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Blackshade Rider

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Chewett had asked me to make this as a post

When using my chawan i use 10 cups of cold tea and 1 heat stone and this happens


http://imgur.com/fIFAM97                        (Notice it says it connot be found as a clickable)


ill click continue and it will give me the tea but it will still show the message and also says it is resetting item


It gives me the tea and appears to be working fine though.  Its been a while since i made tea and i dont remember seeing that debug message 


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  • Root Admin

The item is fine, the error was just saying that there is no place in the realm where this item can be found as a clickable. This sort of check was removed, because combiners can be personal items too. I added an additional check to be sure that combiners without a valid result won't be allowed to open.

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