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Hail brother and sisterd, I heard Death Ray wants to GoTR. He said it's been a month waiting on, waiting our brother Valoryn back in the realm. I have suggestions before joining GoTR need to become first a citizen of the land. While waiting to a a member of GoTR it's be good. To be part of it.





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Iridian Moonblossom is a returning MP4 lorerootian.  She lost access to her homeland, so I let her into MDA/LS alliance so she could jump to leader to get in.  However, I'm sure she would like to know who can give her back her citizenship once she gets regular access.

Any information would be helpful.

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Thank you 💕 Fyrd for your kind and good heart, No worries EE will be there by guide of the Goddess. Let them explore and enjoy your guidance.

Let me know after your caring and loving, Loreroot always welcome Iridian Moonblossom.



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I have not seen Her Majesty Lintara in some years. In her possession were the requisite to grant citizenship, although one must believe that she would wish for Lorerootians to return home.

The Eclipse or Woodcutters would also grant Lorerootian citizenship - yet one wonders whether citizenship is retained when one departs of an alliance.

Aia of the other-realm has been rather absent of late, but she doth endeavour to return in full.


The Lorerootian guards discriminate not - even the Queen shall not pass them without proving herself as all others.

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I agree and we need wait our majesty come back in realm.

In other option ways 

Voting for citizenship is also applicable and that matter fellow Lorerootians show some support. 

Let's try what ever comes up the result of the voting citizenship.


It's a proper way why you want to become a citizen of Loreroot. You need to prove yourself and treasure it.

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I am going to make a poll citizen vote sooner.

Fellow Lorerootians vote for Death Ray to be a citizen of the land.

Yes, about Iridian soon and we need to wait.

I am glad to hear it.


I think Loreroot citizen poll are no longer available, upon my observation and taking actions. 

No voting for citizenship of the land, it's so sad if this happening

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