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Is MD Flat?

Is MD flat?  

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I have had this debate with several people, and I only found one who agreed with me.

MD is flat. It is like a folded map of a World where as you move a new section unfolds and the old section folds up, always until you come to the edge.

This is a clear description of a flat world.

And most people say I'm crazy.

So - this is a poll and a topic. please vote...

But also, add an explanation of your opinion to this thread...

I forsee some very interesting results.

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If you look at the pictures of the old site, or those of you old enough to remember, there was a contest once, where people where invited to guess what a winged creature, with his face concealed, was trying to pull out of the ground, or rather was what inside the case it was trying to pull out.

The contest was over and and could see that the case unfolded, to reveal the map of the realm. Since there are no other pieces of lore or proof pertaining to the fact or assumption that MD is round, I believe that MD is flat..

So I answered, probably flat...

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i chose probably flat, as we can't really say it for sure until we know all of it...

but i'd personally like a flat image of our world better, and i think i've once heard that you can see it as a flat world when you are in a dream... not sure, though^^

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errm, to go against the apparent trend i'm going to say ''MD is most likely not flat.'' based on the fact of gravity, gravity naturally pulls things into the central focus, and as this world revolves around principles and of science, it would be fair to assume that the shape of the planet would also, just because we cannot see any further beyond our coastling doesnt mean there is no more there

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the great Atuin (or something) has 4 elephants on it's back, and it's theorised that it's going toward a big mating site this it the big bang theory

but anyway, MD is spherical!

***overtakes Manu's post count on the forum***

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Great A'Tuin (sex unknown) does indeed have four giant elephants on it's back..and they have the Discworld on theirs.

Discworld references aside...this is the sort of thing I was seeking...

I recall the image mentioned and part of my premise is that MD is what we got when the box opened out...But that each flap of the box unfolds in a different direction and each direction in turn unfolds another flap as we change the game.

In which case...Grido is right. How do we explain gravity, which mainly happens in spheres?

:P See, I knew this would be interesting....

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hmm... why explain it with gravity? i never heard of a gravity principle, and we walks this lands as 'ghosts' or 'souls' or something, as far as i remember the story, so we shouldn't have any feeling for gravity...
on the other hand, the lands around us show signs of at least some gravity (books lying around, this hanging down from the ceiling...), but would ANY gravity be enough to push our world of unknown material and stability to a sphere? I guess not...
but i'm not that great in physics, so i might be wrong xD

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[quote name='Chewett' post='24876' date='Feb 7 2009, 10:44 AM']Gravity is easy to exaplain i believe

since any body of mass has gravity i believe that under our ground is a type of metal that is dense enough to have a gravititional force that is large enough that it allows us to walk on this place. however this theory means that unless this layer of metal is resting on another world (box theory) then there could be "things" on the other side of our world.[/quote]

If you want to use gravity as we know it, you'll have to put the center of mass far beneath the surface, to make the gravitational vector as near orthogonal to the surface as possible. And i'd suggest a black hole, that'd be dense enough, and is conform myths in which falling off of a disclike world, you'd fall to your doom.
Of course you'd need some force that keeps the disc from falling towards the black hole. Maybe add a magnetic monopole? (that ought to annoy theorists enough)

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[center]...I dunno what to think, one way or the other...I propose everyone's favorite MD captain make a little journey to see....

*wonders how long such journey would take*

Im sure there plenty of treasure in the unexplored world at any rate.



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