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Auction super rare usable item - Wiiya Bubble Weaver

Muratus del Mur

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  • Root Admin

This auction is for the item, you can use it do develop your own role, or resell it later.

The reason i am auctioning it is because i want its functionality back in game, and i know of no one active that could receive it as reward for a role.

The item allows you to constantly create Wiiya bubbles, that you can then sell or offer as part of your role and create a small ecosystem around you. These things are usable, check to Shmsh guid, or ask around.

In addition to the item, the winner is also entitled to a custom tag of his choice that must contain the word "Wiiya" in it (not mandatory, only if he so wishes)

I reserve the right to cancel the auction if i feel the total gold is not enough. I don't want to impose a starting bid because i don;t know to estimate its value correctly.


Wiiya Bubble Weaver

The Bubble Weaver creates bio-degradable bubbles that can collect Wiiya gas.


Accepting in this auction: Gold (in any form, coins, notes, items containing gold or made of gold according to their description) and Top Spender Tickets

For this auction only, due to its nature and all, i will consider one spender ticket to be equivalent of 20 gold. (if i estimated wrong please pm me with explanation)

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  • Root Admin

I don't intend to set their value to a fixed equivalent. As i said, this conversion rate is foe this auction only, sometimes can be less, sometimes more, depends what i want to achive with that. TST is an indicator of old time supporting players that helped md but never used tst for anything, so i am giving them an advantage in role defining auctions. Tickets will always be used for such things or in auctions where only tickets are accepted, and since these auctions are rare, i thought to give them a boosted value.

I hope it makes sense.


Highest bid: Miq for 5TST and 10Gc (equiv of 110Gc)


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  • Root Admin

Also TST is not just about spending a lot. Tickets are given on rare occasions out for high spenders even if they already spent. They run long time without any value so they could be traded for very little at the right moment, so someone still active, with tickets, is a player that got involved heavily and is still around..this for me means he/she is a member of the community thst will continue to be around and could put importsnt tools to good use.

Now while being more active with the new interface, i might release other things out in exchange of tickets, just to keep them existing in-game. 

Such autions are intended also to gather gold off the market and by that increase its importance, they are a natural and much needed economic process to keep the community balanced and avoid inflation, espexially after very long periods.


I am explaining all this for who wants to learn something 

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  • Root Admin

The other auction is up, so now you know all the major auctions i am running while gold and tst value what they do now. Focus you bid on the item you want more.

Last accepted bid for this item is: Miq for 5TST and 10Gc (equiv of 110Gc).

Once there will be a couple of days without any new offers, i will consider the auction won and closed. I will close this auction also when the new interface will be moved live in a week probably.

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