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Lighthouse reconstruction progress

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The Overseer for the Lighthouse reconstruction has arrived! You may find him near the lighthouse. 

The renovation is split into multiple Phases. The current Phase is 0. You may also learn the current Phase from the Overseer. 

In this Phase, we are looking for Auditors! Their role will be to take a look at the Lighthouse, check the faulty parts, make a list of resources and items which will be needed to be gathered and crafted for the reconstruction. (the Auditors are expected to cooperate and communicate between each other. I will create a forum group for this, or if someone has problems with using the forum, an alternative solution can be found.)

We are looking for a minimum of 2 Auditors (maximum of 5). Depending on the amount of public interest, we may take in additional auditors.

Each chosen Auditor will be rewarded a weather spell stone (storm) at the start of their job. Next, each one will receive a gold salary, this salary will depend on the quality of their work and their progress. There will be 2 salaries, one in the middle of the Auditing, the other at the end of the Auditing. There may (or may not) be further rewards, but they are still being discussed. 

How to apply for the position of an Auditor ? You may write your application here, or write ingame/forum pm to me. It would be nice if you could also drop one or two sentences why you want to be an Auditor.

If you have any questions, you may drop them here or send me a pm too. 

(There should also be an announcement about what I mentioned here)


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  • Root Admin

Good Morning my Fair Sir Jakubhi,

I hereby apply for the position of auditor for this magnificent venture!

My accreditation is as follows:

King of Marind Bell and Grand Duke of the East and Menkyo Kaiden of MagicDuel

Why might I fulfil your role?

Well you may question why I am a good auditor, well this is because for many years I have slowly embezzled the treasury of Marind Bell and The East and therefore would be able to easily ensure this does not happen during the lighthouse project. My ability to properly cook the books can be put to good use in ensuring the numbers do actually add up!

I am able to provide references on request
Most thankful tidings,

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Your application has been accepted. 

Although, I hoped to get a few juniors who I could underpay  properly compensate. I am glad to see a vastly overqualified Auditor who will be able to keep an eye on those chaotic numbers.

One of the Auditor positions is now claimed, but there are still quite a few still open. Awaiting new applicants! 

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I too would like to apply!!

I'm very curious and adventurous, leaving no stone un turned. I will question everything in sight. I've spent many hours and days at the Light house with my old friend Grido. I may be under qualified, but I am cleaver and think outside the circle. 

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I am glad to see your application death ray, welcome as the second Auditor:)

With this, we have achieved the minimum number of Auditors. 

Of course, this application process is going to be open for a few more days for others to apply as there are still some seats left. I plan to wait for a week and then I will probably close the application process and the Auditors will be able to start working.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for your application Sajura.

Now, we have 3 Auditors. 

I will be closing the applications on Friday midnight. Anyone who is still thinking about being an Auditor, please apply before the midnight (the one from Friday to Saturday). 

After that, I will create a forum group for the Auditors and the auditing may start (Phase 0 ends, Phase 1 begins. The Overseer will soon provide more hints about the Phases.)

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