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WTS pack of 5 wiiya resources + Uncut Diamond


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I will sell a pack of 5 wiiya.

Minimum bid: 6 SCs or 2 common items (of my choice*).

I will sell if I am pleased with the offers (but you know that I am not spoiled :P ).


Additionally: selling 1 Uncut Diamond for let's say...3 common items of my choice* or for SCs (if I like the offer).


Happy bidding!

* I'll choose from the common items you have and yes, we can negotiate the items.

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Dog antler

Dusty Savelite cult icon
Weather rock (2)
Yang's Fortune cookie #7
Mercury Filling
Yummy glob
Pouch of pebbles
Lichen stone (2)
Unaddressed ransom note (3)
Granite stone (2)
Marble Slab
Small rock
Sheet of Slate
Fishing gnome
Handful of pebbles (2)
Stone disk (2)
Stone sculpture
Bottle in a message
Blood Stained Handkerchi
Dream of better places
Santa Clause Scarecrow



8sc, for the Diamond.

Edited by Aethon
Made it clearer what the bid was for.
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Creature blanket 
Toy gaff 
Collar points 
Pair of Eagle Eyes 
Rose petals in a satchel 
Potential raisin (2)
Metal rod 
Pinhole camera 
Iron chain link 
Awful pie 
Worn out boots 
Creature collar 
Empty glass vial 
Dummy target 
Conch shell 
Blue seashell 
Shade card 
Bone meal 
Fungal mass 
Sweat butter 
Coffin (2)
Feather boa 
Smelling salts 
Dusty Savelite cult icon 
Petrified plant 
Wooden flower 
Decorated shot glass 



Pick what you want for the wiiya . I'll give 3 of these items. I don't want the uncut diamond.

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