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17th Tournament of Legends


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This year I would like to host a combat tournament with only easily obtainable creatures to try to get the most people.


Best of 3 each round, first round is direct elimination, consecutives rounds can be elimination or point system based on the amount of players.
No tokens and fight at 0% slider.
No shards(you can recicle them without losing any)
Can not use more than 2 copies of the same creature (Ex. no more than 2 pimped grassans , but normal grassans are considered diffferent creatures)
Max 2 freezes in a ritual.
Both players in a match can agree who attacks first, then the opponent needs to attack and finally the first player who attacked has to attack again. 
In case players can not agree, they can roll dices from MB and the highest number calls who goes first.
I will announce the fights on the 21th Aprils, you have until then to sign in.

I will participate in the first round if the number of participants is an odd number.

Valid creatures:

Ararmors, Dark Archers, Knators, Hollow Warriors, Walking trees, Winderwilds,  Grassans, Elementals and Water Daimons.

First place:  a choice of a semi rare/ rare creature (list will be given after a winner is declared and is already approved)  + Anni creature + Trophy.

Second place: Anni creature + (15 plushies OR 3gc)

Third place: Anni creature + (5 plushies or 1gc)

Alternatively the first place can choice a WP INSTEAD of a creature OR 40 plushies. The creatures seem way better than 40 plushies BTW.

Reply if you want to sign up

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Should we include Imperial Ararmors, Bloodpact Archers, colored trees, colored jokers and Pimped Grassans? Upvote if they should be included or downvote if they should not. The votes will be locked once the fights are announced.

It is not necessary to sign up to the tournament to vote.

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Important, it looks Chewett is going to make the effort and generate the desired creatures for the tournament. Please do not attempt to trade or sacrifice them.

@Fyrd Argentus@Invie@Eagle Eye@Ledah@redneck feel free to message me what creatures you would like for the tournament and they will be given.

Since we need a final list of creatures allowed, I am allowing the creatures: Imperial Ararmors, Bloodpact Archers, colored trees, colored jokers and Pimped Grassans and locking the votes from the second post.

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You can ask for what you want from the list, the only limit are your creature slots, ofc this is for the tournament only and would not make sense to ask more than two copies of a creature since the rules does not allow more than 2 of the same.  So you can ask for your dream team and maybe some situational creatures.

PD: Anyone else that wants to join can ask for creatures for the tournament as well.

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So it is 28th April, so I will announce the fights, first I wanted to use the same order as sign ups, but since Fyrd and Invie are first and second, for technical reasons (both in same alliance) I will do first vs last, second vs penultimate, and so on, so the fights will be:

@Fyrd Argentus vs @redneck

@Invie vs @Ledah

@Chewett vs @Eagle Eye

You can post the results of your matches here.

Your creature requests have already been sent to Chewett, you can start your fights once they are delivered.

PD: Do not try to trade or sacrifice those creatures, they will be taken back after this event...

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