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Khalazdad's Vigil


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Khalazdad is currently undergoing a vigil at the Tunnel of War, the edge of the inner sanctum of Necrovion. He doesn't know how long it will take to conclude, but his mission by his own words is both dangerous and vital.

I'm spreading the word about this to encourage support for his progress, in the hope that things might advance more quickly for him.

His mission is dire, and we will pay for his success, but the consequences of his failure will be a lot worse.

He waits with the wind in his ears, and would appreciate any support leant to him in this time.

To show your support a gathering at the Howling Gates may prove effective.


[i]Check both this and the signposts in Marinds Bell, and the top step of the Gazebo of Equilibrium as I update whenever I learn more.[/i]

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In addition to the information above:

He stands behind two huge figures, perhaps of stone and perhaps of flesh. They face the end of an arroyo- a box canyon. There is no way forward, nor is there a way out.

The Wind whispers that what he seeks he shall not find. This he knows, as he lives in paradox. But he has his hands open to be filled with whatever he encounters. The Winds whisper that this is fitting, for something will be discovered.

The main ingredient in this mission is time. And it is needful also that others speak of him. Khalazdad is Dead; he has no will of his own and must therefore hear his name spoken to know he yet lives, must feel the wishes of the People to know what he must do.

As stated before, people are gathering at the Howling Gates to support Khalazdad

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[quote name='stormrunner' post='24718' date='Feb 3 2009, 10:47 PM']speak where and whatever you wish of him the fact you speak of him is enough, though keeping to your manners is always good[/quote]

... I certainly hope you are not implying I lack manners?
I wish to see the Rajj succeed in whatever he does.

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[quote name='Watcher' post='24717' date='Feb 3 2009, 10:36 PM']How, exactly, would we show support?

Speaking of him?
Simply standing and talking at the aformentioned Gates?
If we choose to speak of him in other places, with the effect be diminished or unrecognized?[/quote]
Showing support is not what is needed. Speaking of him is what is needed. It matters not, truly, whether the speaking occurs at the Howling Gates or in Marind's bathtub.

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[quote name='Watcher' post='24721' date='Feb 3 2009, 11:42 PM']... I certainly hope you are not implying I lack manners?
I wish to see the Rajj succeed in whatever he does.[/quote]

of couse not, that was for anyone who may also be wondering and who may forget their manners, if you do remember your manners then clearly you do not fall in with that group

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[quote name='pamplemousse' post='24675' date='Feb 2 2009, 11:24 PM'][b]To show your support[/b] a gathering at the Howling Gates may prove effective.[/quote][Emphasis added.]

[quote name='Grido' post='24700' date='Feb 3 2009, 10:45 AM']And it is [u]needful also that others speak[/u] of him...
[b]As stated before[/b], people are gathering at the Howling Gates [b]to support[/b] Khalazdad.[/quote][Emphasis added.]

I believe you can see why I might be confused.
There are two posts which quite clearly state that those who wish to support Khalazdad's efforts should gather at the Howling Gates. And then, within one of these posts, it is stated that there is a need for others to speak of him.

So, I believe my initial inquiry stands.
However, I will repeat what I have already stated: "I wish to see the Rajj succeed in whatever he does."

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I specified a place as it is the easiest way to group people with the same cause together, Howling Gates was specified as it is the entrance to Necrovion, and also because Khalazdad suggested the place to me.

To show your support speak of him to whoever you encounter, spread the word of what is happening, it does not matter where you speak, the Howling Gates are just where people are gathered.

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any mission that moves people so much is to be supported, ain't it?^^
and we can start opposing whatever he does when the time comes to face whatever he's doing...
if there a new shade war, i'd personally welcome it with open arms, i love everything that happens and changes boring everyday-life in MD =)
still, i'd choose to be on the 'brightling-side', as they were called back then, so i guess i would be among the opposing group... still, i support whatever's going on right now... seems paradox, now that i read through it ^_^

i still support everything he might be doing, even if that means that there will be a new wave of things to oppose rolling on... i even support it when i get things to rant against xD

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Free will dictates you can do as you please Globbo, you may support or oppose the Vigil Khalazdad is undertaking

but whatever happens there will be a change, whether we want it or not, it's the form in which the change happens which we need to be aware of

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[quote name='Grido' post='24757' date='Feb 5 2009, 12:06 AM']Free will dictates you can do as you please Globbo, you may support or oppose the Vigil XXXX is undertaking

but whatever happens there will be a change, whether we want it or not, it's the form in which the change happens which we need to be aware of[/quote]
As of yet, I don't know anything about his mission. I know nothing of this Vigil. What is its purpose? What change does it promote? What change does it prevent?

I am urgently asked to support something I know nothing about, by people who apparently know more than me, yet refuses to share that knowledge. This makes me suspicious. My first reaction is to do the opposite of what is urged.

Yet... that might be exactly what they are trying to make me do. I have no way of knowing.

Until I know more, I will neither support nor oppose him. (Unless you count the minor opposition in not saying his name or being where he asked us to be)

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You are reading to far into this mission of his and placing a spin on it which needs not be there.

'Is it good? Is it bad? Why should I support it when I might want to oppose it?'

First, the concepts of good and bad are completely arbitrary. Is it good for a man to steal bread so that he can feed his family? Is it bad when a criminal is incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit?
What is wonderful for you may be catastrophic for another.

Your choice to neither support him nor to oppose him is for you to make. However, it would seem Khalazdad is looking to break the world of MagicDuel out of the stasis in which it has become trapped. MagicDuel has ceased to change; it has ceased to evolve. I will gladly welcome whatever it is that Khalazdad is going to do or whatever is going to happen because of his actions. The lack of progress this world is enduring is nearly unbearable.

Good? Bad? I make no arbitrary assignments to his actions.
You should keep your mind open and see what it is which will come.

If you oppose this, then I would accuse you of opposing change, and thus, being unnatural.
Bring change, Khalazdad, and bring it quickly.

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Nah, breaking from the lovely roleplaying, Globbo isn't really reading too much into the mission. What his character decides to do shouldn't be compromised by real life hope for MD to change, and besides, his character's opposition isn't necessarily going to oppress anything in terms of entropy; a single character's actions (being Khalazdad's) does not bear the sole responsibility of bringing change. I think it's perfectly reasonable for him to demand more information when masses just commit their support without a second thought.

We love entropy!

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  • 3 months later...

As you all must have noticed, Khalazdad did come out of the Tunnel yet none decided to speak of his adventure. Thus I, his daugher Peace, will tell you of his story there. The story of the birth of a King.

Khalazdad can see the future and the past with equal clarity. This is his curse, part of the price he paid... but another story.

He saw in the future a man, the Destroyer. He could defeat Khalazdad, his most potent defense, with his weakest force. He could shatter an alliance at a thought, even those whose loyalty scores numbered in the tens of thousands.

He saw two ways to stop him, also. The first, a fiery death - he would grapple with the Destroyer, a losing fight given that he was so strong, but he could not resist the chance to fight Khalazdad. And, while he held him in place, fire would rain down on them both...

Death. Mutually assured destruction. A price Khalazdad was willing to pay.

The second way... I cannot speak of it.

He went, thus, into Necrovion to seek the means to make the first come to pass.

He got as far as the Tunnel of War. Do not ask how he came to be there. I will not tell you the way. Before him lay an arroyo - a box canyon, the end blocked by a fall of rocks. Before him there were two guards, facing away.

Whether they were stone or flesh he could not say. He knew he could not move past them, however, nor was there any purpose. He was overcome with stillness. he stood vigil there, meditating, seeking the will to step forward.

In the Outside world, people began to gather and to send him their good wishes and hopes, their recollections. A vigil of many gathered in peace and unity of purpose. It was an astonishing outpouring of love, and Khalazdad felt it. It... changed him...

On the third day of his contemplation, the scales fell from his eyes, and he acquired a will.

He saw two new destinies. he saw - he heard - his own voice. In the world, teaching in a new way. And he saw a circle, a ring, a thing of metal. It might mean nothing... or everything.

And suddenly the blank wall of the canyon seemed to be an illusion. The rockfall was artfully placed to conceal a passage.

Khalazdad decided he would push past the guards there. They faced away, as if to stop exit from necrovion but not entry to it. He would pass them or surpass them, and step into the dark.

But the stone guards turned and spoke to him.

"We are the silent guardians. We are called Left and Right. Left is Yin and I am Yang. I am organization and Right is entropy. Left is riot and entropy and I am the past. I am care and gentleness and Right is bold arrogance. Left reads your mind and I hear your words. I will allow you to pass. What will Right do?"

"Why, Right will let me pass," he said.

Left raised his eyebrows. "You speak quickly, small one."

"The answer is clear, Stone Soldier," Khalazdad said. "If he will bar my passage, then my vigil here has all be for nought. Thus I will not answer that - it is a useless answer. Rather, I will have meaning in the suffering and privation. He will let me pass."

Right and Left both turned away. He walked between them unmolested.

The back of the arroyo was indeed an optical illusion. A narrow passage, a defile, hidden in shadow, lead off to the right. To the Deathmarrow.

He darted down that passage, quickly moving into the heart of the place, where a huge towering thing grew out of shattered earth, the air ringing with the sound of wailing and moaning, as though the huge root were Sheol itself.

A blasted, empty place, a place paved over, a ruin.

He looked around, suddenly at a loss as to where to go next, what to do next. So long the object of his dreams this place, that now he had attained it he was immobile.


He looked around for the source of the sound. There, at the base of the... the plant... two beings. A thin man with a purple silk hat and a monacle. And the Shade Sentinel. The Sentinel fondled a gold crown, very much unlike the one Khalazdad already owned.

"Is he the one?" asked Top Hat.

"He is," said the Sentinel.

"Not very impressive."

"I disagree," said the Sentinel. "Remember he is only flesh and dreams. He will serve. Perhaps even join us one day."

Khalazdad stood like a slave at market, under the stares of dead eyes. Straightening his back, steeling his resolve, he said, "I have come for..."

"We know what you come for," said the Sentinel. "And you shall not have it. Not today. Nevertheless, you shall not leave with nothing."

"Stop your obfuscations and give him the damned crown," said Top Hat. "If he is the one, do it and get him out of here. I cannot abide the smell of their blood."

Before he really knew what was happening, Khalazdad found himself back behind those guards, no real memory of how he came to be there. His head was heavy with a massive, ornamented thing of gold and gems - worth much more than his head, he thought.

What does it mean? How could bear it?

But there with him stood a man - an old, beared fellow, full of sadness and rage. And something else.

SimplyZero was his name. Many know him and of him - but the young forget. When Khalazdad was just a few days old in this place, his story rang out as my Father's does now. A tale of riving.

He went into Necrovion, you see, and came upon the Deathmarrow with vengeance and fury. And for his anger he was split into two. For the shades he slew he was made to give part of his life over as a Shade, connected forever to the underworld.

In his story, Khalazdad learned what he needed to do when Wodin came, when the Shades offered alliance, when he needed to go into Necrovion himself. Had there never been SimplyZero, there would never have been Khalazdad.

He was, as Khalazdad saw, the wellsping from which he flowed.

And Khalazdad went out of that place and into the Desert again where he makes his home to embrace his family, his friends, and those who oppose him.

There ends the tale and begins a new tale...

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