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Since Questions Will Arise

Fang Archbane

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Since my new and fun Eternity in the Dead will come into public questioning soon enough as all other things i do or say, i figured id preemptively explain some things here.

My dedication to the MR Fraternity; I am loyal to the MR because i am loyal to MRAlyon.
As long as he is in charge of the Frat i am an MR to heart and this will not change.
My lack of the Symbol while in the Dead does not change this undying fact.

My dedication to Golemus Golemicarum; No matter what happens now or in the future, my loyalty to the land of Golemus is truly set in stone.
Grido is my King and i hope only to surpass his expectations of me. Even if i lost everything due to any reason, none of this would change.

My vacation in the Dead; The Dead is difficult, so much so that it takes a special kind of insanity to not just accept this but also flourish in darkness.
I have accepted this and since i just got two new jobs, i cast an Illusion to get killed by someone who thought their will under their sole control.
<3 So let me thank you sincerely. Ill use this time to do what must be done and relax for once in my life in the Dead and Necrovion <3
You payed for my vacation so to speak, and in all honesty im so very truly grateful you are this predictable. Thank you dearly. 

To summarize and make sure its perfectly clear even before my intentions goals or motives come into questioning, ill say the following and repeat some of what ive stated.
I am a Golemian at Heart, regardless of what happens to my Land or doesnt, this will never change. I will always work to protect my land from any trouble i deem real.
No, resource depletion doesnt even make it onto my radar as resources will recover but the disease will grow bored one day and move on. Go crazy, tire yourself out.
I am an MR Fraternity member at heart, and as long as MRAlyon is the Boss and continues to accept me this will never change. His will is my own if only he asks.
Im going to enjoy my time in The Dead because i planned hard to get here how i got here and if you can or cant accept this... hey, you make my role easier.
If im alive ill help everyone gain massive stats. If im dead ill enjoy exploring the unknown. If im spellbound ill simply sit there and ponder life. Ive won.
There is absolutely nothing that can harm me, stop me, or deter me anymore. Every day has a goal. Every goal its own path. Nothing to fear.
I am Fang Lycanus Archbane, and now that i have been reborn yet again, i am the Twilight Fang Of True Death.
Question my motives or dont, unless youre my King or MRAlyon, god knows it wont matter to me.
Best of luck to all of MD. I hope you find the Pure Happiness i have one day.
If you need me im but a Private Message away.

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