as he, jester, is now under my rulership.

THIS POST WILL GO PUBLIC IN THE DIPLOMATIC SECTION ONCE OVER so careful how you evaluate your personal relations with the people that might get hurt in this mission.

I need the stand of SoS regarding this matter, will you fully assist/accept in this mission or not. Both are an option and i will act accordingly.
Saying one thing and doing an other will be considered treason and treated as such.

You have till monday to reply

Think whatever you will, MD, but know that my crown belongs to me.

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I see a lot of arguing about who holds the crown lately, but of the two who hold the most points to the crown neither are actively trying to become the King. Maybe they don't have enough points to do so yet or in Eon's case transferring points doesn't work, but I feel this is a very strong point towards what the King of the East would be likely to do. Join us, we have cake and tea :bar_mostpopular:
Ann. 2773 Priority: 1 [2013-09-10 04:18:08 - Stage 12]

Tribunal Crown
I am starting a long term quest for whoever wants to become King of the East Lands (excluding DoM). It will be based on points that you gather..and how you gather them is a secret some will discover most won't. Eon and Shadowseeker are entitled to one ..or two..points as a start, if they can remind me (in-game only) why they deserve them. Once a point is obtained by someone I will post in TB forum the reason, so others can see it and understand the nature of this quest.

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44 minutes ago, Fang Archbane said:

Let's not forget one of them cashed in any and all claim he had to said Crown when he traded it all in for a Mansion.

Even if the Points were inheritable so to speak, they've been used.

Fascinating, I wasn't aware of this...

To continue with the original purpose I planned for this thread so long ago, here is the full declassified "Secret Directive to SoS" with some redactions.


infiltrate nc, i need it demolishable at command

i need a full report on why jester is a tb citizen, before i imprison him in my dungeon for experiments and painful mutations.

i find it to be a diplomatic mokery that an other land king is a citizen of an other, Tribunal will react as he, jester, is now under my rulership.

THIS POST WILL GO PUBLIC IN THE DIPLOMATIC SECTION ONCE OVER so careful how you evaluate your personal relations with the people that might get hurt in this mission.

I need the stand of SoS regarding this matter, will you fully assist/accept in this mission or not. Both are an option and i will act accordingly.
Saying one thing and doing an other will be considered treason and treated as such.

You have till monday to reply

We accept, it is 99% ready to happen now, expect our first progress report by Monday.



Jester became a citizen of the Tribunal, joining the SoS as per our request as to aid in our study and then later make full use of it as per achieving mutual goals. Given his position of King we saw use of this position to aid in research and calling in on old ties we finally after much time managed to convince him to join us which was being atempted long before your take over of the Tribunal. From a social experiment point, this was a sucess in seeing what would happen in terms of lands and the complete fruition of this experiment if you wish to call it as such will now no longer see it's full completion given the position we have fallen to as was to be expected.

This is merely informative and not meant to be used as a direct citation.

It all needs to be done in one swift move. I jail jester , now as a citizen of tb, and you ensure the rest of nc is in chaos under your control.
it needs to be a solid infiltration and not make anyone suspect my help in any other way than a land leader. I shall handle the talks and paranoia following a move of such proportion. It will be hard to claim a true successfull takeover considering I am who i am and first reaction will be to go qith whatever happens, and i dont want that. I want this mission to be of undeniable success and not blamed on "[REDACTED]". So far jester move combined with the chaos he already left behind and ravenstrider takeover, makes it just perfect.

what happens from there on remains to be seen. I cant merge the lands and this will cause a precedent that will worry me over time, but..there is always the shade sentinel that should eventually react once the human leadership of nc is no more.

i must say, if your anwser was "no", tomorow the sos would have become a nc ally under jester command. ouch.

looking forward to read your next report.

ps. i assume pip agrees to, if not he should speak fast

How long do we have until we need to take over?

jester i believe is about to get back to his land. if he does so, this mission fails. Thats about how long you have.

All actions taken by members of the SoS from this point on are to be taken as part of all actions required to perform the duty assigned, this will include chat and any and all forum posts.

An additional note, Given the relation between Jester and myself he holds the [REDACTED] a symbol of [REDACTED]'s life. It literally has no real connection to [REDACTED] but given the nature of faith it does. As such Jester should he wish he may use the Spectral Shard to have anything inflicted on him to be inflicted on [REDACTED] or should it be destroyed it would kill [REDACTED]. Given how much faith is held in such a symbol by all former members of [REDACTED].

I can delay him...

what happens to him to happen to [REDACTED] is fine..[REDACTED] can be jailed a period, and losing necrovion is not something that would affect you if mirrored on you :D

destroying you is a problem, what exactly does that mean?

the obvious actions that created this situation are revenstriders ally disband and his very own citizenship shift. SoS needs to handle delicate matters to acomplish this, and it might be it is possible to be done secretly..but due to the size of this event, i wouldnt count on it.
Basically disbanding Tainted Warriors will acomplish your mission as jester is no longer there to claim it back IF he is in jail, and about that we need to talk, i am ready to jail him as soon as you are (assuming he is still a citizen). I think it would be best not to keep him in jail too long before the ally takeover comes, i dont want him to blame TB for his inability to "save" nc, and also jailing him might cause panic and retaliation in nc, making them worry more about their forces.

Destroying Im not sure either, probably a state of permanent "death" >.<
Unless you could think of something more fitting of someone being "destroyed".

If you feel you need to jail him, I will contact you for that, but this can be accomplished without jailing...

Just to be perfectly clear, Alliance destruction? Or Alliance Take Over?

Also, people are asking me if I killed the kings XD.

takeover and disband. nc empty. A true vanishing of a land ..so people understand this is possible by force too...based on the mistakes of some.

now with jesters death, that is not my doing, things change a bit. I am not sure what is best to do, but thew ally takeover is one thing that doesn't change.

When that ally is down nc will have zero citizens and no king to claim anything back...clinical death

But there are several non-alliance citizens... I will see if we can be ready for tonight, and make it look like it was the Rebels doing Ravenstrider and TTL.

non ally citizens are fine. nc needs to be destroyed at diplomatic level, not exterminated.

[REDACTED]  killed the kings, ar at least his ghost, i might not even need to jail jester while he is dead, if there is no way for him to gain citizenship back.
sos involvement could even remain secret under this scenario...

jester will have a surprise when i will deny any of his requests because of his citizenship.

I regret to inform you due to the nature of some of the changes in md, such as viscosity and other things... It will take 23 more days to achieve the necessary loyalty required to full fill the task of destroying the Tainted Warriors, all the while keeping it completely covert. (The loyalty Bomb, Lord Pip Currently has 4305 and Azull has 7042 loyalty.)

Given the urgency of this matter we may need to find an alternative route to achieve this loyalty...

By covert I mean, we could have him sit at a fenth saccing while feeding him ctc's but with logs people would notice and take measures in regards to this. There is also the heat stone route, but that is the same issue as ctcs with logs and would require more than are actually in existence currently. Combat is also not an option as it is too visible, and would require building another Bomb from the ground up...

What are your thoughts given this information?

I hate the idea of having to ask for an alternative, but there is no other choice if we are to do this in time and keep it covert...

As leader of the TB i have no other ways to help. [REDACTED] as ruler of [REDACTED], will never support a cheat operation to manualy edit things in our favor, sorry.

Pushing with more public methods would be a good option if done quick enough so that others won't have time to react. If investigated later maybe the "blame" or "victory" call it as you wish, can be put on the one that will disband the ally and cause by that one of the major political event so far.

Jester needs to remain a citizen of an other land or this mission ends. As a king (in his land) he can request changes that i can't deny.

Loyalty at 4861, just an update.

Bad news and good news

Jester left SoS but, I have a solution It relates to Peace asking for the Shade Sentinel....


Loyalty is at 7072, I'm pretty much ready, if [REDACTED]'s new plan still involves taking over the TW.

i need a report on this asap
i had no time to look into the situation lately

what are loyalty levels, what is jesters citizenship, what else is going on related to this.

striking the last nc ally with a death blow could be a failure if jester can still request its rehabilitation. My point is not to take down jester by putting more and more penalty points to its reign but to take down NECROVION as a land. If jester fails due to penalty points elections can be initiated and thats not the point at all.

so.. strategy analysis...what could make this plan possible, to bring jester in a position where he is a king still but cant ask anything about his land..and only then strike and close nc last ally. Till then keep a key position.

..and silence till it happens

p.s. tribunal must be involved in this, i dont want nc to dall due to other lands but outside help is welcome if it can change the odds somehow.

Azull has 7448 loyalty at this moment, Lord Pip has 7233. Jester left SoS, and is now a Necrovion citizen, but is not in the Tainted Warriors.

The only way Jester can't ask something is if he is not there to say something, or if he is not willing. If he were still a Tribunal citizen, there would be no difference, other than the council's (or your) willingness to grant his wish of gaining his alliance or land back or whatever, and I see that as unfair because it says no where a king can't be citizen of another land and retain his ability to ask for something, and will grant you (or the council) some bad publicity.

If you are dead set on having him citizen of another land and not using godly methods, then perhaps he would accept an invitation into the Soldiers of the Inner Sun.

Another option is obtaining HIS jailing tool, which would not only land him in jail, but show his failure to keep track of his very important "powers". I don't know how we could go about this, though.

Of course there is the option of installing a puppet king, perhaps through a rebellion, who will hand the land over to the Shades, who will then close it off.

That is too forcefull of an option, and would defeat the purpose of this, sorry ive taken awhile to reply, been busy catching up on sleep and work. (and some net issues...)

The solution I propose is one of provoking the shades to change their current "stance". The issue with this is that it will probably be seen as "divine intervention", but if done properly, it is only using the systems in place already in MD to function as intended.

The first step would be to kill the remaining alliance, so as to provoke a reaction, this reaction would be enough to reflect in the shades allowing for a chance to having an audience with the Shade Sentinel. The reasoning behind this if people ask us our goals would be to contact the Shade Sentinel to ask it about the Traveler (which we do want to do) but the real intention would be to attempt to Tame the Shade Sentinel.

To do this I see several methods, the simpelest being using a few heat stones, How this would be taken I cannot say, but I would assume that it would be enough to provoke Shades to lash out violently against all, specifically the humans in place who should be the ones to prevent this, Necrovions.

Another method would be to atempt to force the Shade Sentinel to mp6, but the implications of that worry me, as the Shade Sentinel is obviously mp1 for a good reason. But by being mp6, it would have a constant flow of heat going to it, which actually might even be enough to "destroy" it--which also may be another issue.

As for the matter of Jester asking for things, of course he can and probably will--but given the nature of what it Means to be part of Necrovion, actions by the Shades can actually superceed the will of the King, if proper actions by the people are not taken in time.

In short:

Kill the alliance, Contact the Shade Sentinel (question it) atempt to Tame it, it fails-shades lash out (if it works, Im afraid XD ) Necrovions suffer and are ousted from the lands for their failure.

And two more things, stealing items is possible, its one of the back ups for other lands I have but Its one of those things that shouldnt be done as it would be abusing the system.

The second, there is an Item in the game that would be perfect for this, the Corroded Gauntlet, I created it a few years ago, it should not technically exist, I will send it to you and you will see why.

the point is not to embarace jester, defnetly not to call in shades to do this. The shade will come in on a land in chaos. A land without a king is a land in chaos, regardless if it has citizens. A puppet king to replace jester through a rebellion its something to be avoided. I dont want him "replaced" i want Necrovion in chaos.

make sense?

I will be away a couple of days, react as you think fit but consider my support cant go further than the rights as a land leader and the abilities of a [REDACTED] (i can travel places, defy some of the logical laws but as a [REDACTED] i am not a "god" to decide upon someone elses fate)

Staying on standby and wait for Jesters next mistake is also a good idea. Someone should count his penalty points. If he remains with just one and Nc loses the last aly, it means he has to give up his crown to reabilitate nc, ..interesting option.

all is strategy..maybe it succeeds maybe not, anyhow SoS is the perfect group for such a mission and Tribunal the only suitable land to be behind such a thing.

Then I suppose we'll do what we can.

i am counting on your creativity feel free to improvise .
let me know if some sort of support is needed.


Peace can (she claims) get the disbanded nc ally at the cost of jesters penalty point.

Once she has it, i will need someone to go there and take it down again. This should be syncronized with the takeover on the other nc ally. It should happen at the same time

Jester will remain with one penalty point, usable for one of the alies at the exchange of his kingship.

Thats for now the best plan i could come up with.

I also know jester intends to name azull as his follower. I dont want him to name any follower just because he is inactive and careless. This takeover needs to happen fast. So keep an eye on what happens with peace. Once she is in, ask her for an invite, she has instructions to accept it.

then let rome burn..oh i mean necrovion.

If by any chance jester does any other mistake like swaping citizenships, let me know asap and we go on with the old plan.

i will be away till monday again. i will try to read the replies from time to time however. I have messenger so use that if anything

Wouldn't this lead to an election though? Or place Azull as the new King of Necrovion?

And if anything this would just restart this all over again... Unless if there will not be another election, but as far as I am aware Azull has already be appointed Jester's successor...

Otherwise, this very plan could have been done before... (the reason for Peace being involved).

So if this goes through, there will need to be the need to force an election and have a "puppet" king or we will have to find a way to deal with Azull.

The only way I foresee to deal with Azull would be to cause a massive rebellion once he becomes king, but even then it will be the same issue all over again....

Overall unless you have ace up your sleeve to deal with this, this will only make the task more difficult and thus I stand against it...

Its on

bring down last NC alliance. NOW

We will have it done as soon as possible, but I may have to improvise because it's [REDACTED]'s contact and I haven't talked much to [REDACTED] in a while. We'll see when my battery's charged if I can get in on my own.

It seems it can't happen until I can talk to [REDACTED].

I talked to Jester though, and he was quite sure Necrovion was going to die because you're angry at him. He was very moody and didn't want to talk after that. He expects you to shut him down as [REDACTED], which means he doesn't expect us.

Still, if I may ask, why now?

he is jailed, jailed himself,
Jester is quite aware of what will happen he just doesnt know how. I prefer it to happen this way.

and i am not angry on him..his careless actions bring me such fun activity.

Suppose I'll let the pieces fall where they may. For anyone wondering, this document is what this post is referring to. Anyone who wishes to know my opinion on this matter at the present time, I refer you first to the text of my Hate List:


"And the leader of the four armies wielded an instrument of death so powerful, that it was said a few people died when they touched the silvery-blue blade, the same blade on which the curse that changed so many realms was written in symbols long forgotten."
The curse stated that all whoever use the sword in any human purpose, will be cursed to destroy and to suffer a death led by their worst fear.

I will continue to use The Deathbringer until I receive my rightful Crown.

and ask that you come to me in-game for a discussion if that doesn't satisfy you.

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