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Earth Elemental


Earth Elemental?  

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i'm sure that a lot of the players here have played Magic some time, or at least heard of it, so my suggestion will sound familiar to most of you: a wall-creature!

-insanely hard to train
-insanely strong on high level
-unable to attack

why earth elemental? because i couldn't think of a better form for it, open to suggestions^^
why Marind Bell? because i think that mp3 need to have access to strategic creatures, else they won't ever learn how to fight with anything but brute strenght...

lvl 1:

seemingly just a stone, it has a strange aura emitting from it... and it seems to gather no moss? maybe you should keep it and see what happens...

not useable in combat, therefore stats don't matter...

req: age 3

[u]Dusty Stone[/u]

it seems as if his aura has drawn little particles of dust onto his surface... it seems to glow from inside, though...

still not useable

req: age 8

[u]Pile of Stones[/u]

after carrying the little stone with you for over a week, it seems that its aura has been strenghtend by the heat of your soul, and now it definitely glows in a faint brown color and radiates a certain pull to other stones. does it really hide in a pile of his comrades? and is it's pull strong enough to be used in combat?

finally useable
VE 1200
def 30

no attacks
aura: [wall] all enemies targeting single target this creature

req: 50 wins
3000 xp
20 age

[u]Stone Sphere[/u]

the heat of the battle fuels your special little stone, and it's glowing in bright red by now... which you can unfortunately not see because it has gathered more, larger stones all around itself, revolving around the red stone in the centre. Its defensive abilties have improved and it's now able to pull even more enemies on itself

VE 2500
def 80

aura [wall] all enemies targeting single or multi target stone sphere
[x-large] this creature blocks 1 slot in addition to the one it needs itself

(multi-hitters hit that creature 2 times, with no chances to miss because of too little targets)
(block a slot is not the same as being in that slot, the creature still only counts ONE slot as it's own, the other one is just not useable, an empty slot)

req: 150 wins
12.000 xp
65 age


as it grows older and gains more experience in battle, the stone grows larger and starts to glow yellow. It seems as if it had a spirts of its own by now, and you notice that it tries to take an almost human shape, but it fails to control its power in such style...
as it can't form the shape it wants, it piles his stones up into a wall-like shape, protecting its master and the creatures that fought so many battles at its side

VE 5000
def 200

[wall] all enemy creatures target Wall, and no other creature, regardless of their usual targets
[xxl] this creature blocks 2 extra slots

(multis hit Wall 3 times, all hit Wall 6 times) <- that's why it has such a high VE

req: 300 wins
50.000 xp
130 age

[u]Earth Elemental[/u]

it finally managed to take a shape, though not the one it wanted to. It found out that the human body, which it wanted to achieve for itself, was weak and easy to destroy, and decided to copy the looks of a grasan instead. its aura grew even stronger, and it's now able to manipulate the enemies creatures in strange ways. if you look very closely, you can see a faint white glow radiating from its belly, where it assumed that Grasans had their brains.

VE 6000
def 350

[wall] all enemies creatures target the Earth Elemental
[xl] this creature blocks 1 extra slot
[aura pull] this creature makes single-targting enemy-auras target Earth Elemental

(multis and all-attackers hit Earth Elemental with 2 hits(!!), not 6 times like on lvl 5) (consider this a weaker form of the no-multi-spell)
(auras like freeze and anti-freeze hit Earth Elemental. it absorbs two auras of each kind, any auras exceeding those two target normally and consider both the slot containing Earth Elemental and the slot blocked by Earth Elemental as empty. auras like vampiric aura, levelscare etc. are not affected. edited the aura-pull due to drachorns, they shouldn't have another extra-chance by their anti-freeze, two anti-freezes from your possible drachorns /tokens are taken from your drachies and added on your wall [tweaking its power down a bit])


all upgarde costs should be low, between 2 and 5 k VE and VP, making it available to all players

all levels have saccing values of 1 def per 20 wins, lvl 5 and 6 give 1 luck per 100 wins, and lvl 6 gets 1 EI per 30 won battles in addition to the old boni

DISCLAIMER: this creature's levels 3-4 are designed to aid people on their first steps and can be knocked out extremely fast ONLY IF they figure out what to do against it, that's the point!
level 5-6 are strong enough to make it valueable for older players, too, but have some good age requirements on them to make them hardly available for mp3 unless they are doing power-fighting, and those people would hardly need walls anymore ;)
I'm not sure if Mur can/wants to do such auras, or even wants a wall with such powers, seeing the tree which is already implemented, but it's just an idea ;)

I guess the advantages for each stage of the game, whether for starters or for veterans, are balanced by the drawbacks of blocking more than one slot, its insane VE combined with the fact that eles hit it two times per round, and the unability to do anything but being there.

i'll frankly admit that i don't care for your opinions, and dislike approval- or disapproval-posts, that's what the stupid poll is there for...
however, if you think you have a few useful thoughts to add, please post =)

oh, and i'm aware of the fact that this might cross with Udgards Golem-idea, but i haven't heard anything about the Golems powers and think that he wants another drachorn-like damager... and as i've already stated, this stone-idea was just the first picture and description that jumped to my mind, if you find better solutions, post them^^

if you place more than one of those creatures of the same level in one rit, one of them will be hit randomly, if you place different levels, the highest will protect lower ones just like any other creature (the aura grows stronger with each upgrade)

edit-history: grammar and spelling-issues, 'more than one wall'-clarification, upgrade-costs + disclaimer, 'blocked slot'-clarification, general language-check-up and clarifications on hits, aura-pull, saccing, tweaking aura

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  • Root Admin

What about the problem of it having high ve for what you have to do for it, Think about Mp3 people. You just ferry a couple of these crits over, and then any single attackers are pretty much done for.

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not when they know how to use weaken defence, you might notive that lvl4, which is the last an mp3 should normally reach, is a perfect target for grasan 2, which should be quiet common on mp3 as well... it gets hit twice per strike, therefore losing it's def quiet fast and will then get beaten to pulp easily and fast, at least that's the intention ;)

and if people really want to go for god-mode in mp3, they don't really need a wall XD

and i forgot to add one thing: all upgrade costs should be neglectable, no more than 5k VE and VP, so that weaker players can actually get a level on which the creature makes sense, i'll edit that into the initial post...

this creature is for weak players

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[quote][aura pull] this creature makes enemy-auras target Earth Elemental[/quote]

and with "any aura" you mean freeze ;) or is it even meant to drain the beneficial auras (creature boost, morale, etc) from enemies?
you have limited the aura pull to 2 auras, but counting as 2 slots it still has a 1/18 chance to block any additional freezes. (level 5, while not having the aura pull, has a 1/6 chance to 'catch' additional freezes). one strenght that seems to be disguised as weakness is that by potentially catching multiple steal lifes (diminishing returns ;)) it protects the VE of other creatures, even more so because it is the first to get damaged and will have less VE than the others. [edit: also, counting as 2 slots means it would get double stats (=def) from your profile, so it will take some more time to weaken it]

anyway, i can definately see its uses and think it's an interesting idea.
(it's a creature idea... you know i have to comment it ;) )

Edited by Nex
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interesting thought, but the creature is not intended to BE in more than one slot, just to BLOCK more than one slot (regardless of the question whether it would seem a fitting artwork for the creature to be displayed in more than one slot O_o), it still counts only as one creature intentionally and would therefore don't have increased chances of catching a freeze, which is of course the aura i had in mind^^
it would also not get doubled influence, a full rit with lvl 5 wall would mean that every creature gets 1/4th of the influence-stats... i thought htat was obvious, i'll add it above...

and no, it shouldn't be able to 'pull' friendly auras, just the hostile ones (specially freeze) and whatever else is out there waiting for us xD

( your post was really helpful after all, thanks :D)

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Its an interesting idea, it introduces several concepts to the combat system, which can be easily abused and lead to several bugs.. but so do most creatures, I like the direction your going with it but perhaps more detailed information on all aspects of it I can find more to comment on and critize :P

What interests me is the results on mp3 combat the introduction of this creature will have, it would be one of the defences that players put up as a hazard to others due to heat.. And also the addition of this creature kinda makes others more or less.. useless and makes the entire targeting system pointless leading people to focus on all and multi (then again they already do :P ) .. Not to mention sacrifice vaule of this creature...

Keep at it though ;) , this creature seems to show more promise than certain other ones that have been .. released...

(this is just my opinon :P )

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Make everyone use multi and all? That's probably because there's NO reason to use single on a hitter when you can target all. Also Burns, what he meant by the 1/18 chance to "catch" a third freeze is this. Three birds, first two freezes automatically hit the wall, third one looks for a target and has a 1/3 chance to hit an empty spot. Assuming that it does hit one of the two empty spots it then has a chance to hit the other empty spot, (a 1/5 actually, since it says it will target a DIFFERENT spot, he was assuming 1/6, easy error). 1/3*1/5=1/15 chance to "catch" a third freeze. Not a great chance, but it's there. Of course for a case with four birds it gets more complicated. Obviously the max number of crits frozen would be three, minimum 1. One would of course have a 1/225 chance. And seeing as the wall doesn't do anything it's being frozen obviously doesn't really matter, but still. Chances of three being frozen is 14/15 from the third bird multiplied by the chances from the fourth bird. The fourth bird having a 2/6 chance to miss the first hit and then (here's where things get a little fuzzy, is a frozen critter considered an empty spot? I don't think so, but I don't know for sure), assuming it misses it'll have a 2/5 chance to miss again. There's also the 1/6 chance that it hits the critter frozen by the first and doesn't get to try again. Which is a more complicated situation so... I'm going with a 26/30th chance to hit, but then multplying the 5/6 for the possibilty of hitting the frozen critter for a .72222 chance to freeze the third critter, which depends on the 2cnd critter being frozen so, it's a .72222*4/5ths overall chance for 3 critters to be frozen for a .57777777777 chance that 3 critters a frozen. .41777777777777 chance or so for 2 critters being frozen against a 5 critter wall rit when four birds are used.
I'm oddly bored. And I don't even know that bit with the last is correct as I've never taken a stats class and don't really know how to do that. Anywho, I'm also assuming that a bird targetting a critter already frozen doesn't target again.

So, do auras that target all the opponents (say the UPs if it actually worked, or the TS) What happens there? Only the critter in the same slot as the wall get the bonus? And it only hits once? That seems like it may be a bit overpowered.

Also, the wall seems a bit overpowered. It counters the freeze a bit in that, this wall isn't actually affected if it's frozen, and it takes two freezes off the field. Then, it'll take hits that would normally kill an entire ritual and give the others another turn to live. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but throwing two walls into a ritual would almost be necessary with tokens as they are. It'll take two hits, and pretty muchly make a bird rit entirely useless. Sure, it takes 4 slots, but gives you two slots you can almost be sure will get a chance to hit.

Of course their really aught be a better counter to rusties and birds. Eh, I like it, except for the taking all hostile auras.

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@ granos: sadly enough, singles are desperately undervalued currently, and i'd hope that people would use them again and stop to use their brains about init, too, to set a rit that does the right things in the right order (eg. first life steal, then weaken, then attack) instead of relying on freezers and chaos archers...
and i didn't know taht i was allowed to bring up all values for the creatures, i thought we were just giving outlines of our ideas so Mur could consider them XD
i'll work on that, so you have some more things to critize =P

@ guy: that's the idea of it, yep
and thanks for the all-targeting-aura hint, they shouldn't be able to absorb those, i'll edit that^^

Edited by Burns
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you think i'm giving up like that? NOO...

the further people are pushing the use of tokens and crit-boosts, the more interesting this thing seems to me, since it will take the claw3 first strike-kill off the field and give people a realistic chance to fight back, if they have nice ideas and invest enough VE... people should be able to make something of that, specially since token-users invest 0 def and VE in their rits most of the time...

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I like the idea though this could be abused. I guess a creature that follows the rules of the card wall of shadows is out of the question :P . Though I do enjoy the possibility of this creature. It would involve a lot of new coding I would suggest and recommend a way to bypass the wall. I mean in magic the main perpouse of a wall is to block incoming creatures from the ground and make you struggle with only elements of attack from the air. I would suggest making the wall only be able to block single attacking creatures. Multi would act like trample one attack to the wall and one to the creature behind. Then all would well im lost for this one.

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300V! Charged, off table!

Reanimated due to increasing 'I hit you once and you are dead'-problem caused by angiens.
Possible new idea: Multi targeters can't kill wall if it has more than max VE, all-targeters can.
Being hit by a multi causes the Wall to drop to 1000 under max, next multi would kill it since it's not over max anymore.

Alls or Singles with enough damage can still always kill walls.

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