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Token Changes - Affecting them all by the vitality slider

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  • Root Admin

Please post below with the given format, to report whether a token is working or not.

Each player confirming its working will be allowed to apply that token to any creature of theirs. Each player finding a bug will also get an additional one to apply. You are welcome to disagree with someone posting above (whether its working or not) and the correct one will be given the token.

Please blank out the non-related token information in your print screens so its super clear which one you are reporting


List of tokens:

  • antifreeze
  • darkshield
  • stardust
  • purpurmoon
  • blacktear
  • onyxfangs
  • blackdiamonds
  • firedrop
  • blooddrop1
  • blooddrop2
  • blooddrop3
  • claw1
  • claw2
  • claw3
  • osirisbelt
  • jewelshards
  • goldbelt
  • darksky
  • kellethafire
  • sunshine
  • goldtear
  • emeraldglare
  • purpurfog
  • enlightning



Token Name
[image 1 - fight at 0% vitality showing the influences]
[image 2 - fight at 25% vitality showing the influences]
[image 3 - fight at 100% vitality showing the influences]

[Statement whether you think its working or not]


If the token does not display anything (most likely for the 100% vitality image, just leave a comment saying its not displayed).

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Darksky needs to be updated I think, was wondering why it didn't match! But it works according to this ann:


Not sure it is scaling though? Giving 1300 on 0% and 1200 on 25 %, shouldn't it be either 1000+75% of 300 or just 75% of the 1300?

[darksky] Dark Sky
If owner has darkness principle it increases both attack and defence by the value of this principle, otherwise it increases attack double the value of the principle but lowers defence by same ammount.


0pc tokens 2.png


25pc tokens 2.png


100pc tokens 2.png

Claw2, Claw3, Sunshine seem fine. BD2+3 seem fine after taking into account stats (30494 attack 5550 initiative) and sword shade 3 stats - I suck at maths though.

Edited by Ledah
I don't know how to put the images in first forgive me
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Here are Fyrd's tokens.  Ledah didn't have EG, KF, OB, SD, GB.

Note about half the tokens didn't even show up at 100% - would have been zero but what about 99% slider....?

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 2.15.29 PM.png

Fyrd 0% pt 1.png

Fyrd 0% pt 2.png

Fyrd 25% pt 1.png

Fyrd 25% pt 2.png

Fyrd 100%.png

Note Purple Fog in above test didn't work because he was alone.

Anti-Freeze will be hard to test, as it does not show up here.

Note possible bug on both BloodDrop 2 & 3 since 0% slider was only 1 initiative point vs. 25% slider on initiative giving 8-14 points.  Ledah's is more clear - up then down.
Further more on BD2 while 18.75% is 3/4 of 25%, the calculated Defense and Attack bonuses given are not right.  1133/1939 = 58%. 414/625 = 66% -- drops too much.

Emerald Glare is wacky.  Regen drop from 113 to 32.25 (only 28% left) and Defense drop 3303 to 2376.75 (72% not 75%). EG depends on the creature in opposing slot, so this is not a proper test.

KF, OB, SD, GB. seem fine.

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Below I tried to test Black Diamond but it wasn't the right day of the month.

Onyx fang is tested below, giving 29A (2%), 18A (1.5%), and 0 respectively:   The percents are given but 18/29 is only 62% not 75%.

BD OF 0%.png

BD OF 25%.png

BD OF 100%.png

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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Here is PurpurFog with a companion.  It doesn't seem to show up at all at 100% slider, but the drop seems too small from 100% to 75% application: 880 vs 813.75 is still 92% of the bonus.


PurpurFog 0%.png

PurpurFog 25%.png

Edited by Fyrd Argentus
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0% vit: 



25% vit: 



100% vit: Not showing




At 0% the enlightning token worked as expected, giving 551 attack (IMP had 551 won battles before combat)



At 25% the enlightning token worked as expected, giving 408 attack  (IMP had 544 won battles before combat and it gave 544*0.75 =408)


It is working as expected.

Edited by Else
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  • 4 months later...
  • Root Admin

Can someone else help me fill this in, what I thought had been tested seems at-odds with what you did Fyrd?

List of tokens:

darkshield - Fyrd - ?
stardust - Fyrd - Working
onyxfangs - Fyrd - Odd

blooddrop2 - Ledah - Working
blooddrop3 - Ledah - Working
claw1 - chewett - Working
claw2 - Ledah - Working 
claw3 - Ledah  - Working
osirisbelt  - Fyrd - Working
goldbelt - Fyrd  - Working
darksky - Ledah - Working
kellethafire - Fyrd - Working
sunshine - Ledah - Working
emeraldglare - Fyrd - Not clear
purpurfog -
enlightning - Ledah - Working


Also if people can agree/disagree with what I think is working that would be useful so I know what to look at.

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purpurfog did not seem to scale properly with slider - 100-75% drop on slider only 10% drop on effect.

The onyx fang might be explained by it giving boost based on root attack, not modified for equipment and house.

[darkshield] Dark Shield - 50% chance to add creature age to its defence.  Fyrd's age was probably 4136 so looks good.

[emeraldglare] Emeral Glare -Gives the creature one fifth of the regeneration and defence of the enemy creature in same slot.  I can't figure this because I still havn't grasped why positions change from ritual definition to actual combat, and what group theoretical rotation/reflection/etc. is used to define "same slot".

Do you need me to conduct further tests?


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  • 6 months later...

antifreeze does not seem to be working at 99% slider, is it supposed only be working at 0%? or something like  0% slider = 50% chance, 50% slider = 25% chance, 99% slider = 0.5% chance?


[antifreeze] antifreeze
Gives 50% chance of creature to escape freezing during combat.


Edited by Else
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