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Bug Reporting Guidelines - How can I report a bug


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So you think you have found a bug, awesome! lets get that reported and our engineers can look into fixing it for you.

What do I need to do to report a bug?

To fix a bug we need a concise description of what the bug is and why you think it is a bug. Sometimes its obvious (such as something looking wrong) but other times the bug might not be clear to us. 

If you notice a bug taking a screenshot (or multiple) can help us understand the issue so feel free to upload as many screenshots as you can. Sometimes a bug might disappear a second time to make sure you take a screenshot as soon as you notice something odd!

The full details of what we would like you to report

Here is a rough form detailing what information we would like in your report. You can use this as a template for your bug, feel free to copy it and modify it!


Player name: Chewett
Player ID:   1619
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Fedora 34
Importance:  How important is this bug? Is the game entirely down (high importance) or does some text look wrong (low importance). This will help us assess whether we need to urgently look into the bug

Description - What happens when the bug occurs:
Please write down what happens when the bug occurs. This again might be easier to demonstrate with logs or images.

How to reproduce the bug:
Here you want to write a series of steps to reproduce the bug, this might be long and might require lots of images so include as much information as you can. Feel free to use bullet points or a series of images to explain the issue!

What you expect to happen:
Please explain why what you see above isn't what you think should happen, you might need to include photos here!

But I'm not sure I can provide all that information!

If you don't know all this information, leave it blank, we might not need it but if so we might ask you some more information, Sorry about that!

Is the bug abusable?

If you think the bug might be abusable (ways to get coins for free or something) then you should contact myself directly with the bug. Do not post it on the forum!

But I'm not sure its a bug

If you are not sure there is a bug, feel free to ask around first, it might be a secret feature! However if multiple people are not sure it might be easier to post it up and ask. Searching the How Do I forum also might answer your question!

Any other questions?

If you have any questions about reporting bugs feel free to ask below or send me a message, we are always happy for our community to report issues and will try and address problems as soon as we can.

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