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shop feature (id21) Overcharged energy

Muratus del Mur

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(id21) Overcharged energy - gives 2500 heat, changed stock from 10 to 50, planning to make it give 4400 heat (max the erolin can hold active at one time right now), or load all heat orbs.

Ungod: even with 4400, 50 items is way too much; it's very easy to gain heat on your territory even with a low briskness

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I for example, can't get heat that much by traveling, i use very large amounts when i want to cast all sorts of spells that make my life easier. If i want to fill up my slots (17), i would use a heat spell (cheat). I find it useful to get heat instantly, but maybe its not worth it..


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If I want to load up my erolins fast, all I have to do is switch forth and back between two scenes. It's taking a few minutes, but it's free :D 

There are also heat stones...well, this is just my opinion (that 50 slots is too much), use it as statistics.

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I find that this were the case presently, that those that do purchase of credits are those that have been within the realm of MD for some time; usually, significant enough for one to have gained sufficient statistic in Briskness. This thus makes such a purchase quite pointless to this being; one would think that she must purchase of something else in its stead, if one may simply gain heat by moving.

I find that heat stones (or other spell-stones) to be of use when one were in an area which doth require of something to be charged of heat (for example, the Mnemnosis quest-line, or walking within Necrovion using the heated boots.) If these are to keep their value, then there must either be a limit to Erolin-spheres, or there must be further requirements for heat within the realm to power of other things. Without such uses for heat, these shop-purchases shall be ignored by the multitudes.

If one were, in example, to change this item to that which may increase one's maximum heat to 10000 (as opposed to 4400) for a temporary period, one may find that these are purchased by those who grind of statistics within combat (provided the bonuses to statistics were duly increased based on the heat also).

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On 1/16/2020 at 4:43 AM, Muratus del Mur said:


Others have an opinion on this? For statistics

In my homeland I gain:


I wouldnt spend much on getting heat tbh. Not to mention the amount that I can get fighting as well.

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