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A Void Resurrection

Fang Archbane

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*Fang quietly scribbles as he thinks out loud to himself* 


"I'd say great grief has befallen the lands, buy I think we all know by now, pain is simply self growth in disguise. Due Time has made me hardened and empty. I find I write these words with no emotions left inside my heart... Void, I believe my Old Man used to call it..." 


*Fang continued to silently scribble on the paper for a while with one calculated talon. He had become used to writing with an ink dipped claw by now, something he wasn't quite sure he was ready to admit* 


"There we go. Time to place these up for the world to see. Whether they join us or refuse it matters not. The task will get done either way... Still. No better time to multitask and get a few things done in layers..." 


*Fang places various clawdrawn flyers around the capitols. One in each land at all the main choke points, and they read as follows* :

Come one come all! An Old Man has fallen, and he can't get up! Granos has fallen prey to the Whimsical Reaper, and I say it's time we make a stand against entropy! 


Starting the dawn of the 15th, we will all grab Herb Baskets from Loreroot and clean pick each East location down to 66% in an endeavor for Flowers. The competition will end the same day. 


Whomever comes in places 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as far as Flower Contributions into the Grave Wreath combiner go will each earn respective rewards TBD based on sponsorship availability (but will be updated either way asap). 




We can't fear Death any more than we can fear Change. I'm well aware that Granos doesn't need any aid, but as his unaccepted long lost ginger stepbird, I feel it's my responsibility to look after my own. 


You're all free to join us and possibly make some prizes along the way. The more the merrier as they say, and may the best Herbalists win 



Editors Note: You'll most likely want to limit yourself to 2 man teams. One with an herbs basket and one to support. Everyone has until the end of the day to agree on their end amounts, but a ss should be taken of the stack and posted in this thread before it is passed to the designated flower holder.

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Editors note; after some clarification we have had to move some stuff around so it works for everyone. If it's acceptable for everyone else, we would like to harvest the flowers on the 14th of april, and conduct the resurrection on the 15th of april. If you have any feedback on this please let us know. 

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While I absolutely appreciate the offer Chew, I do not believe it will be necessary. With the combined effort of myself, Nep, Else, and Mallos (which to be fair most of the hard work was done by Mallos over time) We managed to make a single Wreath for @Granos to use however he pleases whenever he pleases. We were the only participants (to the extent of my knowledge) for this quest, so if you wish to reward us please do so solely as Quest Coordinators. I do not feel it would be fair to also reward us as Quest Participants. As always you have final say so I'll simply do as I'm told on this matter. However, these are my humble two cents. Thank you for your time, and all the hard work.

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