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Birthday's Merged :d

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I just wanna take this chance to wish Akasha a very happy birthday :)

We all know that behind every great man there is a great woman and i just want to say thank u for all the effort u have put in to making the game what it is ^_^

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Happy Birthday! I just noticed today is your lucky day (maybe tomorrow or yesterday for you, depending on where you are)

This is going to be short cause I have to get to bed, but I just wanted to wish you the best. Hope many good things happen in MD and in real life. :)

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What the bunny said.

Also, the Dojo idea is interesting, good luck with it.

Thank you, and Metal Bunny, and Eny, too.

Yes. The dojo was an instant hit. There are still problems, but I expected it would take a while for current players to know and accept the dojo. New players are not an issue as they are born into the dojo. They find out right away.

My latest news: A few hours ago Lady Neyla Setesh invited me to create a dojo in Loreroot. As of now, Defensive Quarters is a dojo. I'm not sure when the "official" opening will be. Neyla's interest is to bring more people into Loreroot. This may work out well for higher level players... not having to deal with MP3's and questions.

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