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Fang Archbane

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This topic is not up for discussion, this is a not a thread to talk on.
Any and all requests pertaining to this post must be PMd to me, thank you.

Good evening, sleepy people of MagicDuel. Today i am offering my services in the form of Vouchers.
For now, these Vouchers can only be bought for Mining Resources, but the hope is to Expand soon enough.
Or you can say no to this and gamble, taking your chances at the Auction, hoping you get a better deal than this.

I wont waste your time any further, here are your Voucher Options, and below that the list of resources to choose from.

MVT1) 20 Resources; 1 Silver
MVT2) 50 Resources; 2 Silver
MVT3) 80 Resources; 3 Silver
MVT4) 110 Resources; 4 Silver
MVT5) 140 Resources; 5 Silver

MVT6) 170 Resources; 6 Silver

MVT7) 200 Resources; 7 Silver


Iron Ores
Rare Metals
Golemus Dust
Unidentified Ore
Lonsdaleite Shards

Edit 1: Rainbow Candies can also be purchased in bundles now, prices pending, pms as always

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  On 11/30/2017 at 9:24 PM, Ungod said:

this looks like a topic pertaining to the trade forum, no? as long as it's in the general forum, people can reply and give opinions on it

also, why shouldn't people post their desire to buy these vouchers in the topic?

True enough, the people may do as they please.

As for the second question, i value my privacy, and would like to keep my transactions as such, private in PM.

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