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MD 17th Birthday 2022 Survey Results

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  • Root Admin

The survey was split into two parts, freeform text input questions and a standard 1-5 Likert scale. The questions were as follows:

  • What would you change about the event and why (+5 plushies)
  • What do you think worked well about the event and why (+5 plushies)
  • What other ideas could you suggest to make next year's celebration even better? (+5 plushies)
  • What other events would you want run during the birthday? (+5 plushies)
  • Any other comments about the event (+5 plushies)

The Likert scale questions asked you to rate the importance of the following aspects of birthday quests/events. Participants were given 10 plushies for filling these in:

  • Combat events
  • Hunt/race events
  • Story writing
  • Story telling/remembrance
  • Ceremony/Role Play/Medal ceremony
  • Group activities (like mist collection)
  • Plushies and prizes
  • Souvenir creatures and items
  • Forum contests
  • Hangman and other games

This year we had 28 responses and all those who responded have been rewarded plushies.


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  • Root Admin

For the Likert scale questions asked them to rate everything from 1 (not important) to 5 (very important):

Combat events - Average 2.6

Combat events.png
Hunt/race events - Average 3.1
Hunt_race events.png
Story writing - Average 3.5

Story writing.png
Story telling/remembrance - Average 4.0

Story telling_remembrance.png
Ceremony/Role Play/Medal ceremony - Average 4.3

Ceremony_Role Play_Medal ceremony.png
Group activities (like mist collection) - Average 4.5

Group activities (like mist collection).png
Plushies and prizes - Average 3.8

Plushies and prizes.png
Souvenir creatures and items - Average 4.2

Souvenir creatures and items.png
Forum contests - Average 3.6

Forum contests.png
Hangman and other games - Average 3.4

Hangman and other games.png

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  • Root Admin

Below is the summarized set of responses from people, I have tweaked the wording and merged some to simplify the responses.


Responses for What would you change about the event and why (+5 plushies)

  • Generally people have commented that Chewett should have more help, and do less
    • Note by Chew: Lol
  • Some suggested making the celebration shorter than 17 days, some suggested making it longer. Some also commented it should happen more frequently
  • One comment was relating to being able to get medals without attending the Awards Ceremony
    • Note by Chew: As discussed with Mur, this is by design and we were present for multiple days and timezones
  • Some people disliked the plushie rain, some people really liked it
    • Note by Chew: This probably sits in the right spot, but further opinions are welcome
  • People really liked the A25 mist/rain events and wanted more
  • People suggested adding a leaderboard for plushies
    • Note by Chew: This sounds like a nice little idea
  • Generally people wanted more group/story type events, and land type events where collobration is key
  • Lots of very positive comments here (saying they wouldn't change anything)

Responses for What do you think worked well about the event and why (+5 plushies)

  • The daily scene location was great, lots of really positive comments
  • Mist events where highly rated by many people (many of the responses mentioned it)
  • Seeing locked scenes and old friends was highly rated by many
  • Contacting old players to see how they are/drawing them back
    • Note by Chew: We need to improve this going forward so its not me manually messaging people!

Responses for What other ideas could you suggest to make next year's celebration even better? (+5 plushies)

  • More group party games
  • Digging up old history
  • Cooking quests
  • More mist co-op events (lots of comments about this), people really liked the "changing realm" stuff
  • New player friendly events like the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Having a more clear daily host would be ideal
    • Note by Chew: I want to move back towards having "day hosts" and giving them a lot more powers but this year I was more busy with Life.
  • Contacting old players again, marketing emails, etc
    • Note by Chew: I did a lot of this myself, but we need to improve this for next year as it takes masses of my time
  • Plan some official "Realm changing" events like the mist.
    • Note by Chew: I plan to do these kind of things more and more now, the Mist event is a good example and I hope to finish this shortly

Responses for What other events would you want run during the birthday? (+5 plushies)

  • Lots of comments about more mist type lore events
  • Some ideas about giving players usable items such as shovels/etc, and special items and gifts
  • Simple quests that give small rewards (such as plushies)
  • Lots of comments about cooperative land events (lots of comments about mist/group type events)
  • More MDScript events
  • Trivia/puzzle quests

Responses for Any other comments about the event (+5 plushies)

  • Plushies raining down had lots of positive comments, and people really liked the increase later on
  • Lots of different events was generally favourable
  • Someone wanted more quests, and suggested the reason people weren't running quests was because they didn't know what was allowed
    • Note by Chew: Anything really, just message me next time :)
  • There was a comment that the birthday was "hard to do from the US".
    • Note by Chew: I don't really know what this means because typically we run events in good EU/US timezones. I think generally we have issues with people in GMT+8 -> GMT+14. Whoever said this can you message me if you want to explain further please
  • Lots of good comments about the work of the GM's, quest makers, and A25 team.
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  • Root Admin
1 hour ago, Fyrd Argentus said:

Lots of things are split into two groups with no middle.  Correlation analysis would be really interesting.  Is it just two groups with opposite interest, or are individuals acting independently?

Do you have any statistical methods you suggest to run on it or shall I run some standard grouping algorithms?

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I'm a chemist - I like playing around with graph paper or charts to get a feel for the data.   If you number crunchers have "standard algorithms", go for it.

I'd probably just put the names on the charts you made, and see if I see patterns by eye.

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This is just by eye, but if you are looking for patterns-

The split votes are all in the categories of competitive events, where someone was the winner. We can see that's also likely on the minds of those who answered via the comments, a number of players wanting to see more community/story-driven events. 


Knowing the history of MD that doesn't seem surprising, the realm was about story (and I don't necessarily mean RP but the interactions of players and the realm), and given that that is quieter at the moment it could be part of why.

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