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Heads Contest

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The heads contest will start today. As said before it will be a simple/basic game as before. Major change is the final round scoring location, Deathmorrow. 

Heads and scoring is periodical while online. Once we reach 4,000 in the HC round 2 will start. Round 2 will last 40 to 48 hours.

I believe Chew may have slightly given away the grand prize( poor Ledah), but second and third place will also win a prize.

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  • Root Admin

For anyone who thinks heads/score isn't working please post:

  • What happened (in detail)
  • What happened to your heads
  • What happened to your score
  • What you expected to happen
  • What mindpower you are
  • If you have won heads before
  • If you have won boss heads before
  • If you are in an rpc group (If you don't know what this means, say so)
  • what location you were in (Coordinate and name please)
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  • Root Admin

Death Ray has informed me that some people have claimed that the contest is being rigged by some players.

If you have concerns about specific players please contact me directly, all comments will be investigated thoroughly and with complete secrecy, thank you. 

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6 hours ago, death ray said:

Thank you Else.  Pm me in game concerning prizes Else and Lashtal. Ledah, you deal with Chewett.


While I am always happy to spam Chew, what exactly were the rewards for 1st place? Is it a custom kill item (name etc.)? Do you get the HC medal? Not entirely sure...

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  • Root Admin
Ann. 5759 Priority: 2 [2022-08-05 00:56:54 - Stage 16] Posted By Chewett

Trial Heads Contest Rewarded!
Death Ray has instructed me to give the following rewards for the Heads Contest:

1st - Ledah has been given a 2 use killing item with no cooldown
2nd - Else has been given a Wishpoint
3rd - Lashtal has been given the choice of any coloured creatures and picked a coloured Profane Priest.
4th - Chewett has been given an item "HC Looser" T Shirt, After many years of campaigning to have a HC with looser restrictions he has finally achieved such an event. Some say he uses this T shirt to petrify people, wrapping it around them stopping them moving, attacking, or even speaking for 30 minutes.

Everyone who participated should contact him with feedback for improvements and anything else. He will collate this and pass it onto me as part of his duties.


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3 hours ago, Ledah said:


Let us know when you want feedback DR - I'm guessing after the rewards are dished out?

Yes Ledah. all are welcome to give feed back now, forum or in game. FYI already recieved some great input so far. Ya'll are building the structure for the next and future HC's!

Edited by death ray
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