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New currency skill


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New currency skill gained through combat or in very restricted ways to buy from an in game shop that gets reduced after a purchase. The shop can have cycles and some once per cycle (realmwide) items,crits, etc. to encourage activity and racing to it. 

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4 hours ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

How would the first part be different from awarding credits?

Like the idea of special items appearing periodically in the shop.

credits can be bought, skills from the most part are obtained by playing

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57 minutes ago, Ledah said:

Not sure if clicking a button every 5 minutes needs any more reward than it already has.


Now, expanding what you can achieve through combat on the other hand...

Most people dont do it, so probably it can be encouraged, just an opinion....

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  • Root Admin
4 hours ago, Mallos said:

so a new skill itself is nothing interesting, we could think of plenty of skills like gardening or whatnot, what is interesting is what use the skill will have other than being a vanity stat

also currency doesn't strike me as being in any way related to creatures

As a heads up for you and everyone, this post reads overly negative. Can everyone try to ensure their posts have helpful criticism if you do not think the idea has merit.

I’m at interested in all ideas, we can worry about finessing them over time if the core idea has merit.


The core idea here is to gain some “points” from combat so you can then use them for something. It’s an interesting idea, maybe we start keeping track of “fights for the land” per day/week/month?

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