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So... I made this because I was bored and Mallos inspired me with his weekly silver forum thread, which was quite fun.

I had thought of doing this before but anyway, here you all go. This month's word-search (it may be a crossword in the future). For first person to solve it, I'll give a silver to.

May's word puzzle https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1187821/



Just post answers below, please don't fill my inbox :P

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22 minutes ago, Steno said:

geez, that was fast. Next time I'll have to use a bigger wordsearch formula

Find me in game, klawdees for your prize!

Klawdees is part of the island. You cannot see him elsewhere :)


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I apologize for the delay!

This one is not very good, I must admit, I should have done more research beforehand, but I didn't want to push back it's release anymore! (The website also lost my first 2 versions of it, so... yeah.

From now on, the First to finish (put picture of completed puzzle in a spoiler) and the person who posts the fastest time within a week of posting will get 1 silver--doesn't work for this one.



4. a ghost whose alliance was revived by his followers multiple times
6. a wizard of some renown
7. the first ruler of LR
9. the number of bridges in LR
10. how to beat the 2nd LR guard
11. the order LR was opened
12. a common theme among creatures and aegis
14. of xylem and phloem this warrior know much of
15. the quiet fairy
18. the first resource-gathering tag
20. one of the first LR alliances, also Steno's first alliance
21. This figure granted Khalazdad a slave for his wife
23. a jungle queen who loves her favorite branch
24. This was found, and now is lost, but it's like may be found for a fee
25. the first king of LR
1. a WP is oft used as a key here
2. if you don't know this is a land weapon, I can't help you
3. a Priestess wholly devoted to beautification
5. the number of times CotE was disbanded
8. the first leader of when LR was an alliance
10. the pescatarian's favorite creator of combiners
13. the sentient guardian of a backdoor
16. was once a puzzle but ere no more
17. within and without this building is the same
19. a tea maker devoted to the younger generation
22. rumors say you can recruit every creature here

P.S. Some of the facts presented are just from my opinion/understanding. If you feel I got something wrong, please let me know, I implore you to use this as an opportunity to teach me and the rest of the community about historical aspects of MD (looking at you, Mur/Chew/other fossils).

P.P.S. If you want your land/alliance/topic to be featured in next month's puzzle, just send me a message with some words/clues!

P.P.P.S. Thank you Aia for your help in this month's puzzle!

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Since I myself was struggling I figured many of you were. so here is a good place to start for ancient LR history (besides the announcements):


Also #19 is way too vague. Here's an additional hint: has an alt that shares his name but also has the surname Dragon

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Since It's about to be August and August will be LotE, here are some answers to the harder ones...

Please note that there are no spaces or apostrophes in answers.

6. A player present during this year's anniversary

8. Starts with the word "Nelya"

10. One word, we use it a lot with new players.

12. A monster in greek mythology

16. Has tiles and a pulley

19. Has an alt with the name "Dragon" on the end, his avatar wields a hammer

24. This one could be called Scout, starts with an abbreviation

There, 25% of them now have better clues. I will be giving 3 SC for completion of this, since that's how much SC I've gained this month and both the image quality and difficulty of this were high indeed.


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Sorry for being a few days behind! Work has kicked my butt the last 3 weeks.

@Ledah wins 1SC for posting the fastest time at the end of the month!

Chewett had a faster time, but decided not to post it :P


For this month's puzzle the prizes are increased to 5SC for first to post, and 5SC for fastest time at the end of the month!


Go, go go!

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And I here I thought Ledah would rise to the occasion again and get first completed puzzle.

Oh, and for those of you wondering, you CAN repost the puzzle multiple times, if say, Ledah were to post a new fastest time, Chewett or Syrian could post a 2nd time to achieve fastest time.

Congratulations Chewett for claiming the 1st poster reward!

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