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Mission: infiltration

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Ok, 007, here's the plan:

You must infiltrate one of the heavy guarded locations we'll describe below, using common items. Do that, and you will be rewarded. Fail, and we don't know you.

If you choose Marind Bell, you must reach Wind's Sanctuary, starting from the gates. The place is interwoven with Carmival Guards and clowns with  huge mallets. If you choose Loreroot, remember you must reach Oak Fort, starting from the lr guards. It's swarming with Knators, so be careful (however, they're missing their commander). If you choose Golemus Golemicarum, you must reach Tempest Fort interior, starting from the beach. You will evade (or maybe clobber, gut, crush, slice etc - in utmost silence) empty aramors and tiny men.

Remember to not raise the alarm. To do so, you will have to swiftly dispatch the 2-3 guards in each scene. To aid you in your mission,  you have to scout the realm for  (and choose) up to 13 common items. Combine them to create powerful weapons or use them as they are, but they must get you through all the scenes. Plan it well. Now, since the briefing is complete, will you take the mission?


( you don't have to buy those common items, as players might not want to sell. also, your solutions will be posted here, but i will ask the winners to roleplay it)

Rewards: rustgold drachorn and 1 gc for 1st place, 2 gc for second and 20 silver for third. I'll throw in a little something for each (validated) submission.

You'll have time to make your battle plan until the 13th of January. I also need 1 person to help with judging. 

That's it, 007. This message will autodestruct in 




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Mine items of choice:

1 Quarterstaff, 1 String, 1 Shard of Glass. This doth make a trusty spear.

1 Apothecary Box - that may contain poison for the tip of the spear, or for the Nails, and that may be used for a sleeping-draught.

1 Final Argument - I should hope that this doth defy all others.

1 Bag of Nails, 1 Voodoo Doll. The use for this should be apparent, although usually I fear to use it in this way.

1 Jar of Ants - a reasonable distraction.

1 Exotic Perfume - yet another distraction, but also useful in an assailant's eyes.

1 Joker Mask/Clown Mask/Carnival Mask (I believe I may have misidentified this item, but am sure that this doth exist - this will help as a disguise to pass through Marind's Bell without arousing suspicion)

1 Winderwild Feather Pillow. Although comfortable, this should be airtight enough to cause suffocation.

1 Used Rope - any that were sturdy enough were always of use for immobilisation, or for mobility's sake.

1 LR Handkerchief - when damp and worn over the face, doth prevent one from inhaling toxicity within the air. Of course, one shouldst use that of her own Homeland.


Mine modus operandi:

Prime the spear with poison from the Apothecary Box. This may require re-application after several uses.

Sharpen three Nails, and prime three nails with poison - this will be useful for stealth dispatchment.

Dampen the Handkerchief, and tie it around mine face.

Don the Mask over the Handkerchief - this should allow one to perform acts without ridicule, or rather with expected ridicule, at least, within the Carnival.

Prepare a sleeping-draught from the Apothecary Box.


At the Gates of Marind Bell - a single loop in rope, and bowline knot that doth hang upon the gate, shall suffice for one's mobility into the land. Once within, at the Marble Dale Park, I should keep mine disguise as long as possible. Retrieval of the rope should be a simple matter with such a loose loop.

Exotic Perfume shall waft within the air, in ridiculous fashion (although, if it were nice enough, I should save some for myself later). I should note quickly of those patrolling the area, and spray this within his eyes. Upon this, a single nail into the arteries of the neck should soon cause dispatchment, as poison doth rapidly enter the bloodstream.

This I believe may result in a blown cover within the Park, so I should need to act fast. A rope were of more use in close quarters than a spear, so a loop thrown around the neck of a nearby guard should silence him, if held tightly. The third will require a quick dispatchment with the spear at distance, which should then be retrieved.

This should allow procession to Willow's Shop, but before this, I should ideally complete the Clown outfit, by removing it of one of the dispatched. Once there, I shall be proceeding within the Shop, in haste, within the outfit from the dispatched Clown, with a Mallet also.

Once within, I shall attempt to convince the Shop-Keeper to allow me to borrow his spray of Nightshade from within - and the Final Argument shall be put to use here if I am unsuccessful with words. I wish no harm upon him, as a loyal customer in the past.

Upon this I shall inundate the Pillow with this Nightshade spray.

Once outside, I shall be spraying this liberally, aiming for the guards of the area. This should target within the mouth or nose; the atropine contained within will soon result in the clutching of chests, in pained silence, and allow passage to the Angien's Ferry in the meantime. The use of the Pillow to ensure that one doth inhale of the Nightshade shall guarantee passage. Upon leaving this area, the rope should be tied to the end of the Spear, that I may retrieve it rapidly.

Once aside the water, still in disguise, I shall open the Jar of Ants, being careful at that time to be standing within the water at its edge, that the Ants may not proceed to climb upon mine own self. Upon the movement of the Ants away, and towards those guarding the scene, shall be opportune to strike. The Mallet should be of use in close quarters while one is distracted by ants crawling upon them, with the second poisoned nail a quick dispatchment following it. After a second were dispatched with the spear at distance, the final one may succumb to suffocation with the Pillow. Afore the next scene I shall prime the Spear with the Nightshade and poison anew.

Sage's Path doth lie ahead. I shall retrieve the Jar, and fill it with water at the lake's edge - noting that in doing so, there will no longer be ants within. Upon arrival at the path to the Keep, I should keep a distance. The Voodoo doll should be of prime use here, as there were much shrubbery for cover. Upon sight of the first, I should place the Voodoo doll within the Jar and close it, so that he doth suffocate. This should be opportune for drawing further attention to him from a distance, and the others that respond to his anguish should be easy to pass; from behind, two quick strikes with the poisoned spear should dispatch them rapidly. Upon this, I shall tear a small hole in the pillow with the spear afore procession, and retrieve the Voodoo Doll from the Jar - this may be repurposed as long as the original subject were dead. The Pillow should then have the sleeping draught scattered within its feathers.

Sage's Keep were less well-covered with greenery, so one that doth pass must do so with care. I shall walk idly by with the Voodoo Doll in hand and the third poisoned nail, poised to pass through the chest. As previously, the sight of one falling without obvious cause were distraction enough, and the sleeping-draught may be rapidly dispersed over the responders by emptying the contents of the pillow over them. If this were not enough, placing the head of one within the hole of the pillow-case, and holding tightly, will result in the desired outcome.

Ahead doth lie the goal, Wind's Sanctuary, as desired. I should like to think that I would be wearing mine own clothing into the Windy Pub, where I believe a stiff drink should be in order - mayhap, a dry Vodka martini, that were shaken, not stirred.



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Since I asked around, this is the only entry this contest will see.

I'll have to talk to the sponsors and see what reward is suitable, since there is no comparison. I enjoyed the overall plan, it is valid. A sure reward are teleport to pc stones, for which you can find me (or i will, once i get internet). 

Also...is it possible to roleplay that in chat? It was a condition for the winners.

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