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Character Design Challenge

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Here is my new drawing~
lets play a little game with it!

Use your imagination to write a dramatic backstory for this character/creature in the comment below. It must be related to MD, and connected to at least one player/place/alliance...etc.

Try not to repeat ideas that others used, I'll pick the one I like most (after one week) and give you this avatar as reward, or a piece of custom artwork for your in-game item.(optional) :)


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Putting a placeholder here to remind me once I get off work that I want to write something for this. I normally dont quest, and as a matter of fact most know it's one of my cardinal laws... but out of respect to my long gone in game wife (my first one), in her loving memory, I'll break my pact just this once.

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Once upon a time, there lived an octopus catcher by the name of Ungod. His hut was behind Golem's Mill and he'd often have talks with kyo and abra. Every morning, he would wake up and go check his pots, getting out the fresh octopus and selling it that very day. One morning, when he went to check out his traps, but he found them smashed to bits. Grieving in disbelief, he noticed that one pot was untouched - inside it was a tiny little creature that looked very much like a human girl. Forgetting his anger, he took out the pot and looked attentively.

The creature woke up and spoke in a soft voice: 'I am so hungry, don't you have anything to eat?' Ungod gasped, but he took out a dried sardine from his pocket. 'Mmm, it's not bad...but I need more', said the creature. 'Who are you? Do you know what happened to my traps?' asked Ungod. 'I don't know, but you seem to be a kind man. Why don't you take me to your home?'

Ungod was a lonesome man, and empty aramors are not great conversation material. He took the little girl to his hut, left it some bread and then went to purchase more earthenware pots. The little girl ate and slept, slept and ate, day after day, but it never left the pot where Ungod found her.

One morning, she asked for a bigger pot. 'I am growing, after all'. Ungod fetched a pot that was twice as big as the one before. He left it in the house and went to sell his octopus. When he returned, he found the girl, now bigger, inside the new pot, and the old one smashed to bits. 'Why are you still hiding? Don't you want to play on the beach, meet some new players?' asked Ungod. 'I don't need something like that. You are enough. By the way...can you get me a cockerel for dinner? Alive...oh, I can cook!'. 

Ungod was accustomed to magical creatures, but he started to suspect that what he brought home was slightly dangerous. He decided to see what she really looked like. When night fell, he pushed the lid and stared inside, with a candle in his hand. A snake was sleeping there! Then, two eyes flashed and the snake began to grow. Its tail became hard and thorny, yet the body started to resemble more and more a woman's body.

'You men are so impatient', said the demon. 'I would have given you the company you seek, but first...I just wanted some meat. I got tired of octopus, I wanted something from the lands, you know? A cockerel's heart, a lamb's head, some venison... Is that too much to ask?'

'What...are you? You're the one who broke my pots! Get out of my house!' shouted Ungod. 'Tsk, tsk, tsk, such harsh treatment I get. Everywhere I go, I feel so...unwelcomed. I just want some meat...And I really hoped I would get something else than human this time.'

'What?! I...I took you into my house, I fed you!', said Ungod, scared stiff.

'Thank you, you really took care of me - almost like a father. But, you see, children do not need food only, they also need...an education., said the demon, biting his neck.


This took longer than I thought, but it's still first try/improv. 

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I plan on throwing something here, in honour of the art, after some talking.

The Arrival


Loreroot woke to a commotion rather unlike the usual calm buzzing of activity in the forests. The trees themselves that morning seemed disturbed by something, as if ready to defend the land from intruders. By the time the Queen had finally been called for, the cause of unrest had already been thoroughly investigated. Prodded, poked and pondered over as much as possible, the strange object in the ground was still hard to make sense of.  It looked as if it had fallen out of the sky from somewhere, or as if it had been dropped from a great height. 

On the orders of the Queen, the object was heaved up out of the ground by two loyal guards, who followed behind Lintara on creaking wooden limbs. She ordered the thing be placed down in a private, sealed  chamber underground and called in some of the finest minds in Loreroot, under the watchful gaze of the Guardians of the Root. 

The first to come were the Woodcutters. They examined the material and decided that it had a very certain wooden quality about it, though couldn't discern any particular secrets about it. Next followed the Children of the Eclipse. Although unable to discover the nature of it, or the purpose, they advised that it was best to leave it under guard and not to break it open yet. So, following the advice of the wise, Lintara decided to leave the thing for a while, under guard. 

Time passed and nothing seemed to change. People had almost forgotten about the sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of the mysterious object. Questions eventually died down, though there was a burning curiosity within the queen of the forests. What had happened? How had it arrived here? Was there anything inside? No one knew, and time passed on.

It all seemed like it were over, and then, one day, the guards reported a noise. A tapping from inside the thing that had fallen from the skies. Lintara rushed to see what was going on, bringing her royal retinue with her. 

"Hello?" called out the Queen, staring into the dark room, slightly wide eyed. Whether out of curiosity or fear, her friends could not tell, but they were sure that they would not allow the Queen to come to harm under their watch. Swords were drawn, and the room seemed to fill with a thick warmth, and a familiar orange glow as spells were readied. 

"Hold, friends... These are my lands, this is my home. I believe we have a guest." Lintara held up her hand to placate those around her, then called out again.

"Can you speak?" Her voice was strong and firm, though there was a hint of creeping uncertainty there now. The  room remained silent, before there was a violent bang against the side of the object. There was a collective inhale of breath, and then things went silent again. Those that had hearts could feel them beating in their chests, if that's where they held it. A few seconds passed in silence, then the murmurs rose. What had just happened? 

Then, when people had relaxed, there was another loud bang, and something shattered as the mysterious and seemingly hollow object fell over. Very faintly, there was a faint cry, audible through a quite a large crack in the material. "Help me!" The echo seemed to bounce from the inside of what now looked like a container.  

Weapons were sheathed, and the group rushed forward, standing on either side of the fallen object. Luckily enough, for as soon as everyone who had accompanied the Queen was in position, the lid was blown off with powerful force. Unfortunately, Lintara remained where she had stood. She had barely enough time to consider her fate before something heavy hit her. There was a loud crack as the wall behind where the Queen had been just seconds before broke. 

"Lady Queen!"

It took a moment, but after the dizziness had passed, the Queen managed to refocus, looking up to see Aia standing above her. She'd not expected the priestess to have so much strength in her, but it seemed like she'd been pushed out of the way just in time to avoid meeting the same fate as the broken stone behind her. Aia looked down, concerned, offering a hand. "Lady Queen, art thou bones in place still? We shall see to't that thee are cared for immediately." 

"No, Aia, thank you, regardless!" Lintara gave a confused smile, accepting the hand offered down, then brushed herself off. With a flourish, she seemed to grow with fresh vitality and energy, much needed, she assumed, for whatever had flung such a heavy thing her way. The chamber was bright with torchlight by now, and a figure was confined tight within a number of binding spells. 

Lintara nodded to Aia, before moving forward to see what, or who, had been captured. She fixed the crown atop her head, peering into the darkness to see a creature with rose-like thorns along a bark-textured lower body, with hair as wild and untamed as the branches on a tree and ears as pointy as hers. After a few more moments of examination, the Queen relaxed. 

"Free her." Lintara ordered, before offering out a hand to the new arrival to her lands. She recognised this thing for what it was. Someone new.

"Welcome to the realm, and welcome to Loreroot. I apologise for the strange introduction."

The feral looking woman stared up, shrugging off some dirt from her form. She had a lot to learn about this place, clearly.

This regal figure looked friendly enough. She took the preferred palm, then looked back into where she'd been planted. It was hard to remember how she'd gotten there, or anything before then. It didn't matter. She hadn't had anything to drink for days, and the sun was a distant memory.

"What's your name, then?" Lintara asked. A dozen eyes were on her and watching for any sign of aggression. 

The woman shrugged. "You decide. I'm thirsty."

Lintara just chuckled, handing a waterskin over. "You'll remember in time."


Slightly rushed, I wanted to finish this before going to sleep >.<!!!

Edited by Vicious
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True names, carry with them an unspeakable power. For some entities, they are the very chains that bind them, by command or by sheer willpower. To others, they are the driving factor required to draw on ones latent potential, as was the case for two such creatures in the now long distant past of MagicDuel. Rosa de Esperanza, better known by many simply as Rose, was and still is the truest love that a certain young werechild once knew. This childs name was Paz de Esperanza, better known to many at the time as simply Peace. These lost youngsters found their way into MagicDuel nearly a decade ago to the current day, having stumbled here after an odd portal opened up from their original home, one more prone to throwing Kunai and fending off Outlaws, the world of TNR.

Lost, worried, confused, these were the first and strongest emotions they felt upon stumbling to such a foreign land. They did however, have one invaluable strength on their side. They had each other. The war that divided Horizon Village never put a dent on their eternal bond. The civil disaster that was Silence Village never once made them question their loyalty and love. The coup that took over most of Shroud Village never had them so much as flinch from surprise. And yet the strength these two shared together did almost waver upon finding this new land, one where logic and reason seemed to follow an unpaved path.

These two had one last trump card up their sleeve however, one that kept them together even at their darkest hour. Luckily for them, this ace happened to follow them here as well, their Guardian Spirit, Esperanza, better known as simply Hope. Quite simply revered as a wandering soul, this timeless and sage entity had been with the two since their first meeting, and had dutifully guided them both through everything since. She had been known to take on many forms, not the least of which was the form she took upon arriving in MagicDuel, the form shown above by the Wandering Artist and Future Cartographer Sushi. 

Being only visible to Peace and Rose, Hopes life was made easy. She would whisper words of encouragement and belief into the ears of this young couple, from the very day they arrived here together, till the fateful day Rose fell to an incurable illness. As Peace held her hands and cradled her head in his lap on her dying day, she whispered but a few words before meeting their creator. "Ill never forget our time together. This is the end of me, but it isnt the end of us.". Hope gave her last breath after trusting Peace with their wedding band, a unique ring made of MoonSilver for the base, and a MoonGlow sapphire on top. Tears streamed down Peace's face, and just as he began to question whether life was even worth living without Rose, Hope gave him her last words before she disappeared, the bond these two shared in life having been the tether that kept her here. "Do her memory justice. She can no longer fight, so now you fight for Us. Smile for Us. Live, for Us.".

Peace had in one single day, list everything he had ever known. Love, strength, comfort, all disappeared. This young werechild dutifully buried his loved one atop Champions Challenge, with a simple granite tombstone he had carved using his bare hands and claws. "In loving memory of the one that made me whole.". Not much else is known of the creature that was once known as Peace, his true name, Paz de Esperanza. If you listen closely enough to the trees of Marind Bell however... they can almost be heard whispering the alias that young child took up when he remade himself anew, when his old life had crumbled and his new life as a lone wolf began... Colmillo Picaresco Perdición... Fang Arch Bane.



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Unbeknownst to most of the realm, a mature water daimon shall make her way ever seaward, until she is returned, and only returns to inland waters to spawn. Every few centuries, a dormant hatchling is ritually sealed away in pure elemental water and fenths, its seal a water-tight binding of Reality Crystal; impervious to the elements.

Or so the tales tell; the log-book of Cryxus mentions of fearsome water-maidens; most of these parts are torn from the ship's log, never to be read by another; and the crew of the Crimson Blade sworn to secrecy, lest they be made a laughing-stock.


Heave-ho! Heave-ho! 

The gallant sounds of the MRs Fraternity could just be heard over the deafening murmurs of anticipation; a thick, woven net of rope slowly dragging an indistinct shape inland from Wraith's Wreck. A find, perhaps; of some archaelogical remnant, or proof of Golemian history; this, of course was nothing new to Ailith; her many years of exploration and excavation hidden behind her flawless appearance today; the day when months of effort should pay off. Watching carefully from the shore-line, she motioned with a gentle wave; come see, discover; sate your curiosity - all familiar feelings for each unfamiliar finding. Ailith paused at the irony; of course this was new; sea-excavations were not her usual choice of project, but Miq had commissioned this one in particular on the western shore, the mainland's closest to the largely unexplored west, to discover what could lie beyond.

Wraith's Wreck had been closed for as long as Miq could remember. Some ancient crew had been ship-wrecked upon Golemus; and most in power had declared the wreckage rather unsafe for curious explorers; its decaying wooden form collapsing over the years; the entropic forces unkind to its form; the waves threatening to shatter wooden splinters into the ruthless, jagged cliffside; no place for an explorer; definitely not one with Ailith's slight frame. Yet, with Ailith's imminent, secret mission to infiltrate the East and ensure of the sovereignty of Golemus, Miq could waste no time; lest she be lost to the East evermore.

The final bundles of rope were secured to the shore; one could observe a large, engraved ritual-jar prominent among the net's bindings, as well as a mass of kelp and seaweed, some fragments of rotten ship-wood, and a small formation of indeterminate shards, tangled in the rope's strands; the MRs wasted no time in freeing each of these from the rope, and setting them aside for Ailith to examine. 


The ritual-jar stood on the shore. Ailith marvelled at its impressive craftsmanship; whoever had made this had certainly made it to last; although a few cracks on its upper side were visible, the remainder appeared impervious to the presumed centuries of wear. Ailith could make out some subtle symbols carved into the side of the jar; one appeared to be humanoid, another a sea-creature, a crude spiral, and finally what could only be described as conglomeration of the three.

Ailith examined the mouth of the jar. Where there should have been an opening was instead a stone; or what could be thought of as a stone. Its dark, shattered reflection of the sky prompted Ailith to quickly check the rope; the shards remained entangled, but they definitely matched; they were one and the same stone. Someone must have tried to open this in the past, thought Ailith, obviously without success.

She motioned to MRAlyon. "May I have this transported to the laboratory, please?" Nodding, MRAlyon and the Fraternity lifted the jar and carried it up the road.


Miq lay in waiting, inside the laboratory's entrance. Reaching into his pocket, he gave the keys to the laboratory - the only keys - a quick jingle. Satisfied, he released them. Few ever saw the workings of this laboratory, but a true expert and a monumental finding was a reasonable excuse. Still, he had his doubts; some very secret technology lay hidden there; definitely nothing that he would ever show Sunfire. Besides, it was too late to reconsider; the heavy footsteps of the MRs had just come to a stop outside, followed by a very timely "Heave Ho." Miq unlocked the entrance, and the jar was carried inside. Miq watched closely as the MRs slowly lowered it into its purpose built space; a pedestal, surrounded by glass. Every ounce of its reality would be examined, eventually, but first, a moment to admire the juxtaposition of modern Golemian technology and ancient artefact. The MRs bowed to Miq, and then to Ailith, and then marched out, single file.

Ailith spent the better part of a night there, examining each symbol, painstakingly recreating a rendition of each side in exacting specifications, and then, pausing to admire her work. Turning in for the night, she retired to the laboratory's sleeping quarters, and dreamt of distant shores.


The waters of Wraith's Wreck rose resoundingly. Agitation abounded; an absence apparent to these undersea beings. None knew where the Queen-in-waiting was; indeed, none were supposed to know; her location secret for her own safety, and that of the undersea world; it too, knew its fate was at stake. The Ivory Lighthouse shone deep into the raging storm; the force of unrelenting waves crashing upon its foundations; each threatening to reduce this stronghold to rubble.

Sheltered within the Laboratory, Ailith woke to the sound of thunder. Mild rain was not uncommon; but the storm was a rarity this far inland, or indeed, anywhere these days. Sitting up in bed, she lit her bedside lamp; her gaze slowly circumspect around her now slowly flooding quarters.

Oh, she said, to no one in particular, as she hastily stumbled through the ankle deep splish-splash. Her mind snapping into clarity, she realised water high enough to reach the laboratory could only mean two things - something big was leaking, or this was the mother of all storms. Lifting the lamp from her bedside, she paused to grab her favourite umbrella.

Miq would not be pleased.


The path through the laboratory seemed much longer in the wet, thought Ailith as she pitter-pattered through its corridors. Passing by the central laboratory, she risked a glance inside. The jar stood on its pedestal, a gentle rocking motion just visible; the lower cracks on the jar now gushing water, a seemingly endless volume flowing down the pedestal, to the floor of the laboratory. Ah, said Ailith, again to no one in particular. Stepping inside, she valiantly placed her arms over the cracks in the jar, trying to stem the flow, and was rewarded with a soaking wet dress, and a shiver from the newfound cold.


Miq awoke to the loud knock on the door to his quarters. A king of his people, he had always thought to forego the grandiosities for a more humble residence. Some days he might regret this, arguably, this was one of them. Miq rose out of bed and donned his tunic on the way to his door. Ailith's appearance told him all he needed, and he summoned the MRs at once.


Miq frantically released the door on the laboratory and the MRs marched in to lift the jar. Another heave-ho, and the jar was on their shoulders. Their training really pays off, thought Ailith, as she watched their burly figures lift the jar with ease. Miq directed them towards the shoreline; a short stroll made an eternity in such harsh weather. Miq would have to double their wages for this season, and with good reason.

The jar stood upright on the rough sands of the eroded beach. As the first crashing wave hit the jar, the sea calmed, as if it knew who it was again. A gentle wave lapped up against the shoreline, its waters mingling with those of the jar; its gentle rocking slowly increasing in amplitude; and then, a clangourous sprinkle of shards.

Ailith covered her eyes. Peeking out, she caught a glimpse of a humanoid figure, and a tail. Making a quick mental snapshot, she quickly took note of its azure scales and feminine upper-form, as it leapt out of the jar and into the water, shimmying away in a cerulean dazzle. Ailith looked back at the jar; now a pile of rubble. A shame, she thought - that would have made a nice centrepiece in Mur's throne room. She wondered if her drawings had survived the storm.


The water-queen darted far out to sea; to the border between myth and legend, but it is said that the highest of tides on the darkest of nights shall draw her inland, past Raven's Peace; to nurture of her own.


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Please forgive the ego-ness of writing about myself, but this image ties in with Ailith's backstory too deeply and I absolutely love it, so am going to give this a try! (For those who don't remember: The Ailith lore you read about in the story is directly taken from Ailith's backstory as written on my papers on my original account. On my original account I had a water demon avatar that I would change into when near water to go swimming, referring to it as my true form).

And now for the story:


In dreams they came, to torment her with visions of the past. Demons of the most heinous kind, causing destruction and death with but a glance. In fitful sleeps, the dreams became more vivid until she could take the pain no longer.

Ailith awoke with a start on the balmy Eastern night and looked out of the window of the Forest Mansion.

“I must know” she muttered to herself “I need to remember”

She strolled through the realm, at first aimlessly, then determinedly to Mt Kelle’tha where she was so drawn when she returned to the realm under the guise of Josephine. She knelt and stared pleadingly into the fires:

Truth. Time. Syntropy.

Before her a vision appeared. She saw the Crystal Citadel in all its glory, in the days before the demons came, when her Royal father and mother ruled wisely and conscientiously over a realm idyllic.

Ailith gasped she saw sights she had not seen in many years. She saw herself as a girl, with the strength of her father and wise magic of her mother, and later herself as under the instructions of her mother she fled to preserve what she could of her people as behind her, the realm she loved was destroyed.

She had used the last of her native magic to become a landwalker as she found herself on the shore, making her way to the papercabin.

“So long ago” she muttered “I have forgotten who I really am”

She made her way through the island, and past the lighthouse, when the proximity to the water makes her stop in contemplation. It had been so long, a few years since she had last shown her true form.. at Willow’s Walk, she seemed to remember.

Slowly edging further into the water, a light blue flash of light appears and she descends into the depths. She swam further still, until she saw the ruins of her land. So little remained…

Though now abandoned and ruined, the old crystal formed structures were still there. Silent and calm, as she approached, the crystals reacted by illuminating in light blue. As she reached the gates of the citadel, she felt a strange sensation surround her.. almost as if she were bathing in visible darkness.

As the darkness became easier on her vision, she saw before her a figure very reminiscent of those demons that had destroyed her beloved realm. The figure reached out to her, and as its hand touched her arm, there was an implosion of light and dark and Ailith immediately backed away in defence.

Grabbing one of the stray crystals strewn across the water’s floor, she made her way quickly back to the shores of Golemus Golemicarum before returning to the East.

She needed assistance, and sought to ask her most trusted friend Chewett if he would aid her one more time. For she needed a little magic to do what she had planned, and nothing is stronger than Wookie Magic.

She prepared a very large urn of water and lay the crystal at the side.

“My friend, I require your assistance once again” Ailith spoke humbly to Chewett, aware that he constantly received requests from all throughout the realm, and did not want to be a further burden.

“What do you want, noob?” He asked warmly.

Despite the urgency of her current situation, she chuckled and held his hand in friendship “I need you to cast some of your Wookie magic on this crystal, to energise it”

“Wait.. you’re not going to ask me to kill you again are you?” Came the dry reply.

“No!” she sighed good naturedly “actually quite the opposite”

Ailith started climbing into the urn, water sploshing around, and tried to remain in a ladylike stance as she smiled warmly at the Wookie.

Chewett stared at the sight of this awkward middle aged woman standing before him, her thick frilly dress sodden and with her looking calmly into his eyes.

“This is a very Ailith moment” he chuckled and she grinned at him slightly goofily for a moment.

She took the crystal and held it out.

“Hmm” He thought a moment “I have an idea” In his own inimitable fashion, he designed and coded into the very fabric of the crystal a spell which incorporated an increase in light, cyclicity, time and syntropy.

She took it from his hand and held it to her heart. “I am forever in your debt.. as always”

Chewett opened his mouth to say something but Ailith suddenly dropped down into the water. As he closed his mouth and frowned, there came a blinding light from the water. After a moment, the water began to swirl in perfect circles, strangely emitting a sound like a crackling fire.

“Well” He said as he tapped his online user link “she’s still here with us, at least”

After some time, and some very patient waiting by the bemused Wookie, the water began to settle, slower and slower until it was still.

After another moment of stillness, Chewett inched towards the urn.. curiously peeking over the top.

The moment his eyes lay upon the surface of the water, the top of a head popped up, eyes blinking cheekily at the Wookie.

“B.. but you..” For once, Chewett was a little lost for words.. the eyes were Ailith’s but much younger.

She raised herself up out of the water enough to show her true form but now as her younger self, and grins “Hey Wookie features”

“How is this possible?” His face clearly betraying that the master coder’s brain could not quite compute for a silly second.

“I kept telling you” she giggles with an impish grin “I am the Evernoob”

“This is your true form? I’d forgotten how much you look like a demon like this”

“I suppose I am” she said after some thought “though a demon of light”

“Oh ok..” Chewett said in his usual Wookie style “Well, do you need anything else?”

“Nope” She grinned "You have done far too much for me already"

“Alright…” He still seemed a little bemused about what he had just witnessed “I suppose I’ll go and fix something then…” Slowly walking out of the room, he throws her a couple of quizzical glances before he vanishes.

Ailith watched him go and smiled affectionately.

Seeing that the room had got that little more darker without his presence, she holds out her hands and from her inner self became bathed in light.


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Time's up~

First of all, thank you for your participation & inputs! It's more than I expected and I really enjoyed reading all the submissions.

It's hard to choose coz I like all of them, especially Vicious, Aia & Ailith’s stories! I think their stories are very dramatic and more engaged with the MD theme. Also it’s interesting that Ungod’s story reminds me of a Japanese horror manga “Tomie”, and Fang actually created a love story/backstory of himself, Nava was very close to the deadline but he made it. :D

So congratulations! I changed my mind, everyone will receive a reward~
(I should find a judge next time :P)

Aia - the avatar & a colored item artwork
Vicious - colored item artwork
Ailith - colored item artwork
Ungod - b&w item artwork
Fang - b&w item artwork
Nava - b&w item artwork

*you can sell/trade/give away the rewards whatever u like.
I will contact the participants individually via forum pm. ????‍♀️

Edited by Sushi
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Many thanks to Sushi for creation of this contest, and also for such generous provision of reward, each of which I note requires of significant time and effort from thine own tireless being.

I certainly did not expect to win this avatar, but I promise it shall go to a character worthy of its beauty; I vow that it should not stay locked within a vault, but be displayed by one who shall provide of further depth to her being.

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After some discussion with quest participants, I have decided to set the deadline for requests for item artwork for the 2nd of June this year(30 days), after which the reward will expire, as I cannot leave this in my workflow forever due to indecision.

Items may be found in the MD shop or by trading with others; unique or personal items can be requested from an administrator such as Mur or Chewett, sometimes in exchange for a wishpoint, although they may choose not to implement your item.

Thank you for your understanding.

Edited by Sushi
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