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Diposing Yrthilian As King Of Golemus Golemicarum



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I'll say this openly as I've told a few of you in private, I swear no fidelity to any person, rather my loyalties lie with the land. Also this is not a bid for king position. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to preside over GG, but now is not my time for such a thing. I will do what I must to protect the land I love.

Also on a side note I think any who should be attempting to take over the king's position shouldn't be content with just being a figure in the background, if you are so offended, step forth, otherwise sit back, but you won't get my vote when the time comes, if the time comes.


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Ah YIM wars,

they always come out dont they.
I beleve thoes that need them are weak and have no
other reasion to use them other than to prove they
are weak.

This i could have done a long time ago to prove argument and to bring
this to the front but i am one who does not beleve in useing out of game
thing for ingame issues.

Grido I asked you why you did not do as you said you would.
your responce was one in the same.
Freindship. 1. in RL so i had to ignore that
2 Friendship to pamps in game character wise.

Since Pamps chose to be on the side of the enemy this ment you decided to take
the side of the enemy and do nothing to interfear. Yes peace dictated terms of
returning the allaince to me but with a price.

Yes for other reasion i chose not to agree to the terms. As thoes terms would
meen steping down from defending the land i love. Someof my choices may have been
bad some i truly belive to be corect. As you prove my point in such.

I will not nor will i ever step down as king i do not run a hide.

Yes the allaince has been taken and abused by the enemy and i will reveng that
The paroina you speak of. Well as you staed RL stuff interfeard with ingame stuff
when in essence it should not have but it did because you didnt want the hassel of it.

If an advise stated they will not help because they are friends of the enemy. what should
i do sit there and allow the enemy to have such a powerfull tool/ally withing my own ranks.
you have taken all of this way to persionaly and in such use RL and YIM to make your points.

Well you can argue all you want and complain all you want. Golemus is a land i hold dear to me
what i have doen is no more worse than anyother have done in the realm. BUT at least i roleplay it
and react as such that my character would do. Do you prefer i take the action i did and make it
public before you come back online.

Below is the PM sent to Grido

Declaration from the King of Golemus to Grido

This scroll is to inform you that you have been
band from entering the land of Golemus by Order
of the king

This desision was not made litely. But this was
decided as your loyalties do not lie with Golemus
and its allainces. During time of war you decided
you friendship with some of the enemies showed you
cannot be trusted to help defend the land or its

There for I have decided you are no longer welcome
in the land of Golemus and are now outcast from the

This order has been carried out by
Yrthilian King of Golemus
The Golemus technomage.

This again is an ingame message NOT YIM nor form attackes.
I Believe if my people had issues as to my choices they would come
to me and speak of it as they have always been welcome to do so
and i have always listened.

If they do not come to me with it beeing an issue then
i would have to beleve there is no issue.

I care for Golemus the land and the allaince.
I have always listend when spoke to on matters and on
how peole wish to have things. But i am not going to say
all my choices were corect but i stand by them.

This backer if they wish to speak let them speak but have the B***S
to do it. For if you want me seat as you seem to want then be brave
and stop playing behind orther ans useing them a puppets.

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I will say my opinion on this:

Grido refused to fight for his land when his king asked it, because he was friend to the land enemy, therefor the king saw a threat in Grido and his trust vanished so he took measures to defend the land and stop the enemy to enter it and it's deep and secret places.
Grido now acts from anger and revenge so the reason is a lame one for a king disposal request.

The so called ..whoever is asking to be king is a [i][b]COWARD[/b][/i] [i]why?[/i] because when you want power you have the power to defend yourself and fight for what you want and believe, don't put someone else to take it for you. Therefore this 'want to be a king' being a [b][i]COWARD[/i][/b] has no rights to ask the kingdom :P he will for sure hide under one soldiers shield and ask for compassion.

[size="1"]Now you can start press the - voting button as i see you are not reading and [b]THINKING[/b] before pressing you use that feature just for releasing anger :D


[/size][/b][size="2"]As for Peace : she was announced that Khals soul will get hurt[b] right after[/b] she took the alliance and she did nothing. The next days she still did nothing but to say she will not give back the alliance and she wants a new king or Yrthilian to step down . Days past war came war ended alliance was in her hands so Yrthilian did as he announced .

now please, tell me were is the problem?

[b]1.[/b]That Yrthilian did what he said he will if he will not get his alliance back (also because of Wodin's crits)
[b]2.[/b] Or that Peace done nothing against it ..a plan something? and now she cry's?

here i try to understand why the frustration thrown at Yrthilian only? ok he may did wrong, but the anther party did so , in my eyes there are even more: they have/had more power and more allies never used them . ALso a big mistake i won;t discuss in here which led Peace to take the alliance.


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Yrth, the same as I don't appreciate the anonimity of someone with such a lofty claim, I also do not appreciate trying to provoke, and use fear mongering to either harm such a person or try to give them a reason to cloak their identity. Again, this is not going against GG, in fact this is quite the opposite... What happened to respect and decency, even at a time of war? How is it that so many lose their composure? This whole thing is begining to piss me off, and I really am about to throw my hat into this political ring if you all don't take a moment at look at how foolish you all are acting... For goodness sake, you're tarnishing a great land's namesake.

To Yrth, I know what I'm saying is heavy, but you could ban me from GG, and ban me from my ship, I could care less because where there's a will there's a way, and should anyone try and stifle mine, they will get burned. That is advance warning.

This is not what I want to see in a king that I am to be affiliated with... please, for the sake of the image of ~OUR~ land, show some decency to the other inhabitants of the island... A king is a king because he has the respect of the people.

~Captain Cryxus X'hal

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Is that powerful backer Metal Bunny?

Moving on. I think a better reason to not have disposed of the Sentinels would be that
1. It would not have helped, then instead of the sentinels killing KoB it would have been the CoE. It's really not that hard to click accept.
2. Using a glitch that can not be stopped in any way shape or form to destroy an alliance is not appropriate. It's ridiculous. The control system for alliances are screwed up enough as it is without adding glitches that can automatically destroy alliances/allow you to take them with ludicrously low loyalty. Really, if this is considered an acceptable method than we may as well just elect DST and IAB emperors of the game and allow every glitch known. Oh, and I'll be happy to shove off at that point.

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I am greatly disappointed with you, Yrthilian. Not just as a person but as a King as well. I may not wear a crown for being a Princess, I may not be the leader within the Necrovion Sentinels, but even as an individual without any badge of any alliance, my people listen to me and respect me. That has to mean something, doesn't it?

A true King, like my Father was, would be more than just pleased to have his alliance being run by the people he trusts. A King rules, yes, but he can rule even without having an alliance. I had all the good intention of returning the alliance to the land, but I would hand it to someone that I and the people (note: Not just the Necrovion people) would at least approve. But even that was not enough for you.

You are losing your mind. The love you have for your crown, not the land but the crown, has made you blind and made you turn your back to your true allies and friends. I pity you.

I vote that you step down as a King, for I believe that your mental state is unstable and it can trully harm the people of the land if it hasn't already with the actions you have taken so far.

As for Grido, Necrovion offers him sanctuary, just like we did to Raven when you had him exiled as an outcast from his lands. I do not say that I support his desicions. But I do support the desicion of not following a King's command when you see that the King is wrong.

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  • Root Admin

I will not comment too much on what i think regarding the recent situation between grido ans yrth, there are plenty to do that.

In RL when your president does things you don't like, you can organize a hit or a revolt, you can do pretty much whatever you like, question is, will you succeed?

I want to say some things that only i can say regarding this.

Public opinion is a powerful jury. Here in MD votes will not count as number but as value, so if you plan on doing a voting thing, then you will have to send them to me, with _strong_ reasons, and your personal reputation will count as the vote weight.

Having an anonimous ruler is out of the question, don't even bother with this idea, sorry. You want to be anonimous so that you have power but NO responsability? A ruler must have the guts to apply correct measures both to foes and friends, if you fear that because of a friendship situation you will not be able to be a correct ruler, then you are not for this role.

Yrth had so far a just behaviour in my own view, but he is not gg as a personal favor, nor is anyone else in his position, so his seat there as a king is under same rules as anyone else. Shacking a king off his throne can't be done out of personal frustrations or grudge. The position as a king of a land has to be SOLID or future kings will not be able to reinforce their decisions because they will risk to be stoned by their people, so think well before attempting such a takeover, a king is not an ally leader.

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Grido did not join the other side in the war. He remained neutral. Now, from what I remember, Yrth and Grido were SUPPOSED to rule GG TOGETHER. If Grido doesn't attack someone, does that mean he won't defend against them? The whole war took place in Necro, far from GG. I think stripping Grido of his powers was the wrong thing to do, and he should have them given back.

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[quote name='cryxus' date='27 September 2009 - 06:16 PM' timestamp='1254071778' post='42953']
To Yrth, I know what I'm saying is heavy, but you could ban me from GG, and ban me from my ship, I could care less because where there's a will there's a way, and should anyone try and stifle mine, they will get burned. That is advance warning.

This is not what I want to see in a king that I am to be affiliated with... please, for the sake of the image of ~OUR~ land, show some decency to the other inhabitants of the island... A king is a king because he has the respect of the people.

~Captain Cryxus X'hal

Cryux I would not even try to stop you gain acess to your ship.
Yes much has gotten out of hand and what is done in game is done in game.
I do not use out of game thjngs to make anyone do anything.

This is a game of roleplay. I have done as a king and as a player would do.
I use the same tactic used agenst me yet i am the tryant for useing them.
It if funny how such thing can be used by one side and not allowd to be used by the other.
why is this?

I have no bullied people into doing anything i have not
openly told anyone or behind the back of other to make people do thing.
I openly told Peace of what would happen. So i stuck by what i said i would
do and did it. This was in part for persional reasion to yrthilian in game.
In that action i agree is becomming of a king but hey kings are human too.

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I am just a simple fighter, of no big importance. But if you ask me, there is no king of golemus. Titles in general mean nothing, or little at all to me.

As such, I can only say that I do not support yrthilian, however I do not supposed the so called new king either, because he's not revealing himself.

As for Grido: I see why he banned you, Grido, however that was harsh. His own choice to declare war led to the current fiasko (yes, it's that to me), and letting it out on subordinates isn't exactly the best way to go, only cutting down on what he has. And speaking of kingship..having a crown will stay a crown, although it can turn out to be an exiled king. Honestly, the way he is doing it I wonder just how much more damage there will be until this war finally ends.

As for yrthilian: Now go, ban me as well if you want for voicing this. Not like I actually have access to Golemus anyways, like Grido used to. However I agree with Cryxus here: Don't mistake your own power too much, for every person is mortal in the end, even if ending it is a sin in itself. Do not blame me if I step aside if you do not trust me; I defended at the Stone of Twisted Souls for you because it is my duty as a Golemian, not because it was my will, as I declared neutrality.

As for the so called new king: As long as you lurk in the shadows you are not fit to be one. I will not support this.

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Yrth, i quoted that because i wanted to show our brief convesation about you telling me what you did, at no previous point did you even hint that you will do this, if i recall when i gave you the rl explanation and you asked for the in game one i said "well i'm friends with her in game as well" which to me, is a loose reasoning, due, mainly to the fact i didnt really have an in game reason, and you wanted one off me. you then responded quite normally "guess it'll have to do" or something.

Not interfering, isn't taking the other side, i think it's referred to as being neutral...

I do not ask you to step down as King, Yrth, that is why it's called diposing, removing you as king. In fact, you know what? stay king. But be a king of no land, a king of no support, go look for other lands to rule. Golemus is not yours anymore.

You're saying i let rl interfere because i didn't want the hassle of a friendship being messed up?

I told you when i stopped my plans, well you started the yim to me, but within a few hours anyway, it was public, i at no point gave any information regarding anyone else's plans regards this, and if you dont know me well enough to believe me, ask anyone else i communicate with, i do not share information i havent been told i'm allowed to. I was being neutral, and in no way acted against you, it was my idea to take the alliance, which i told you about, it was my plan to end, which i did.
Yrth, you're saying you wouldn't take it personally? because if you say that, you're a liar.

Do you believe that i don't hold the land dear to me also? Why do you think i am doing this? I do it for the best interests of the land. Just because i appreciate ooc friendships? you would punish me for that? We might like to play our characters entirely in game or character, but the truth is, if you talk to people ooc then other things get involved, am i sorry for that? no.

Did you at any point indicate this would happen? No. You gave me no warning or notification or anything else until i recieved that message, and then asked about it, you act too rashly that you would do this without even mentioning it to me.

You ask for it, then we will see those who object you come forward, perhaps they didnt do it before because going against what you say can get them exiled?

Let me be clear here, it was i who asked around about this, i asked the backer with regards to this, i asked their support, which they gave to me, irregardless of them becoming king or not. Regardless, this thread is to dipose you as king, not to elect a new one.

@Peace, I am a Golemus lad, so i will have to decline your offer.

@Mur, the thread here is to dipose Yrth, there will be another topic as regards whether there would be a new king, with regards to him being secret, he wouldnt be a secret leader, he is just secret for now and will reveal himself shortly due to such argument against the anonimity of him. Also, to re-itterate, this is not me wanting to be king, nor is this thread about a new king.
A king is only king if the people accept him as king, without the people's backing they have no power and the title is meaningless.

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LOL i get one prsion exiled

and you all cry about me getting someone else exiled.
With Grido it was an ingame thing.

I have ALWAYS said come speak with me if you have issues if you did not then you must not have had issues.

Yes Grido this was your plan
and no i didnt not give you warning of what the out come would be
you stood back brogt Peace to Golemus and happly trotted up to the capitiol with the enemy
so what you say is a load of BS

If people feel they dont want a king of Golemus fine.
But i will never be off the land.

Shadowseeker as i said the cryux. I have no intencion of stopping you beeing on Golemus
it is an ingame issue that yrth has with Grido and showing his loyalties.
Grido should have known something would happen for his reasion give when asked for a reasion he decided to walk away from the war
that he was part of at the time. so making the plan and beeing involved and stopping and walking away states you turn your back on Golemus.
to start taking part and walk away is not doing thing for the land. Also you never stated you had an issue untill you walked away
remember it WAS your plan and i agreed to the idea.

As it is i will not be off of the land there is always a way in.
As is the case for all laldns. If you all decide to vote and DO it proper.
I know it will be inacted as per the rulling.
Removing people from the land well that is your choice.
Golemus was a very quiet land before.

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This is concerning the dissenting party, though I certainly still feel that both sides are going about this the wrong way.

I must express my distaste at the anonimity the this "backer" is still clinging to. If (s)he wishes to see yrth overthrown, step forth, voice your complaints, or please sit back and let others handle it, as they seem to be without your aid for all I know. Those who cannot stand and fight for what they believe in shouldn't expect others to do it for them. Be prepared to lead by example, or be prepared not to have the backing of others who see weakness in your character for letting others fight your battles for you. I understand your reasons, but I do not respect them. A leader should be cautious, but when the time is right he must not show weakness.

As for Yrth, asking someone to attack a friend, and then punishing them for not doing it is more than a bit harsh, as king you should be thinking of the backlash this may create. Keeping the loyalty and faith of your subjects should be among the top priorities of a king.

Both sides... please, I implore you to think on your actions a bit more, as stop being so selfish. The last thing GG needs is a selfish king to tarnish it's good name, which hasn't happened yet, but if the course continues it may just be the case. I am posting this as advice, take it or leave it.


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Well, the powerful backer is no longer anonymous. It’s me.

I remained anonymous in the start because I wanted to get support first and a solid place to start from. I wanted to know what other people thought first.
Now I do. If you think that doing this anonymous from the start was a mistake and it makes me a coward, then that’s your opinion.
But the fact that I came forward this soon, should say enough. I have no intention of gaining power without the responsibilities. I do not shirk from them.

I supported Yrthilian in the past, because I thought he would be a good leader, perhaps even, better than me. For those who don’t know, after Wodin left, savelfuser, yrthilian and I were the leaders. After savelfuser left I supported yrthilian because at that point, I had little ambition or enthusiasm to help govern the alliance. I was busy being mp6 and RPC back then.

That was a long time ago and for a long time I noticed the GG alliance grow, bit by bit. But I also saw it stagnate. I waved them off, these things happen.
Then, things suddenly started escalating.

GG had fought in two wars in a short amount of time, causing much suffering, not just for the enemies, but for the inhabitants of GG as well. Tales of friendship, /regardless of ingame or irl/ that suffered.
Yrthilian allowing KoB to take necrovion slaves. Despite what my really outdated and old description says, I am currently against slavery.
I noticed the unjust treatment of Marvolo, son of a very good and legendary friend, Khalazdad.
I also noticed that Wodin Ullr was a lifeless and silent husk of what he used to be. A good friend.
I then heard from yrthilian himself about ripping the cube apart.
I express extreme regret about not having stopped him nor making any attempt at doing so.
I was not at the scene at the time, I missed the gate.
But having Khalazdad as another lifeless slave cannot be condoned in my opinion.

Yrthilian writes this off as a YIM war. You want roleplay?
The reasons I gave are roleplay enough. In fact, I do not list as reason the YIM war, what I list as a reason is yrthilian casually dismissing his 2nd in command. What’s that about? Complete and total exile? If you are willing, as a roleplayer, to sacrifice a good man’s innocent soul, the soul of a good friend and father to many, the soul which was given to Wodin in /good trust/, just to reclaim power, then you are not a good and just king. Then you are not my king. Then you are nothing but a man hell bent for power.
If you roleplay that, you roleplay a paranoid man.

You know me and most of the other active RPC’s know me.
I am objective and often neutral.
But GG is my homeland and I will not stand by any longer to watch how GG suffers.

I am not saying that I would be a good leader.
What I am saying is that yrthillian in my eyes, has proven himself to be inadequate as a leader.

What about me?
I do not wish to be king. Regardless of whether or not I would become king or not, I will first and foremost be Emperor of Bunnies.
But the bunnies are inhabitants of GG as well and if GG suffers, then they suffer as well.
If I were allowed to lead the alliance, I would do what should have been done.
Get peace, concentrate more on the interior, give Wodin his just respect and lay his weak body to rest.
I would be far more inclined to call for diplomacy, instead of war.
I would keep the foundations of the GG alliance true.
Instead of researching many things in my lab somewhere hidden in GG, I would strive to make my alliance to look far more like the MR alliance, which in my opinion is a true fighter’s alliance, like Wodin would have wanted.
Before yrthilian became king he was a researcher, a scientist. Tell me, how does a researcher lead a fighter’s alliance?

But that is what I would do if I were to gain leadership.

My main intent is to make sure that yrthilian does not gain leadership. If someone more suited to the task becomes the leader, then so be it, I do not mind.

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[quote name='cryxus' date='27 September 2009 - 07:16 PM' timestamp='1254075379' post='42980']
As for Yrth, asking someone to attack a friend, and then punishing them for not doing it is more than a bit harsh, as king you should be thinking of the backlash this may create. Keeping the loyalty and faith of your subjects should be among the top priorities of a king.

Sorry Cryux just to clear that poitn i hate having to go back on my word of not posting.

Grido told me of this plan and said he would do it.
I did not ask him to do it in the first place.
The he backed out of it. RL is suppose to be seperate from in game

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[quote]Yes Grido this was your plan
and no i didnt not give you warning of what the out come would be
you stood back brogt Peace to Golemus and happly trotted up to the capitiol with the enemy
so what you say is a load of BS[/quote]
err, i'd like to see where you did warn me? that was after i'd already stopped being involved that i was in Golemus with her, you said you'd kill her if she was there again, it didnt happen again....(note invited onto land, not alliance) and making it quicker for her is what i'm now being accused of? she couldve just walked through the Lab after all. And please elaborate on this BS you speak of, truly, i want to know in what way i acted against the land, Peace (who couldve gotton to Golemus without my help) and i, were literally just sitting on top of Kelle'tha, both idle.

Again, you seem to be punishing me for ooc relations....being friends with people irl is a crime now? you asked for an ig one so i stated something quickly and lamely, in yim i might add.

One rule for me and another for everyone else? Other people oppose something, and you do nothing, i do it and i get exiled?
Inaction isnt the same as turning my back, you need a better dictionary.

I may have phrased something badly in a previous post, but i don't believe i stated having an issue with what i was doing, my issues come from saying that i wont do it anymore and then you exiling me.

I have shown nothing but loyalyy in the past, you know this.

rl is SUPPOSED to be seperate from the game, but can i help it if i cannot seperate my feelings, or if another can't? You are punishing me for an inaction due to a rl reason which you asked for an rp reason for. i did not have one, so i offered that i was friends with her in game as well.

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[quote name='Pipstickz' date='27 September 2009 - 07:31 PM' timestamp='1254072667' post='42963']
Grido did not join the other side in the war. He remained neutral. Now, from what I remember, Yrth and Grido were SUPPOSED to rule GG TOGETHER. If Grido doesn't attack someone, does that mean he won't defend against them? The whole war took place in Necro, far from GG. I think stripping Grido of his powers was the wrong thing to do, and he should have them given back.

I agree not fighting is not bonding whit the enemie i feel he was neutral and did nothing that is also a posible option i cant fight also for a land because i have friends in all of them that is why i dont join a alli but made my own non alli

*smiles naughty* and we of Hell have friends all over the world it is more fun that way

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i belive the situation to originally be a missunderstanding between grido and yrth regarding gridos reason not to PTO the sentinels, which maybe could have been cleared between them internally. but since it has been taken for rp value, and therefor fact value in the realm, it has to be dealt with at this level.

let me get this straight, as the infos i/we have about this are rather limited:

grido deviced a plan to undermine and take over the sentinels and told yrth of it. after thinking it through though, he adviced against executing the plan, because such tactics would shed a bad light on golemus, independant of the outcome.
however, because the sake of golemus reputation was not the ONLY reason for grido to advice against the plan, but it ALSO caused a moral dilemma to betray a friend beyond golemus, he was cast out? would it have been fine if he hadn't cared for friendship, but only for the good name of the land he serves?

while it IS the kings prerogative to listen to, or not listen to his advisors, even second-in-commands or co-rulers, it does seem questionable to exile a commited and loyal advisor because he didn't execute a plan he saw as conflicting with the best interests of golemus AND his personal beliefs.

if an advisor has to fear the reaction of the king, his advise will become useless.

[size="1"][note: this, as well as my earlier advice against taking extreme meassures, were not spoken in my capacity as lieutenant general of the MRs, simply as V.][/size]

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Let me put it this way (a view of an outsider): Peace got GG. Yrth got pissed and using role playing (hmmm...) and something else, burned K's soul. That did not bring GG and Wodin back. Yrth is still pissed. Then he lifts his eyes or remembers that Grido did not take part in the war. Bingo! Perfect lightning rod! So now Yrth bans Grido from GG O_O.
Even if Yrth is considered a winner in this war I consider him a loser. In the end he lost the respect of his men (or the persons which opinions I value the most). For a king that can be consider the biggest defeat.
Yrth, you hunted down Raven last forum war. He had the guts and decency to step down when events asked him to. In my opinion he set a good example. He knew when to quit. It seems you don't... I am sorry, I thought highly of you but your recent actions made me change my mind. I will vote for you to be depose...

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