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Archon of Loreroot


Survey for Archon of Loreroot  

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[font="Book Antiqua"][i][b][size=4][size=3][center]The Land of Loreroot came into being under the Kingship of Daniel Raven, it grew from a wild and mysterious land to a thriving place full of vibrant people.

As the Archon of Loreroot, I will bring the Land forth to grow, blossom and flourish. It is my solemn oath to protect Loreroot and all of its people.

With these words, I humbly request your support. Please ask any questions you wish, or provide opinions.[/size][/b][/size]

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while on a personal lvl i have a lot of respect for you raven i think it should be a team thing not a king or ruler thing so i had to vote no on this but if you were to talk about a team of people to run a faction i think it would be better met

just my 2c
The Metal Mage

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[font="Arial Black"]I am BlackThorn, Bard and voice of the Root. To deny that which is true; is to bring maddness into the world. It is not always easy to recognize the truth of a thing even when it is right in front of you. I have studied the Tao for twenty years, and yet I still would not presume to tell others what they should think. But please allow me to simply state my observations of what I know to be true before you make your choice.

Raven is the leader of Loreroot alliance, and as such, has the sworn fealty of both the Children of the Eclipse and the Savelites. He is the leader of the High Council of Loreroot. Raven leads Loreroot. He does so both by his example and by his actions. He has never waivered in his loyalty or service to the Root. Whether he is awarded the title or not, it will change nothing. This vote is about recognizing what already is. Raven is the Archon of Loreroot.[/font]

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BlackThorn speaketh the truth. Raven hath my sworn fealty.

Kragel, honoured metal mage, I have some experience of despotism and democracy and all points between. Tyranny shared among many were still tyranny, though perchance cloak'd in a guise more pleasant to the lowly born. I want none of democracy, nor yet [b]*spits*[/b] of republicanism: give me a tyrant to serve, any day of the week.

All Hail the Archon Raven!

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Loreroot needs a new leader since Nelya is gone, and Raven serves that better than most others...

Democracy sounds clever, but after all, it's a conservative system which hardly ever allows any changes to happen, and if Loreroot doesn't change, it will be left as 'the forest where you can buy water daimons' instead of getting the honor it deserves.

still, i'm not serving anybody, not even yrth =P
but i can easily be convinced to help, no matter if the person in need of help is Raven or a newbie^^

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Sorry Raven,

But i had to vote no. I dont see LR beeing run by a single ruler
it was alway set as a councel and that was how LR was portrade
back in the beginning and to be that is how it should always be.

you becomeing archon meen you no longer need the councel and there
for destroy what LR stood for.

This is just my opinon though.

As from the Golemus and GG front I am sorry but i will not recoganise you as
Archon/kind as this was not atitle from when LR started. GG made all treaty agreement with
LR understanding that you were in charge in the councel but were guided by the councel.

King of Golemus
Golemus Technomage.

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There seems to be a misunderstanding on what Loreroot High Council's role is and what it was and that its still same now as it has been when Nelya was around.

When there was Nelya around she was also like a king well queen and high council was to consult her and help her make decisions but it was still HER that said the last word even if for example whole council would dissagre but that would be very hard to happen.

After Nelya went inactive Loreroot High Council has been given control over Loreroot. Tho with me being leader everything returned as far as it goes for council to what it was when Nelya was around.

So I don't really see whats the problem since High Council will be still there even with me becoming Archon.

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If it means anything to anyone, Raven has my support as well. It seems to me, even though it has already been spoken, that he is already the Archon of Loreroot and only needs recognition to be officially named so. :( Just my opinion

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Raven has always been supportive and helpful to me. Since when I was young he has been a helping hand to many as well. I fully support Raven becoming the Archon. His decisions are always sound and intelligent. Plus he has already demonstrated he is a good leader. A natural selection as far as Im concerned.

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dst i believe there is a reason why raven wants that title now as well as whole high council wants him to get it

yrthilian, you have the your point from that side of view, but that doesnt means that ruler cant have his council, also as much as i see its also will of council that raven becomes archon, just look at who all gave support to him in here, i see bigger part of council gave support to raven or maybe whole council did it (i am not sure who all is part of it), thats how i see it, but maybe i am wrong and you are right, with this i am not attacking your decision and opinion on this matter, i am just commenting it and thus advising that more elements should be looked at

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Well first off I did say it was in my opinion.

I also know that not all of the councel supports this. (but that is not my problem)
Also i canot stop raven becoming Archon. If he does well that is great.

I just pointed out that this was not how :R was viewed in the past. yes nelya was seen
as leader and the final desision was hers. But she never looking to become king/queen.

I became king through my actions i did not ask to be king but was asked if i would like to
be king. To me that is the difrence here. I did not go asking for aproval for my title of king of
my lands it was given. I beleive this was because i have done well and command the respect
of other even thoes out side my allaince.

I am one who fully beleve in earning the title. Now i am not saying aven does not deserve the title
but in asking for it, i dont feel one should ask for such a think. Now it is just a title there is no power behind it or any extra ablities. I am honor as a king because other choose to honor me as such for my land.

So all in all if raven does get the title fair enough and i will be happy for him. But i do not support givin the title to someone if they feel they have to ask for it.

[b]*Again this is just my opinion*[/b]

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Well not all of council members agree fully but they do agree to some point. And majority of it agrees so there is no question in beeing aproved by them.

And there are different ways to become "king" and Mur will use a different one here.

Also I don't think any of my actions are against me in this.

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