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The knights who say...


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During the anniversary I shall be donning the knight armor at random times, all so I can play a game with you. In particular, a language game. 

I will be choosing a prefix/suffix that you will have to guess (with full sentences). Once it's determined, each word containing the particle acts as 5 dmg. The purpose is taking my health down to 0, from 100 hp e.g. once it's determined con is the particle, such a sentence would do me 25 dmg: The convict's convoluted explanation went from 'let's all contribute' to condescending tones of 'the considerate die'. 

Additional rules: you can only use sentences, it's not throwing words you remember

                            if there are lots of participants at the time, the game will be on turns, with 30 secs a turn; if not, no turns, but! full sentences nonetheless

I will be popping in randomly for this game, but if a number of you can attend at the same time, we can make a big event; post here a time if you are interested in something like that.


REWARDS:  For each game, top scores get 1g, 1g, 8s (1st,2nd,3rd), with a bonus of an anniv crit for those who score over 50 points in a game. Also, the totals will be added up at the end of the anniv and additional rewards will be given to top scores (including anniv creatures).

Anything I forgot to detail, ask me here.

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First blood has been drawn, with Aia, Demonic God, Fyrd, Kaya and Magohi working together to defeat the knight who says tion to others, but can't bear to hear it himself.

This will continue throughout the anniversary, at random times.

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I was thinking of holding the last games at fixed hours, as to give the ones in the race for highest total score a fair chance to solve their duel for supremacy.

Demonic and Kaya, what hour is most convenient for you to attend the game at? (it can be any, before fyrd's event, in the morning etc)

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Alright, the 'tournament' is over, with Kaya Salta being the one who knocks knights off their horses with ease (250 points total) and Demonic God being oh, so very close. Congrats to all participants; over the rounds teams made up of Aia, Fyrd, Kaya, Magohi, Demonic, but also Tamu, Granos, Pipstickz, Aelis, Sunfire or Yoshi defeated the knights who say 'tri' or 'super' or why not 'ante' and so forth.

I am searching for you to pass rewards! Also, I intend to run the game now and then even though the anniversary is over.

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