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Creature Capsule

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

i finished today the creature encapsulation device

it basically takes a crit in your inventory and creates a blueprint out of it, destroying the crit in the process.

This si very useful, it can be used for creating crits out of items resource4s and heat, but also to store crits in a unique form, unlike the totems (there is a significant difference)

For example crits in capsules can be MERGED tigether to obtain a better crit out of more similar ones....something totems cant do because totems are just a link to the ex creature.

Or you could use it as a portable creature spawning tool, or create illusion crits with limited time, whatever, it can clone unlimited times whatever it has stored in its blueprints and/or alter the blueprints and then create the creature. Uses just start to expand in my mind. Tomorow or later today i will make it also be able to reverse the process, for now its just storing.

However, the capsule is not remembering the identity of the crit it was created from, so the id of the crit for example will get lost (and will fix the age to get lost too)




is it called ok Creature Capsule?

or better Creature Memory

Creature Imprint


or it remains to its tech name "capsule"?



or other ideas? must be something not in conflict or confusion with the other things in md

I used "capsule" because that was the thing that i could think of from a t4echnical point of view....but i am thinking to name it different maybe, depends on your replies




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  • Root Admin

what if the crit its a baloon sort of crit lol

.... blueprint no? ...no because its too much related to a color in my mind :)))

capsule sounds like a pill, i dont like

memory might be the best one but lets keep hearing your suggestions

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  • Root Admin

Creature  Capsule - sounds like pill

Creature Imprint - similar to spells, implies memory stones maybe

Creature  Memory - potential concept conflict with memory stone

Creature Essence (miq) - alchemic style, implies two more ingredients

Creature Soul (assira) - debateable if crits have a soul or are a soul

Creature [name]  Fenths (assira) - implies use of fenth and individual fenth per crit type

Creature Silhouette  (junior) - implies use of secondary item maybe creature soul


update: i was saving this for an other post, but this one is equally good...creating a crit might have two ways, holding a now called capsule to fill with something and get the crit (both items to be combined in a forked combiner and hold in your inventory)

OR, have one central item that uses one type of creature-something to create the crit

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