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How can I become an A25 member?



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A25 Members = Game Masters (simplistically put)

while in other games there is no way to become one, in here you have a chance.

You may want to become one, but before you ask to become one, you should consider what puts you apart from the other 99% that may dream of becoming one. If you are a long time member and present your intention of becoming a A25 member, you might be selected. From time to time, an additional member is selected for a limited time to control these tools and participate in A25 related activities. The main criteria for such a selection is the way you handled "power" on other occasions. For this, obviously, you first need to be confronted with such situations of "power", be it that you are elected leader of a land, or you are constant quest maker that constantly has to decide rewards for others, or you constantly helped in public events and where delegated tasks that involve such access to power.

Endurance to public demand, and ability to see a good opportunity despite personal grudges is also a very important feat of character that is required. As a A25 member, you will be faced with situations where friends will ask of things that are in your power to give or change, and you need to be able to decide cold blooded what is best to do, and have the courage and attitude to stand to your judgement, even when the entire community will hate you for it.



A25 members have access to tools that shape the realm, build it, or destroy it, and are also indirectly responsible of the sense of 'value' within the realm. Creating the wrong clickable that gives too much or too less of something, affects the entire MD economy and value of things.  

MD has certain unique concepts, that are many times just tangent, but not identical, to other games. You need to be that kind of person that understands this, without being repeatedly told. 

Once you receive access to such tools, you will be trusted to use them, and what you will do with them and how you are as a person will echo throughout the realm, taking everything one direction or an other. Also, you will not be given instructions ..well..at least not too many. A member that needs to be told what to do and what NOT to do, is not a good member at all. 

Everything on your path to A25 will discourage you to get there, but still, several managed to get there.


In addition to all this, the majority of the existing A25 members must agree with you becoming one of them, and none must explicitly ask against you don't become one. We can not afford to have tension in a team that shares god-powers in the realm, or the consequences will affect everyone else.

If you are good A25 material, and you are selected against all odds to be one, then you will be given the tools for a test period that needs to fade away naturally. What i mean by this, is that the test period never ends, but slowly, nobody will 'check' what you do anymore and your activity will become more valued than doublechecked.


A25 access once received, and an intitial period passes (period that allows you to show you know how to push its buttons), you receive a medal. This medal entitles you to get the tools back on later occasions, with priority over others, because it means you know what to do with them already. 

Unlike everyting else in MD, the tools are yours to borrow not posses, they will not become your property, and they will be taken away as you become more inactive, to avoid you using them the wrong way. Everything else and more that you might obtain while having them, and i am talking about your popularity, personal wealth, reputation, experience, etc, are yours forever.


Once you do have the tools, MD will never be the same again for you. Imagine you will have access to all locations, all creatures, know secrets, know inside workings of stuff, etc. Using the tools is a whole other kind of experience, so before you wish you had them, think twice if you really wish this sort of change or you are better off enjoying MD as a regular member of the community.




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A25 is usually not something that is granted upon request, but through proving oneself first, and also showing that there would be significant benefit to MagicDuel by being granted the A25 Tools. Those with A25 Tools are usually those who have dedicated significant time to developing activities in MD for other players - often quests, contests, or treasure hunts, but sometimes other development in Magicduel; such as the conversion of scenes from Flash over a year ago.

One with such an idea who wishes to make it real should first detail this out in a presentable manner to an A25 member, and then discuss with them how it may be made real. Although these tools are very useful, there are many functions which are not yet possible with them, and so the limitations of A25 can often make quest-making a challenge.

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  • Root Admin

Typically A25 members are reviewed regularly and if more members are wanted there will be an announcement. If you want to become an A25 member first you should speak with a current A25 member and discuss with them what you want to do. Typically anything you want to do with A25 can be accomplished by talking to a helper without speaking to a Game Master at all or being given the A25 tools! (And they are known for having too many messages and not enough time to reply to them!).

If after speaking to an A25 member you feel you still need access you should ask them to raise your request to join the A25 team. They will speak with the other team members and discuss whether you are able to be promoted to A25.

The A25 team have tools that let them modify the world and add new permanent quests into MagicDuel. Essentially they can do anything within the bounds of the rules imposed on them, they are our realm shapers.

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Ask admins to invite you. A25 players have access to features that allow creating complex quests, features that allow changing parts of the game basically. 

It's part of the plan to encourage player creativity and make MD grow on its own

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