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Festival Contest - Day 275 - Kafuuka - Torturing Device

Muratus del Mur

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[b]Organizer: Kafuuka[/b]
(i just post this topic, and from here on K will takeover)

[b]Engineering torture.[/b]

Design a torture device fit to inflict pain upon those pesky characters in MD that really deserve it... or would amuse you if they received it anyway. Explain in full detail how it works and if aimed towards a specific individual or group, tell us why your tool is the most appropriate to unleash a world of agony upon them. Include sketches and diagrams, and if possible pictures of a scale model.

All designs must be judged and it is vital to know what we are looking for.
- A torture device is about pain. The more pain your device can induce at a moment, the better.
- Torture should last long, no fun in the victim passing out after ten seconds.
- Public torturing and execution should impress the audience. Do not gag your victim and smother his screams.
- Humor. Reading Vogon poetry to your victim is ruthless and efficient, but not funny at all.
- Magic Torture. There are dozens of torture instruments listed on the interwebs but we all have google skills. In fact we don't care much for realistic contraptions, since it is Magic Duel. Do not refrain from godmodding, we are looking for test subjects.

1. All submissions must be made before October 16, 23h Server time.
2. One submission per post only.
3. You can enter as many designs as you like.
4. No pain, no gain.

Dst, Kafuuka and Metal Bunny

[b]Notes about the reward:
Shades are mirroring the things outside Necrovion. No wonder that one of them got a bit crazy and went out of Necro on its own showing slight attempts to have an own personality (you know shades have no individuality usualy). Since it was just one, without much power, and clearly a deranged one, it got captured!! It interesting that it was not destroyed, so far from the rest of the shades and outside Necro. Since its evolution to an individual was not at all complete, you can not talk to it, you can not torture it to find out Necrovions secrets. One thing that you can do is abuse its creatures, experiment with them. Shades creatures are creature are not available to be recruited any normal way and except one of them that i have for tests, nobody else has such a creature. There are also some known species, like the Wind Drachorn, but anyway , its rare enough , if not the rarest.

The reward for this contest will consist in one or some of those creatures. Kafuuka, the organizer, will receive access to the Shade account and he can pillage it by taking all its creatures by ctc transfer and reward them to the winners. His reward will come at the end.

[b]Important note:[/b]
Necrovion people should not feel robed since this rebel shade excluded itself from the mass of shades and can be considered a "defective" shade. If not captured it would have vanished or eliminated by the other shades. Once a shade gets in contact with remains of individuality it can't be brainwashed reintegrated in the shade mass, because it has no brain!:) So enjoy the contest, there is no need to pretend to be offended or attacked as a Necrovian!

Good Luck!

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[quote name='Udgard' date='03 October 2009 - 01:50 PM' timestamp='1254570653' post='43584']
One question please. DO we submit our entry here (open to public eyes), or send via email?
Here, so your victims (if specified) can see them :). If you consider your design so awesome that it is worth stealing, then don't post it early... however if someone else comes up with the same idea and posts it sooner, you're done for.

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First entry! =)


[b]- A torture device is about pain. The more pain your device can induce at a moment, the better.[/b]
We all know this is the worst thing that can happen to dst.
[b]- Torture should last long, no fun in the victim passing out after ten seconds.[/b]
Until the next festival long enough? Or else we can make her an honorary RPC for life... *grins*
[b]- Public torturing and execution should impress the audience. Do not gag your victim and smother his screams.[/b]
Yep, definitely public.
[b]- Humor. Reading Vogon poetry to your victim is ruthless and efficient, but not funny at all.[/b]
Do you seriously not laugh when you see this?
[b]- Magic Torture. There are dozens of torture instruments listed on the interwebs but we all have google skills. In fact we don't care much for realistic contraptions, since it is Magic Duel. Do not refrain from godmodding, we are looking for test subjects.[/b]
One test subject coming up :D

Edit: resized image

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[b]Name:[/b] Kamisha's Kontraption
Physical Pain level:[/b] Comparably Minimal depending on use
Mental Pain level:[/b] Comparably large depending on use

[u]How to administer:[/u]

[b]1)[/b] Show your victim a number of horror films involving buzzing noises and bugs.
[b]2)[/b] Nail the ground spike into the ground
[b]3)[/b] Remove Hypedermic needle and make the victim slide their head through the metal hoop and into the head cap
[b]4)[/b] Tie the victims hands behind their back around the ground spike
[b]5)[/b] Use the cranking device to tighten the skull cap. The tighter you twist the crank, the more the metal rope will cut into the scalp.
[b]6)[/b] Place the mouth piece into the victims mouth so that the cheek graters rest inside the cheeks. The victim is then forced to smile, should they move their mouth when they scream or in fact move their mouth at all, the cheek graters will begin to slowly shred the inside of their cheeks causing both pain and a visual display of blood from the mouth.
[b]7)[/b] Inside each of the glass jars sits just one Hornet. Glass jars sit over each eye and each ear and are sealed. At this point, remove the seal giving the angry hornets full access to the victims eyeballs and ears.
[b]8)[/b] Should you wish to administer further physical pain simply take a hammer and hit the nose guard. This will loudly crush the victims nose, or, once the nose is already crushed, will cause further pain in an already painful wound. It will also of course jog the cheek graters.
[b]9)[/b] Again, should you wish to administer further physical pain, tighten the crank in order to drive the metal rope into the victims scalp and skull - don't go too far...else you'll hit brain and potentially make them lose consciousness.
[b]10)[/b] At this point the hornets may well have stung your victim a number of times in the ear, eardrum, eyeballs and around the eyes whilst making their loud buzzing noises. Hitting the ground spike or nose guard with the hammer will vibrate all of the metal unit causing the hornets to get more angry and agressive should they seem too lethargic.
[b]11)[/b] You may now insert the hypedermic needle into the victims jugular.
[b]12)[/b] Now, take your pick from either an adrenalin or a hallucinagenic substance and inject into the victim.
[b]13)[/b] In their current state of mind any hallucinagen will cause a very very bad trip, any adrenalin will cause further extreme panic and palpitations of the heart.
[b]14)[/b] inflict further physical damage or sit back and watch the show.

To be administered at the Gazeebo of Equilibruim on any who harm Bob.


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my candidate to inflict pain upon is no other than ... Akasha!
real torture advices and stuff that inflict pysical pain is boring. it only goes to a certain level before u pass out or... well die.
so i chose no physical pain but torment to the psyche. here are 2 links to pictures that will bring agony to Akasha:



we all know a war between woman isnt over so quickly and that nothing is more easy than to inflame the rage of it again. well i guess u can see very well in the first picture what my evil idea is. the picture in the link is meant to intensify the whole thing and bring a vision of horror to Akasha.

- A torture device is about pain. The more pain your device can induce at a moment, the better.
this is intense pain to the pysche as i already said perhaps even capable of dealing permanent traumas. its an evil connection and wont give any of them peace of mind

- Torture should last long, no fun in the victim passing out after ten seconds.
this is pain until one of the 2 dies. as we all know there is no death in magicduel expect when the pain is that unbearable that u quit the game. and we all know many reasons or have seen a lot of evidence that none of the 2 involved will so easly quit the game. thereforce this is one of the longest lasting pain devices possible in my opinion.

- Public torturing and execution should impress the audience. Do not gag your victim and smother his screams.
gag? this is the very opposite. there will be plenty of screams and furious comments thrown at each other. who knows what else might follow with such a close connection. i am sure there would be quite the audience that doesnt want to miss this.

- Humor. Reading Vogon poetry to your victim is ruthless and efficient, but not funny at all.
got nothing to do with my idea.

- Magic Torture. There are dozens of torture instruments listed on the interwebs but we all have google skills. In fact we don't care much for realistic contraptions, since it is Magic Duel. Do not refrain from godmodding, we are looking for test subjects.
i think this fits to my idea

EDIT: i just want to clarify that the torture device is of course the chain Amoran holds around her wrist. that is of course not the torture ... the whole situation is the torture with the chain holding it together so that there is no escape

Here is just an optimized version of Udgards idea:


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First you tie your victim up and put a mega phone in front of there mouth so the screams are magnified then get small razors that will not cut into veins and such and kill them but will cut deep into skin and put them on a giant, body shaped grid above the victim. Inside the grid there are chains and pullies that work on the screams of the victims, so as long as they scream, it runs and you put a pendulum with the small razor on it in the grid so it swings from side to side and you put it above the victims feet then you stab the victim in the hand to start the screaming and the pendulem swings back and forth cutting the victim no so deep to kill them or over bleed them but hurt ALOT and it slowly moves up the left side of their body up to the top of their head and down the other, then you flip them and start the same process and afterwards the grid lowers the bar so it cuts deeper and you continue the process until they are done... forever.

and then we make "tomato" soup..... mmm just like mom used to make....*cough cough*

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c'mon guys... this is mere child torture... remember it isnt torture unless even the person inflicting the pain feels bad for them.

first set up a 2 sturdy pillars and a beam that is at least a few feet taller than the person being tortured.

You must chain their feet to the ground under the beam so they cannot move, and their hands bound behind their back, with an extra length of rope. toss the extra length of rope over the beam and begin hoisting the subject until the rope is taught, both arms are dislocated, and the subject cannot move, only flail helplessly.

Then you take a potatoe peeler, or something to shave only minute amounts of skin, and begin to shave the meat on his or her sides, quickly rubbing a mixture of glass shards, lemons, salt, and sulfur afterwards. repeat on both sides so they know they are really about to get it.

take several solid metal poles and run them through specific spots, such as sideways through the legs, and sideways through both forearms (between the bones for this part, we'll get to bone breaking later, you'll see)

here you can do whatever feels creative... draw a smiley in his or her chest with a knife, break their nose, chop an ear off... pluck an eye out with the optic nerve attached and make them look at themselves and say something like "who's that? oh, it's you that's right"... before yanking it all the way out... take corkscrews and drill them into their armpits, cut their achilles tendon while delicately explaining how they will never walk again, not that that should be the last of their worries because the blood will very slowly drain out of their body through those cuts...

once you feel they are adequately humiliated, and that death is finally the only thing left for them then tie a rope around both the top and bottom poles, and wind them around the person in opposite directions and have a grasan (hopefully one without a ball and chain) attach to either end. use a knife to cut their gut deeply, allowing their organs to have a mean of escape. Have the grasans start walking away so slowly the person is either twisted or pulled apart, or left so maimed they die in a very short time.

Rinse and repeat.



it's simple, and requires a lot of work on the behalf of the torturer, but sometimes simpler is better, at least with torture :D

------------------------------------------------------------------------[color=purple]posts merged - Grido[/color]

well if that's the case here's the pic


also you guys should peep the sweet tatt work the grasan got done...

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Ok, so My torture device is from many parts.
A Victim lies on Ice tabe.Hot steam device a blowing hot steams at him, so all the time he feels cold and hot, one side of body is burning in hell, other is cold as ice.
At the same time boiling steel or oil is driping on our victim head, eyes and all face. One drop in minute.To keep our victim awake ant make his suffer longer there are in the table small needles with
poison caled "Shumer", it's rare flower nectar which are found only in mda garden. These poisons flow in victims venous and burns them but at the same time keep him alive. It's like Life potion, only very painful.
So when our victim is lying and suffering here comes executioner. he with pincers (number 2) eradicate all victims nails one by one,then put large needles(number 1) about 90-110mm under his fingers skin. When all this are done, he grabs saw(number 3)
executioner cut all victims fingers, hands and legs, he cut them into small peaces slowly. So when all these procedures are done, and our victim almost dead and crazy from pain here shows "Souls colector" device (number 4). This device can grab any living creature soul and inprison it in the bottle, so in this way,
our victim never rest in peace and always suffer, even when victim is dead.

My device picture(sorry I am not good at that) :

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This torture has been designed not for physical pain but instead for emotional damage spaning months and years.


Deep within the darkest labs/chambers of Necro dark priests sought a way to free their servants from the innate limits of the realm. It had long been known that after a certain point the servants of necro and their creatures failed to gain further experience form fighting. After much research and the sacrificing of many innocent souls to demons and shades they thought they had the solution. A small symbyote that would be introduced into the body. The goal was to free the mind and body of the limits to over come the need to use wishes and prayers to reset this mystical limit. And they received form the dark souls of the pits exactly what they asked for... but as with all such bargains they did not appreciate the price. The creature did indeed allow individuals to exceed the "experience limit" by any amount. But what they did not realize was the side effects were disastrous. With every element of experience they exceeded the limit that also reduced that internal limit by 1. This reduction was permanent and could not be reversed. As a result with each new element of experience gained the internal further twisted the soul and made them more dependent on the symbiot. At first the priests saw no problem with this and were over joyed with the success. Until that internal bypassed limit equaled 0. When this happened the subjects still gained experience just as before. However for every 1000 elements of experience gained removed 1% of the experience from any creatures they had (not just in the ritual but 1% from every creature). Furthermore each 1000 experience also reduced all of the subjects attributes (Regeneration, luck, attack etc) by 1 and the subjects maximum vital energy by 100. All of these losses were permanent.. even if the individual some how via wishes prayers or other actions caused their experience to be reduced they did not regain the lossed levels.
So all infected with this creature were doomed to eventually be reduced to the abilities of the lowliest peasant never able to rise above that station and forever to know the heights from which they had fallen. Further knowing the only way to avoid the fall once it had begun was to never again fight, or to fight all the harder to temporarily raise their abilities knowing that each fight in the long run only accelerated their demise.

However; the priests were nothing but practical and saw no reason to waist the sacrifices they had made. As such they cast out their test subjects claiming they had betrayed necro and as such this was there punishment and it would be the new punishment of all such traitors as well as those that rallied forces against necro.

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torture device with added contest idea.

i can not provide pictures or scetches, both because i don't have a scanner and because some-things-are-not-meant-to-be-seen. your imagination will do fine :)

[size="3"][b]Disclaimer[/b][/size]: obviously this is about torturing. its ferocious and cruel fun. if you believe in modesty or are easily offended you probably shouldn't read it :P

overview: device
the subject will get a magical device implanted in its head. this device is directly linked to some important centers (like the the pain center) of the subjects brain. when the subject tells a lie, it will induce intense but nonlethal pain in the entire body. if the subject passes out, the device will induce a stimulus to bring it back to consciousness. it is also linked to a remote controll and an implant in each of the subjects limbs which will be illucidated later. it should go without saying that there will be no anaesthetisation for the implantation.

while originally invented for gathering information from enemies, the uses for pain and public amusement are sheer limitless!

once all 5 devices are implanted, the subjects will be tied to poles at GoE.
here, my AMUSE YOUR AUDIENCE!!! contest [not an official contest (yet)] will be held. a contestant gets to interrogate a subject (one subject per contestant), trying to rile up the audience with juicy bits and humiliating details from the subjects life. no matter what, the crowd gets amused! either by the screams of unbearable pain when telling a lie, or by the skillfully exposed shameful secrets of the subjects life.
[u][i]soap opera and gory festival in one !![/i]
after the time for interrogation is up, the contestant gets to choose one of the four buttons of the remote controll, as grand finale of his performance. the buttons are randomly linked to one implant in the subjects limbs. those implants are:
1. ICE. the limb freezes and the contestant gets the chance to smash it in a spectacular and classy fashion.
2. BLADES. small blades will extent from the implant and begin to rotate. the contestant has 30 seconds to flavour as many "authentic bloody maries" with the pouring blood as possible.
the drinks will then be distributed to the audience.
3. FIRE. the implant glows whitehot and will set the limb ablaze. the contestant gets to roast as many marshmellows as possible until the limb is consumed or the fire dies down. those will be distributed to the audince as snacks.
4. ACID. the limb will be eaten away by acid. no game prepared for this, be creative.

once all contestants are finished the audience gets to rate their overall performance.

additionally, the RNG in each device will transmit a number from our public raffle. the lucky winners get to choose how to finish off the subjects!
they can freely choose one of those options:
1 EXPLOSION. blows up the device. effectful and gory - a classic.
2 ELECTROCUTE. overcharges the device to fry the subjects brain.
3 DRILL. drill until the device leaves the body. BLOODY MARY FOR ALL!!
4 CREATIVITY. thats right. you get a pot of salt and a bunch of sharp, blunt and unspeakable objects to have a little fun yourself.

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The beautiful Iron Lady

The victim?

Bob. And his protectors. Smoosh them up into one big ball.

1. First insert the object(s) into the sweet lady.
2. Gradually shut the door, piercing them with nails :P
3. Get more victims to clean then smoosh.

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This form of torturing is fairly simple. Here I have a box large enough for a head to fit through the hole on one side and some cute tiny Loreroot centipedes (yummy for a Bat like me) that I found near Oak Fort. Having the head face up, the spectator will be able to view the victim's agony of having millions of itchy poisonous centipeded entering the brain through the earholes and nostrils. They will devour the extensive brain tissue bits by bits by bits by bits..........and continue to migrate down into the organs and least but not less torturing, the sex organs. The longest form of torture exists: "The Moving Mystery". Where will the centipedes go next?! Mwuhahahahahahah


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Oddly, as far as I’ve read, all torture ends with death. Odd, isn’t it? Giving peace (no, not you, Peace XD) to those you torment *shakes head in disapproval*
My machine (it is composed of two parts – I’ve read godmodding is allowed [insert evil maniac laugh here]) is designed to inflict both emotional pain, both physical pain.
BTW, this must happen in a dark, dimly lit cellar.
The first part of the machine is sort of a helmet, obviously applied to the head of the person to be tortured. It’s sole purpose is to probe the mind of the poor helpless tortured, in order to bring back his/her worst memories. Then, the one that tortures asks various questions about those memories (obviously painful ones). If the tortured (i’ll refer to the tortured as A and to the one that tortures as B from now on XD) doesn’t answer or lies, the helmet forces him/her to re-live that memory, again and again until they answer truly. And when they do, they’ll obviously suffer more, as the truth almost always hurts.
The second part of the machine is (well I should’ve posted this one first, as it’s the part that keeps him/her still). It’s basically a table, the only two special things about it are that it’s able to accelerate the metabolic processes of the one bound to it, and it can keep him/her alive, in something like a stasis field. Of what use could that possibly be? Well, i forgot to mention that the table has a supply of various items that can cause diseases, poisoning, etc. And since the table accelerates the metabolic rate of ‘A’, the diseases and poisons will manifest almost instantly. But, since the table keeps them alive, they won’t die from these poisons or diseases. The downside? No blood...or organs flying about... But ‘A’ gets to suffer far more than just from a few cuts and bruises...[evil grin]
So, here’s the recipe to use on the table:
1. Cadmium poisoning – in severe cases it causes bones to break like twigs and kidneys to stop functioning.
2. Some hallucinogenic poison (Nightshade for instance)
3. Start snapping the target’s fingers and tearing his/her nails out
4. After having enough of that sick snapping sound, administer alcohol on the wounds left by the torn nails
5. Administer a poison that causes paralysis, but only to the nerves coming from the brain to the limbs, (don’t know how they’re called in english) not to those going from the limbs to the brain. This way, ‘A’ won’t be able to move, but will feel everyhing.
6. Make small cuts all over ‘A’s legs, then rinse with alcohol, so they don’t get infected [evil laugh]

Last mention: First use the table, then the helmet. After mentally tormenting ‘A’ don’t kill him/her. Unless he/she’s begging for death, weeping for the peace of dying, shaking for the cold embrace of the Reaper. But before killing him/her, kiss their forehead and tell him/her they’ll be missed by those they love. Tell him/her their closest friends are held in nearby torturing cells. When they yell out to protest, to ask you not to hurt them, snap their neck.
just a tiny itsy-bitsy problem... I can’t seem to make torturing funny... XD if i come up with anything, i’ll edit the post.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='06 October 2009 - 01:43 AM' timestamp='1254786239' post='43785']
@Kafuuka: SAW style situations are good too?
I only read the synopsis of that movie. I guess it will be very tough to work without any kind of device at all (in the summary of SAW, bombs and cuffs were mentioned). And quite tricky to counter every possible magic or even mundane method that could free the victim. MD has a lot of smart people, some might be able to pull it off, but it also implies that victims are smart and difficult to contain.

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TorTure Device TM developed by Shadowseeker Inc.

The usage of the device is highly unrecommended, being the victim or the controller, Shadowseeker Inc. will not guarantee your safety: You may either turn into a true villain using it or a babbling, shivering idiot experiencing it, while sudden manical laugther, loss of motoric control, etc are all possible. For the full list of possible occurences please send an email, but have noted that this machines uses ebergy of chaos and thus can have sideeffects not listed as well.

Guarantee expires after 1 year, unless you purchase the additional service, the regular check up for only 5 silver coins every month!

Current prices (suggested): 40 silver coins! On sale now!


The usage of the machine is easy, let the victim wear the special Tor-Suit TM provided, and then put him/her/it onto the Ture TM device and close the bindings, which will automatically begin the procedure. The numbers are clickable, select one or several to use the machine. One click activates, the 2nd deactivates. Several modes enabled at once will caus a temporal distortion, making the victim experience all of them at once, and getting the full impact when the device is turned off. In a sense, the mind is split and merged again later.

5 modes:

Set1: Feelings,; the victim shall experience the feeling of having no skin and being hung on a wall, being dragged down by it's own weight. Alternating HOT and ICY winds shall torture, while ants crawl over the body and bite themselves into the honey-coated flesh. All of this, while the victim shall not be able to lose conciousness.

set2: Mindbreaking; the victim's happy memories shall be erased, while the victim itself knew there was something happy, but not what anymore.

set3: Blindness; the victim's every sense shall be disturbed to not work anymore. Sense of time, the 5 senses, etc, everything.

set4: Sensual Overload; the victim's every sense shall be disturbed by extreme input.

set5: Illusions; the victim shall experience several nightmares of its own, the most terrifying things the victim created by him/herself.

Edit: Of course you can view the process of torture on high resolution screens.

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[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=1069 "]The image[/url]

Okay, my torturing device, seeing as the text is quite lengthy, I've decided to add them in links.
I'd suggest you read the explanation first, and the technical explanation only if your interested.

[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=1068 "]Explanation Torture[/url]
[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=1067 "]Technical Explanation[/url]

EDIT: fixed a link

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im new player(smthing like 10 days) but i want to join this community so much,then i decided to make my very own torturer device (made it on first day of this contesrt but i hadnt scanner till today to show my sweet picture :):

My torture device is giving pain, acquired by victim in its whole life, in one concentrated punch.
Frequency of "punches" is very high: one or two per second.
To get pain acquired in life of victim, special device is filtering soul of tortured person.
It's showed on picture 3 and 4. Anther source of pain is that filtering, 'cause machine is taking soul of victim
out of the body and then it's giving it back. Such agony would kill victim in few seconds, but here come
healing schackles(picture 1 and 5) ,which are connected with magic spheres(picture 4), where are trapped barren souls. They are stabilizing victim's body life processes, so the torture can be continued to the end of world. Control panel of this divice is showing 4 screens:on two of 'em you can see secret informations( which you wanted to know ),on third you can see pulse and other fleshy things about body of victim and on the last... when you are bored, you can watch funny things done by the victim in it's life.

- A torture device is about pain. The more pain your device can induce at a moment, the better[b].- i think this device is giving so much pain that you cant imagine[/b]
- Torture should last long, no fun in the victim passing out after ten seconds.[b] barren souls will keep victim very long alive...:)[/b]
- Public torturing and execution should impress the audience. Do not gag your victim and smother his screams.[b] when you take this device to the gazebo of equlibrium, victims shouts will be heared in entire world [/b]-
Humor. Reading Vogon poetry to your victim is ruthless and efficient, but not funny at all.- [b]you can watch most idiotic things which were done by victimin its whole life :)[/b]
- Magic Torture. There are dozens of torture instruments listed on the interwebs but we all have google skills. In fact we don't care much for realistic contraptions, since it is Magic Duel. Do not refrain from godmodding, we are looking for test subjects.- [b]all pain is dealed by magic[/b]

im not english guy so i can make some grammar mistakes sorry :P

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[b]1. Find unwilling victim.[/b]


[b]1b. Make sure your victim is not impaired to begin with.


[b]2. Capture said victim, using any available means.[/b]


[b]3. Let the victim know your intentions.[/b]


[b]4. Drag the victim kicking and screaming to GoE, throw them in, and enter the secret code to the backdoor put in by Discordia or one of her crazy adepts - "[color="#FF0000"][size="3"]SEXYTIME![/size][/color]" The Gazebo will turn into the dreaded torture device known as "THE GAZEBO OF CHAOS!!!" - oh wait, i think that's been done before, nevermind...it will turn into the infamous "Gazebo of Torturiffic Fun" and on the floor you will notice the abhorrent Smiley Face...OF TERROR!!![/b]


[b]5. GoE's pillars will spawn black tentacles that wrap around the victim's limbs, immobilize him and drop his defense and initiative to 0, while not allowing him to move, attack or change rituals.


6. Through Discordia's influence, entropy and time get really weird around the victim and its creatures, causing unbearable pain and making the victim's creatures lose 1 day of age, 1 creature win and 1000xp for every loss the victim suffers while bound (only the creatures in the losing ritual).

7. The victim has only one chance of escaping - embracing the torture and declaring his utter submission to it by singing 10 times within one hour the lyrics to Rick Astley's "[color="#FF0000"]Never Gonna Give You Up[/color]"[/b]


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I know this is about a torture device contest but whats more important is how painful it can be. I would like to go for simple and easy things a person can find in any house hold since we can't carry any BIG torture devices on the road or in our car. And people piss us off at odd times so my devices are really simple and easy to use.

IMAGE will be uploaded later...

1. First you knock the person out any method you choose
2. Strap him/her to a chair and tie hands with strong tape (found in any home 90% of the time or it doesnt take much to carry one your self)
3. Use the nail riper to pull out the full nail on all fingers and on all toes.
4. then put salt and chille powder on the fingers and toes where you pulled out the nails.
That will cause tremendous pain to the victim which will be so unbearable
5. You the nail puller to pull out bits and bits of the victim's hair on the head first which will be really painful if you tear out little hair at
a time but first from the head.
6. Then the most pain occurs when you start to pull out the hair under the arm (armpits)
7. When the pain starts to fade away use the chille power and push it up onto his nose as deep as you can.
8. Then force his eye lids open and pour the salt and chille powder on them MUhahaaaa...
9. If you like your victim to scream when he can't anymore you can use the nail puller on all the hair on all parts of his body.
10. Optional choose: If you want you can get a knife and give small cuts everywhere and then smear the salt and chille on top of them.

Device = Nail riper
Accessories = Chille and salt power

If you all can imagine the times you all have gotten big headaches and wished that you just die or this pain to go away rite. Thats what i have aimed here. I used simple techniques to create more pain. And due to this my ooportunity cost was the creativity of the device. But i hope the final objective is to see which device gives the most pain. :P

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[center][u][b][size="6"]The Fun Slide[/size][/b][/u]


[/center][b][u][size="4"]Operation Manual[/size][/u][/b]

"Persuade" our poor subject to leap in..

1) That is actually the Fun part. For the first 20 meters there is nothing strange about the slide.Our subject
is having doubts whether this has been simply a bad joke. But since our aim is not to entertain our subject, when the
first 20 m are over, and our subject has gained enough speed we are moving on to..

2) The Pain part.. For the next 50 m the cool smooth surface of the slide is replaced with spikes..Thousand of spikes, short enough not to prove
fatal for our"volunteer" but long enough to cause tremendous pain..And if that was not enough when the slide comes to an end,
our poor subject lands in..


3) The Feast tank...where hundreds of hungry rats are more than happy to meet our flabbergasted "volunteer".
It would have taken them 25 sec to devour our tasty but unlucky subject..but we will only give them 4 before the bottom of the can splits open
and all of its content's fall in the....


4) The Liquid tank..after all that our guest has been through he deserves a drink..So we, as gentle hosts are going to offer him one...
one tank of pure alcohol..Needless to say how soothing that will be...for all of our "guest's" open wounds..and after that...

5) A veteran Golemus wizard is going to kindly "lent" us his services for a while -actually that old bastard is being paid dearly for this :P -...by
entertaining our tired "volunteer" with some...electricity..just enough to shake him a little..


6) And last but not least , the most kindhearted hosts might choose to end the "guest's" torment..just a torch in the
tank would do the trick...it's not recommended though :P

So ladies and gents...who wants to take a ride...in the Fun Slide?????? ;)

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Wow North simply incredible !!! I was waiting for your entry in this competition

I knew you had incredible drawing skills... but I didn't knew you had also torturing skills :P

Great job again North and...

You should really think of making avatars for the game.... :)

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