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Missing paper from combiner on the island


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My name is Aamon and I am experiencing an issue with the combiner on the island. The specific location in question is the " experimental grotto" . I used 3 items that were needed to make paper as I am trying to repair the balloon. I first made "thin wood sheets" as the combiner said I will need them to make the paper.

I then put the rest of the ingredients I needed into the combiner and processed them and the combiner said I successfully made 2 sheets of paper. (See my screenshot attached )

When I exited the combiner it also showed in the chat that I made these sheets of paper. However when I search my inventory no paper can be found.

Did the paper disappear? Did it get stuck in the combiner perhaps? 

I am unsure of what to do in this situation and I would like to be able to fix this balloon here. I'll appreciate any help I am able to get on this matter. Thank you 😀

Also if needed I am sure I can recreate this issue.


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A few months ago I tried to repair the balloon as well.

If I remember correctly, there was an issue related to paper (being labelled "item" instead of "resource", or was it the other way around...).

Long story short, the amount was not showing correctly, but I was assured the balloon would get the right amount and work as intended (I think Fyrd mentioned that).

Anyway, should you feel stuck, keep in mind there is another way to leave the island and reach the mainland.

Best of luck.

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Jakubhi had informed me there are other ways to get off the island. I had found one other and even still I would like to try and repair the balloon as there is a scene that suggests I need to "fly " to get to it. Also I am trying to discover what I can here. 

As for your statement on paper it does not appear any where in my inventory. An though I did make paper as the combiner and chat showed I did, I have just tried to put the 2 paper I made into the balloon and it gives an error message saying"  I have no paper or not enough ". 

Is this a common issue with the combiner that the items I would make disappear when made? 

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