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I am trying to determine what are the best keywords i should optimize the site for. So ..what is it that you search for on google (for example) when you search for a new game like md?
post your suggestions here and i will see what the positions are for the most suggested of them.
Thank you.

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[quote name='King Manu' post='35818' date='Jun 30 2009, 07:56 PM']just tell what you use, not what you think someone should use...leave the prediction to me, just tell me what you do when searching for such games.


I found the game via banner, so I havent used any keyword so far. I suggest to spread more, not better, just more banners on sides which dont handle games, for example www.myextralife.com and similar sides. It is hard to gain players with search engines...

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[color="#FF0000"][font="Arial Black"][color="#FF0000"][/font][/color][/color]
Awesome! Excellent ! Intriguing ! Unique ! Magnificent ! Extraordinary ! Fabulous !

Fantasy ! Adventure ! Magic ! Quests ! Puzzles ! Secrets ! Fights ! Rituals ! Creatures ! Skills ! Stats ! Weapons ! Shields ! Items ! Lands ! Alliances ! Guilds ! Leaders ! Slaves ! Markets ! Trades ! Unique Items ! Shops ! Boosters ! Secret Features ! Bursts !

No downloads ! Browser Only ! MMORPG ! RPG ! THE MOST UNIQUE ROLE PLAYING GAME EVER ! Unlike every other game you have ever seen !

.... the list could go on forever ! :)

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Free Browser MMORPG alpha (I specifically look for alpha games because I don't like playing games where the other people are already way ahead of me, then I have too much catching up to do)

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I joined not too long ago. I searched for free online mmorpg, browser mmorpg, and flash mmorpg. All of those searches resulted in many other hits before I stumbled across magicduel. I think the only place I heard about magic duel was on a different forum, actually. I was not satisfied with the other mmorpg I found.

I am so far pleased I found MD, but like I said it was because someone told me about it, not because I found it in google search.

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I found the game via banner too.

On a sidenote though.

has anyone thought of setting a facebook or something like that up for the game? I know we tried to get a wiki a while back but that came to nothing.

I have no idea how facebook would work for something like this but it's just a suggestion.

(Sorry about the offtopicness of all that but it was just a thought)


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two Facebook Groups already exist, i dont thing either are run by current players though

could make a fan page, or a third group :)

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hero, demon, myth, roleplay, rpg, magic, duel, magicduel, (obvious), bored, free, flash, online, interactive, players, community, spell, witch, occult, tarot, testing, light, dark, lore, alchemy, mystic, villain, evil, angel, devil, game

I dunno, and probably a lot more.

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