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Bringing out the dead


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Due to an unfortunate turn of events, a citizen of the realm has recently passed away. Unfortunately this might severely affect their ability to participate in the upcoming birthday celebrations. One of the main issues corpses face, is their inability to stay in most places for a longer time. Some places, however, have a natural affinity for the dead, in these so called Death Anchor locations the dead can hide their presence from the corpse collector and stay for as long as they like.


I have theorized that it is possible to create an artificial Death Anchor by increasing a locations bond to the realm of the dead. Sadly my lack of a physical body has somewhat limited my ability to experiment with this thesis. Therefore I would like to request the living to help allow the dead to attend the celebrations by creating such a Death Anchor.


~ Samon

P.S. Yes, bringing half of MD into one scene and murdering all of them would probably work, but methods with minimal bloodshed will be highly preferred.


For this quest I would like to request 3 things.

  • First, a ritual/method to create the Death Anchor.
  • Second, a list of all the tools, resources and anything else necessary for this ritual. If resources that do not yet exist are necessary give a short (about 1 sentence) description of how they can be obtained.
  • Finally I will ask you for an explanation how and why this prevents the dead from being collected.

Entries should be posted in this topic and will be judged by me. Public discussion on methods is not only allowed, but encouraged, and will also be rewarded.

Best solution may earn a reward, all comments are eligible for shiny coins. The deadline is 2 weeks from now, april 26th, 23:59.

If you wish to participate, but won't be able to make the deadline, let me know ahead of time and I will give an extension. The deadline is fairly short, especially with all the other festivities going on.

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Update on the rewards:

The best worked out solution according to the above 3 criteria may earn a WP. To earn a WP there has to be at least one solution that seems like it would actually be able to work within MD.

Any other comments/solutions, even if they don't hit all 3 parts, will be given coins as I see fit (and as long as supply lasts).

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Method + explanation

In order to create a Death Anchor, we first need to come up with a way to locate the dead and make them stay in place. To do so, we will need special stone tablets which are made of locate and movelock stones. The combination of these spells manages to properly locate the dead and keep them in place for a while, and since the Dead are hard to keep in place, the movelock spell would not restrict them completely and they could still move if they wanted. Since we need at least 20 memory stones for a basic stone tablet, this one should require 15 movelock and 15 locate stones (due to its increased complexity). Those should be combined using the Loreroot Stone Tablet Combiner and we shall obtain a Death Handler (name pending). 

Now, this would certainly not be enough to keep the dead in place and avoid their collection. For that, we need to add something extra to the tablet. We’ll do that by binding the dead to that location using memories! Our main ingredient for this part will be Reality Shards:


Item Description:
Reality Shards are fragments composed of distant memories, combined they bring you closer to this realm and unlock places.

We bind these memories to the identity of the deceased by combining those with Wiiya (pure identity) using Heat and Syntropic Dust. Now we need to store that concept in something tangible in order to add it to the tablet. We’ll do so by using Fenths (pure matter) plus more Heat in the process. This should give us a Reality Anchor (name pending). Note that in order to handle Wiiya and Fenths, we need their associated tools: one Wiiya Bubble and one Reality Coagulator.

As a final step, we mix the Reality Anchor with the Death Handler in order to obtain our Death Anchor (inactive). Note that this step should also require heat. Finally, since the tablet contains an extremely complex combination of spells, it should require at least 10 heat stones for activation. Before activating, drop your Death Anchor at a certain location (just move there, game mechanic-wise) and use the stones to activate it. Once it is finally active, watch it adapt to the memories of that location, interweaving those with the memories of the deceased and making them immune to being collected there. Note that once it is done, you cannot handle the Anchor anymore as it has already become a part of that particular place.

Ingredient list

  • 15 Locate stones
  • 15 Movelock Stones
  • 01 Stone Tablet Combiner (the LR one should do)
  • 10 Reality Shards
  • 01 Wiiya Bubble (not consumable. aka you get to keep it after the process)
  • 01 Reality Coagulator (not consumable. see Wiiya Bubble)
  • 10 Wiiya
  • 10 Syntropic dust
  • 10 Fenths
  • 20 Heat stones (for all the heat involved in the process + activation)

Other references:



Death Anchor mechanics - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4595

"Death anchor" (thanks samon for that name suggestion). The dead staying in such locations will be invisible for the corpse collector and can remain there as long as they want. traveling between such locations is risky however, as they need to time their movements in such way that they are not caught by the sweep.





Relations between Fenths + Wiiya + Heat - https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/2078

Fenth are matter stripped by everything else, Heat is energy, power stripped by any identity (pure), Wiiya is identity stripped of matter and energy.



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So… a Death Anchor
Per description (thanks Aelis :D) – It is meant to hide the dead, rather, the crawling dead, from the perception of the corpse collector.
The first thing that I noted, is that Death Anchors are associated with locations. It is a characteristic of a location itself.
However – According to MaGoHi (Man with Many Lists) and Fang Archbane (The Bird that spent too much time dead), the locations that has Death Anchor, as a characteristic, often changes. This implies:

  • Death Anchor, is something that can be granted to a location
  • Likewise, this property may be lost through time
  • It is something associated with scenes, but not directly a property of the scene itself

A notable location, as I’m aware of, however, the Gazebo of Equilibrium, seems to consistently possess Death Anchor.
This anniversary provided us with a fantastic opportunity to study the formation of a Death Anchor – which seems to have formed inside the Indexed Room of Memories.
Coincidentally, this location was used repeatedly as a quest hosting site – Particularly by Fyrd Argentus. I theorize that these events are connected to the formation of the Death Anchor phenomenon.
On the other end of things – I’d raise the question of, how does a Death Anchor prevent the collection of corpses?
It was known, beyond any doubts, that it directly hides the dead from the Corpse Collector. Which, I would theorize these two possibilities:

  • By hiding the presence/body of the corpse.
  • By tampering with the perception of the Corpse Collector

Connecting these two clues - the formation of a Death Anchor around a recently popular location, and the existence of Anchors around iconic, crowded spots - I assume that the presence of characters provides an environment that give rise to Death Anchors.

As it would seem that the Anchor persist as long as the location remains popular - regardless of how many people are in it, rather, gathering locations that varied on a daily basis did not form any Anchor at all, consistency seems to be far more important than temporal popularity.

I'd theorize the three main ingredients needed to mimic such behavior:

  • The essence of a player
  • The element of consistency
  • The element of everlasting

While it is unclear what is it, of the living, that deceives the Death collector, to err on the safe size - the following ingredients would, in my opinion, most distinctively associate itself with the essence of a player:

  • Erolin heat
  • Vital Energy
  • Personal items

Erolin heat, as we know, can be provided through heat jars, or players directly. However, it needs to be constantly supplied to function, as such, jars would be used to provide the device with storage capacity.

Vital energy exists in multiple forms - but hard to be separated. I'd believe, that a living creature, that possess much vitality and regenerative capability, to be best suited. A hollow warrior, or an animated tree, are ideal candidates.

Personal items, namely autographs, blood drops, and bottled emotions, to be safe, all three types of sufficient quantity and diversity would be needed.

The latter two elements are a lot more abstract - but I do believe that there are two principle that perfectly apply here:

  • Principle of Cyclicity
  • Principle of Time

To channel the energies of these two principles - I believe would require the use of a Wishpoint. Wishpoint itself are powerful artifacts - which can be used to activate spelldocs using Principles. This very characteristic would be required to channel the massive amount of Principle needed.

In summary, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • 24 x 18k Heat Jars, capable of storing 5 days of heat when fused
  • 1 Animated Trees, maxed out, preferably those with colors
  • 7 full sets of Bottled Emotions, Blood drops, Autograph, from 7 unique players
  • 20,000 of Principle of Cyclicity
  • 20,000 of Principle of Time
  • 1 WP
  • 20 Glue, to fuse items together
  • 10 GiveVital spellstone, for self-repair mechanisms
  • 10 Heat Spellstone, for self-repair mechanism
  • 1 Dream Joker, as a sentient being serving as the brain of the construct
  • Axe and saw, for carving

The process, as follow:

  • Fusing the heatjar together, into one massive jar
  • Carve out the Animated Tree, as the main housing for various mechanics needed - but take care not to injure it
  • Hang the Bottled Emotions, Blood drops, Autographs, around the Tree branches
  • Inscribe the spellstones into the three body
  • Glue the Joker into the Tree, and place the WP in his palm - he can handle it, he was made from a WP
  • Channel the Principle into the WP

This new, half living, half construct, creation, will hopefully, serve well as a Death Anchor.

Edited by Demonic God
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