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Halloween monsters!

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I'd like us to work on a quest, a weird one, 'cuz hey! it's for Halloween.

This is about creating a monster out of a fear, in an atempt to give it a face. I'm not disclosing any more details,

but anyone who wishes to see his/her monster and parade with it on that night, should join.


Sign in in this topic, by stating the name and three of your fears - it's your choice which ones.

Naturally, there will be rewards, but we haven't decided on them yet :(

No worries, though :P There's gonna be stuff :P

So, let's start it!

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you might wanna rethink those fears, Ledah. but it's your choice -_-

Registrations are opened until step three. I'll be posting step two later this evening, whn I arrive home.

edit: i arrived home, i'm too tired. tomorrow :D

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Starting from now, you will write in the topics I will open after this post :)


Step number two is a game of associations, one in which you'll have to use your intuition and a 'feel' of things. No logic needed :))

Associate your fear(s) with: a plant, a fish, a reptile, a bird/insect (whichever you want) and a mammal (human beings excluded). Also, choose one of the elements: fire, water, lightning and rock.

Now you can drop one or two fears, if you want, and focus on one (or two or all three).

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7 hours ago, Ungod said:

Starting from now, you will write in the topics I will open after this post :)


what is the timeframe to post there? I already have something in mind, but not sure if will able to do it before some days?

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Ok, closed for new participants.


Now, for every imagery you associated your fear with, you must choose an impossible expansion (or impossible contraction, if you will). For example, if you chose an oak, an impossible expansion would be the plant's monstruous growth of the root or of an acorn, forgetting the rest (or you could look at it as the shrinking of all of the plant's parts and systems while a root or a fruit remains at it's normal stage).

What you choose is up to your intuition (I think there should be a rule here, but I haven't been able to think of one). Grow a fish's head, shrink a bird, leaving it's beak, leave only the trunk out of a mosquito, your choice.

You can focus on one fear only or more/all.

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If you decided upon the impossible growth, you can now choose a blueprint. The blueprint is a form of matter organisation, an organism, and you choose the one it seems more suitable to your fear.

Also, I'm introducing a deadline of one week from now to reach the phase of the blueprint, since I see most topics I opened unfilled.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nimrodel, can you finish the quest in a week from now? :)

In any case, I'll share the idea behind this quest, weird as it was :))


When I thought about writing a quest for Halloween, I was thinking what is a monster, really...and this is what I came up with (debatable thoughts):

Fear is nature's mechanism for a stable growth and/or a stable demise; it prevents the impossible expansion or the impossible contraction. A monster created out of a fear is the mind's self-created system of growth and/or death.

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