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As the "basics/why/how to" topic is intended to be ... didactic, I'll keep it up to date with any suggestion I may find good.

Here you may post suggestions / comments and other ideas.

Do not create new topics for "new info", just PM with it and we'll check it and integrate it.

Do not publish raw material that may contain spoilers even under the "SPOILER" tag.

We await your feedback.

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Good job dst :P

EDIT: I'd rather have the information on

what determines sacrifice bonuses

remain secret because it touches on the game's inner working and isn't really a 'basic' that new players need to know. (They only need to know what they might get.) But if the admins insist that it's fine, then I have no more objections.

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Ooh, nice, dst.

But like Pi, I wonder if it's alright to publish spoilers about sacrificing. Manu expressed his desire for the internal workings of sacrificing to stay unknown. I don't know to what extent he meant, and what you included isn't very specific (although I didn't know any of that until recently and I wouldn't without help, as it isn't mentioned anywhere ingame), so I'm only asking for confirmation that you've considered and evaluated it, I guess.

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No Glai, I will not post spoilers about sacrificing and what stats this might get you. What I want to do is to make just 1 topic with information not 10 topics regarding 1 thing.

That why I asked all of you to send PMs not to post raw things that might be considered as spoilers.

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i wanted to post this with the basics, but i cannot... so, ill just dump it here.

I would add something that the sooner you realize the better.
You will see that with each fight that you win with a certain ritual the vitality that goes into the creature(s) that is(are) in it rises.
This goes by the following rule:
For each combo point you have with a ritual you get 0.25% of your max vitality with that ritual. e.g. for a 100 combo you will get a total of 12.5k vitality when having 10k max vitality each time you will attack with that ritual.
Bearing this in mind you will soon come to realize that you can use combos to keep your creatures at 100% vitality.
And how this can be done?
Let’s say you build a ritual (R1) that consists of 6 creatures (the maximum number allowed): a1+, a2+, b1*, b3@, b3@, c5# where a b c are different creatures, 1 2 3 are different creature levels, +*@# are different abilities that those creatures might develop passing from one stage to another.
Let us imagine that you manage to build a 50 combo with this ritual when having, let’s say 10k maximum vitality. This would mean that your ritual, when you chose to attack the next time, will have the vitality you managed to store at that moment plus 6.25k vitality from the combo.
With this much vitality the probability that your creatures will be at 100% after the fight rises significantly. Of course, this is dependent on several parameters like your skills, your oponent skills, the type of creatures you selected with that ritual vs. the type of creatures your oponent has as a defese.
As you see to have 6 creatures that can meet 100% vitality at any given time, you would like to also maintain this and do this with other creature also.
What I am proposing now is a reversed domino effect, namely: how can you preserve the 100% vitality with your creatures and at the same time get more creatures that would be able to preserve 100% vitality.
You make another ritual (R2) that uses part of the creatures that are already used with that combo you build, and another series of creatures that you want to enjoy the same 100% vitality. This ritual will also have 6 creatures: a2+, b1*, c5# (the creatures already met with the first combo) and d3+, d3+, b2@ (other creatures that you own).
This ritual has better chances to get to a full combo (100 won fights) than a normal one as 3 of its creatures (a2+, b1*, c5#) will have full vitality due to the fact that the first ritual (R1) is a ritual richer in vitality than one that you just build, and the probability of those 3 creatures present in both rituals to have 100% vitality is higher.
Fighting with these two rituals one at the time would mean that each combo you built is supported by the next one. From here the posibilities are limited to the number of creatures you own. You can build as many combos as you need to always have that desired 100% vitality with your creatures.
The different abilities a creature may have (+*@#) are important when talking about combo rituals because they change with each level (1 2 3 n) a creature has. And this influences your combos in a radical way.
For example, you manage to build a ful combo with the first ritual (R1) and doing so you fulfill the requirements for the upgrade all or part of the creatures in it. If you choose to upgrade a creature the next level (1 2 3 n) that creature has might not meet the same abilities (+*@#) as the level it had before upgrading.
Let’s imagine that you upgrade the a2+ creature from the R1 and that this means that you get a a3@. You still have with R1 the identity of that creature, BUT that creature has no longer the ability set when you first conceived the R1. This means that the a3@ will not be used at all with the R1. It will simply be present in the ritual but it will not exert the @ ability it learned with the new aquired level. So, pay attention when you choose to upgrade creatures that you use in combos.
I know I was too long with this post… but I wanted to share :angry:

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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='19495' date='Nov 5 2008, 06:13 PM']ty a lot, your contribution is very useful[/quote]

I was thinking maybe you can link it to this page [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=1839&hl=combo"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...39&hl=combo[/url] ...under Q: What are combos?

I have the feeling the post is futile here, and mp3 players, to whom I address will not read it.

Thank you,

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