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[quote name='Burns' post='33031' date='Jun 8 2009, 06:01 PM']and i'm missing, even though i always kill all guards when i pass by... oh well, Zlei wouldn't know as he's a constantly ally-less mp4 *hehe*[/quote]

You havent ever directly gone for Bob that's why you arn't on THIS list. It doesnt mean you arnt on any other lists I may or may not have....


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[quote name='Jester' post='33063' date='Jun 8 2009, 10:25 PM']Hey, I'm still on the list? I did tell you I'd stop, but if you insist on me being an enemy of Bob I suppose I can oblige. Now to start plotting...[/quote]

I dont think you remember quite what you told me....and i dont think you want me to post it here...


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: Blackwood Forest looks at him and nods
Ledah: *points at Z* He's busy >:D You have to deal with me on your own :D
: Blackwood Forest laughs
Ledah: *burns a twig at the foot of Bob8
: Blackwood Forest grabs the twig, looks at it and smiles sticks and stones...may break no
branch...and flicks the twig back to Ledah
: Ledah puts woodpeckers on Bob alongside him
Ledah: Peck!
Blackwood Forest: oh there my little bird friends *waves once and they all fly away*
: Blackwood Forest grabs a bit of sand and throws it into ledahs skates
Ledah: Uhhh damn
Blackwood Forest: no find you "balance"...
Blackwood Forest: your
Blackwood Forest: ahhh (now find you balance - damn keyboard *g)
Ledah: I prefer Chaos right now
Blackwood Forest: and what is your opposite?
Blackwood Forest: of chaos?
Blackwood Forest: what if I am chaos, too, even if Bob is chaos?
Blackwood Forest: you know equal and equal...makes is even
Blackwood Forest: what is your aggression about Z, and Bob=
Ledah: I call you a copycat :D
Ledah: I hate the thing, it's too... pointy...
Blackwood Forest: me? *looks at him* whatfor?
Blackwood Forest: you have to explain yourself...do i look like Bob=
Ledah: Sure why not?
: Blackwood Forest feels honored
Blackwood Forest: what are you, by the way
Blackwood Forest: I like looking like him, you know, at least better then a big, grey,
fat....ah forget it..
Blackwood Forest: never seen something like this before
Ledah: Hmm
Ledah: I'm a nostalgic, well known for good and bad reasons, oldie
Makichama: *coughs as she passes by* Hi Blackwood.
Blackwood Forest: you are? you dont act like this
: Blackwood Forest waves at Maki
Blackwood Forest: Hi there
Ledah: Eh hem check Veteran list
Blackwood Forest: ( i know, but my char does not!)
Blackwood Forest: ( i have to go sorry)
Blackwood Forest: ill have an eye on you, and watch while moving around the wall, you could
bring it collapse
: Blackwood Forest points at his eyes and then at Ledah

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An old wolf came by yesterday and decided to "slide his claws down the tree but doing no damage" after barging past him boldly to have a look sparrhawk and i deduced there was no damage. He was told not to use the tree as a plaything, as it would more than likely upset other people.
the only thing is, that 4 hours earlier he met z and asked if he was the tree's guardian, z replying who wants to know... it seems the old wolf waited until z was meditating to come and inspect the tree. quite sneaky i reckon...

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Sir Noobalot. Apparently chopped Bob down, just like that, out of nowhere, with a magical axe that apparently came out of thin air....with people standing right in front of him...who obviously wouldnt stop him...obviously. So miraculously Bob was healed...just like that....funny thing that.


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In chat this morning:

: Lazarus tried to kill Bob.


On another unrelated note, I have now had about the 5th person in succession walk up to bob and "chop him down" or "carve their name on him" and then walk off. Now im all for negative RP and feuds and all that but seriously, if you are going to do it, do it properly. Do you know how long it takes to carve something into a Tree? Let alone the fact that there's a 6foot bloke standing there who doesnt want you to do it?

If you just type some statement, you should know by now, I will negate it or ignore you. Im just putting it here in writing so you know the score, because i really cant be bothered to put efort in when no effort has been put in from the other side. If you need help with you RP or you need help "being evil" or anything like that, I will be MORE than
happy to help you, but other than that, what I said stands.


Edited by (Zl-eye-f)-nea
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True Z very true.You can't just make a statement like that : *kills Bob* cuz you just can't.As Z said : it is just ignored.
You need to cover yourself or get an invisible cloak and pass Z first. Then you can try to kill Bob but who knows what other traps might be hidden there? It's not that simple to have a good RP-ing.

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