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Descriptions For our Leader


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Painstakingly going through Google Images I found these.

[u]Images from searching for [b]Mur[/b][/u]

[attachment=490:Mur_1.jpg] the soldiers at Tomen y Mur.

VERY intresting. Seems Glais a goat and Murs a sheep warrior...

[attachment=492:Mur_Rock.jpg] Mur... In metamorphis Rock form :) An asteroid!

[attachment=493:Mur_Vegetable.jpg] Mur in his quiet, vegetable form. Lovely to see him SO relaxed, so at home, at peace...

[attachment=494:Mur_Car.jpg] You all laughed when I said Mur was a Transformer. Look at these then!!! Btw WHY yellow? Trying to copy Bumblebee eh? PS: I DON'T watch Transformers.

[u]Images from searching for [b]Muratus[/b][/u]

[attachment=495:Muratus_Logo.gif] A building logo. One of Muratus's MANY but elusive forms on Google Images... Fascinating.

[attachment=496:Muratus_Demon.gif] His natural form. Stay back!!! He's red!

[u]Images from searching for [b]Del[/b][/u]

[attachment=497:Del.jpg] Few greys... looking good. Looks like this is where his funny side comes from. Elusive though it may be...

[attachment=498:Del_Plant.jpg] Hmm another natural state. This time blooming as glouriously as Bob!

And our one and only true god:


Feel free to add your own!

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Hahaha... Too funny I can't resist..

[u]Image found searching for Mur[/u]


I once heard that [i]"There is no Mur, only a wall."[/i]

This must be his wall form. :lol:

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[quote name='Frosty' post='17766' date='Oct 3 2008, 01:02 PM']Please tell me that you didn't look through all 70 pages![/quote]

I may be crazy.. but not [b]that[/b] crazy... :D

I skipped ahead, to find things that others would not... :)

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Hmmm..... I errr... might of.... well kinda.... ooh this is uncomfortable..... well..... errr.... I..... may.... have..... well you know.... sort of...... done that before!

*hangs head in shame* Please don't stone me!

well maybe not as high as 70, but I was bored

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[quote name='Chewett' post='17793' date='Oct 3 2008, 10:42 PM']and you want to be banned? or even better have your account play around with your account

how would you like -9999 max vitality[/quote]

Might be fun, im in story mode just now so I don't really care. At least i didn't say he's he one on the right!

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[quote name='Chewett' post='20023' date='Nov 16 2008, 05:11 PM']lol thats a new look. im sure he appriciates you posting this on the forum for us all to see[/quote]

Of course he does. He appreciates me starting this topic. Mur can I have your number? :D

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