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A New Era, A New Alliance

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So it seems that MagicDuel and its people, have enjoyed a nice and peaceful time since ive been away on business.

That being the case, as a Chaotic Neutral entity, its my responsibility and honor, to stir up a hellish amount of activity with my sheer madness.

As of this day, i hereby publicly announce the Alliance of The Free Woodland Peaks.

The Untamed East, the Foresty Loreroot, and the Mountainous Golemus have officially joined forces in full.

As representatives of this pact, as persons of interest if anyone is interested, for or against, we have the following.

Duchess Mallos of the Free Eastern Providence. Madamme Lazarus, Chieftess of
 Loreroot, Empress to Locked Necrovion.

And yours truly, the curse of MD, the plague that forces you to act, the infection that forces you to grow stronger to survive.

I, Princess Fang "Lycanus" Archbane, hereby represent the hallowed and sacred territory of Golemus Golemicarum.

As things stand, MD could use a bit of a stir. Violent or otherwise. We might disagree on methodology, but you cant argue with results.

Well see you around MD. Assuming you join or resist us before we take over everything that isnt nailed down.
(Save for Necro, we need to chat with the Shades on that one).

So stir. Get unruly. Rage against the machine. Join us. Fight us. Hail us. Condemn us. We arent going away anytime soon.
So the only question left is... are you?..

Edited by Fang Archbane
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Princess Fang, my liege, heiress to the throne, vassal of Golemus, keeper of the sky flame, dethroner of tyrants, monicker of the foolish, infector of the wise, slayer of none, maker of MagicDuel great again, the dog which became bird, holiest of smiters, deepest of lacerators, leader of the pack, countess to the familia, bringer of redemption, savior of Azeroth, burner of nightshades, the one true prophet of the new era, I shall forever abide by your powers until I one day overthrow you. Until then we will bring new justice to these lands and unite what has fallen into ashes to be reborn anew as swiftly as the flames ignite.

By my approximation the East has seeded its powers unto me to make me the Duchess of the East beneath the holy Emperor Sunfire beneath the God-King Ledah and I shall act upon their behalf to bring righteous glory to MagicDuel and all of its lands once again.

Edited by Mallos
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I, Madamme Marcus Lazarus III; Chieftess of Loreroot, Empress of Necrovion, Daughter of the Eclipse, and the Alpha female of the Powerpuff Triad, hereby give Princess Fang Archgay my blessing to lead us into the full conquest of the realm.

With dedication, perseverance and enough sass, I believe we can achieve the promise land, that is the divine MagicDuel realms in all its glory.

One Ring to rule them all! Hail feminism!

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