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I have no idea how it happened, and I don't think she does either, but yesterday she showed up dead, like in torch contest...no land, and she hasn't been resurrected to GoE...I'll post more when she gets online and I get to talk to her

[attachment=1023:Lup is dead!.jpg]

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umm, can i asked why you made this without knowing apparently anything about it?

dead? what do you mean? i see several broken links for a playlist on her public profile, but that's it

EDIT: right, thanks for the eidt in after i posted

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She Role Played killing her self, its not a bug it was something that was done to her intentionally, perhaps people should consider their actions before acting as you never know who is watching... This is not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last..

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So, say someone gets Kittiness's password, for example, and kills herself, the same way, the same thing happens to her, and no one discovers that her account was being used by someone else. She logs in to find her account dead, as Lup is. Everyone believes she killed herself in RP, but she insists that she didn't. Would it not be undone?

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Don't listen to Granos. It's a bug all right.
But we need more info. Like:
-did she played torch?
-did she logged in since then and her account was ok?
And anything else that can help discover what has happened.

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Now there are only a few ways to die in MD, and given the mechanics of her Character state it is not just some generic bug, it is a forced event.

She was active after the torch contest so that is out
There isn't some secret landwar test going on so that is out
Also when a player does die in such cases there would be a a land affiliation such as no mans land..

This was the result of someone doing this intentionally to this character.

If you feel the need read these logs [attachment=1027:lupdeadatGoC.txt]

Unless someone has information in which to base this as an actual bug, it is not one.

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seems like a very murry thing to do...
stumbling across exceptionally bad roleplay, he makes her wish come true XD

as the old folks always told you... be careful with your wishes, they might be heard...

it seems as though it's not a bug, but we can't tell for sure... could someone try a summon or a throw to GoE spell on her to see what happens? it should most probably not work on 'killed by Magic'-corpses, but i think it worked on normal torch corpses during the test...

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Yeah I remember Lup's death... A whole bunch o' us were there playin CSI :P

Anyway afterwards Mya and I were up at RH having a chat about Lup (and I think we mentioned something about burying her) when she showed up. We clicked her name a few times - Mya's screen showed a couple of errors, mine showed she was dead - then the next thing all three of us (Mya, Lup's corpse and myself) are transported to Gazebo of Chaos!

Lup is either a bug or a "Bloody Mary" whose spirit is evoked if you say her name...
We didnt stay in the gazebo to find out where she would take us next.... Waaaay Creepy!


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