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Death Ray / Noxids Offensive Comments

Phantom Orchid

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[quote name='Shadowseeker' date='22 November 2009 - 09:16 AM' timestamp='1258910219' post='48087']
Why did he write that in the first place? I mean, the PL is supposed to be about the personal opinion, be it good or bad.

he crossed a line... if this kind of behavior is tolerated, i will find a new game to play.

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i wouldnt be happy with a comment on my log like that, and its very offensive, it kinda makes me think about having a character named Hitler or smething.. they would be removed.
The comment holds no RP value what so ever.

i think the character should be deleted and the main warned.

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Well just for referrence i have D*** ***d in mine. Not the same at all I know but offensive none the less.

I'm wondering if this is a personal thing (not that that excuses it) or not, and if you have asked him to remove it? Although to be fair considering the comment you probably don't want anything to do with him let alone actually ask him something.


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Homophobic, sexist or racist remarks like this are ignorant and offensive and should not be tolerated.

He should be taught how to behave in a developed, modern, cosmopolitan society... take away his right to make PL entries if possible, maybe a tour of jail, but not a ban.

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Yes, Shadowseeker.. it's not that it is a swearword, it is that it is an offensive word used to display a prejudice towards homosexual people.

It is the same as saying something deeply sexist or racist.

I suppose it might be cultural, but I and the people around me do not say things like that to people. It is very rude and offensive.

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I agree. A swearword is primarily upsetting to the person whose log they are posted in, and possibly not even that depending on one's sensibilities. Comments such as those are offensive to an entire group of people, and by extension to anyone who cares about people in that group. I have no problem with negative comments in PLs, but I am getting tired of looking at personal logs and stumbling across these sorts of entries. I have already spoken to a different player about a similar matter and forced them to change my own PL, but I am still seeing these comments in other logs. I would like to see MD remain a place where everyone feels welcome, and to me that means not tolerating such language.

To be fair, I do think using these words as insults is quite common in some communities. I used to hear them all the time when I worked with middle school and high school students. Most of them were not trying to be offensive; they had simply never thought about what those words actually mean and how it might sound to others. So I would favor starting with a warning, complete with an explanation. Should they continue to speak in that fashion after being told how offensive it is, then move on to stronger punishments.

Edited to Add: I posted this before seeing DR's response. So I will just say thank you for stepping forward and remedying your part of the situation. I still think it would serve MD well to have a policy about this sort of thing, and perhaps someone with the ability to step in and edit logs should it prove necessary.

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Death Ray, I asked you to stop saying that word at GGG the other day. You asked why, and I explained why it was so offensive and why I kept clearing the chat. I'm sorry, but the excuse of your "understanding of that word is diffrent" will not fly, you know exactly what it means.

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Death Ray is one of the most notorious PL spammer out there in the realm, he usually post blank comments on people's PL and often post "#1". PL serves as a place for comments on players, doesn't matter if it's good or bad, doesn't deserve to be a place for spams, although I spam a lot through Adam, I'm hunting them now to erase it, I've post "Miley Cyrus - Panty in the USA" on some of the players PL and I'm deleting it now.

you give fags a bad name[/quote]

You're making me believe that you're a Bon Jovi fan. ^_^

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Ahhh...... the beauty of world wide web

Even in the States, different states, areas, communities have different sensitivities. With an international community like MD, there is bound to be interaction problems.

Lets look at the sentence posted.

"You give fags a bad name."

This implies that Phantorm Orchid is practising an alternative lifestyle and is doing a bad job of it.

So, is the offensive part the use of the word "fag" or the fact that Phantom Orchid is doing a bad job of it?

If the word fag is replaced by another term that is more politically suitable like "same gender friendly" or "straight challenged" would it appease everyone?

Would anyone be offended if I were to say "You give guys a bad name" or "You give girls a bad name"?

Maybe some would be, and to be honest if someone were to post in my PL "You are a c**k sucking a**hole who cries like a little gal", I would be more amused than offended.

I am not saying what Death Ray is doing is right, as he seems to consistanly be doing something wrong.

But I am more interested to know how does one judge what is offensive to everyone?

A code of conduct?

Whose standard shall we use?

Only positive logs in PL?

And if negative? Whats the bar? How far can I insult a player in his PL before it gets taken off?

This is a sensitive road that one is threading, be careful what you wish for.

BTW, is this offensive? "Puki!"


Disclaimer: I have lots of friends who practices alternative lifestyle that I sometimes call a faggot. Never once were they offended. Of course this could be due that I am a friend and they dont mind. They do not view that word by itself offensive, but rather the context that it was used in.

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Lol, I have the same thing in my logs.
wasn't to happy about it when I saw it. Wasn't happy to see that CrazyMike posted the same thong
Just a point to make, being called a fag is insulting to those who believe that homosexuals are bad, so they do not want to be one. If you were not insulted by being called a fag you don't mind the homosexual.


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With all due respect, and I appologise for the courseness of this example, black people consider the N word bad not because they believe black people are bad, latinos consider the S word bad not because they believe latinos are bad, this is exactly the same sort of derogatory word for gay people. Its a word that used to be used to slag gay people off, and therefore is not considered decent or respectful language in polite society, let alone with someone who you hardly know. Quite aside from the fact that saying "You give homosexuals a bad name" automatically implies you have a prejudice, there is absolutely no need to mention somebody's sexual preference whatsoever in commenting about their personality just as there is no need to mention someone's skin colour. I couldn't care less if you like to slag your mates off calling them stupid names and they arn't offended, that isn't the situation here.

It's a joke that this is even being discussed as potentially not being offensive. This isn't prime minister's question time, it isn't and now in the actor's studio, this isn't a topic about what is offensive and what isn't. Someone has had a homophobic remark placed on their PL and they are, quite rightly, not happy about it. If you don't have something constructive to say in order to resolve the situation then you are just exhaserbating an already unpleasant situation for the relevant person involved.


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i think Z is right

We may never know what to put in a player log..but we can make a sensible judgement. It doesnt matter if the person is a friend and they allow you to call them Stupid things. EVERYONE reads the player logs. You have to remember that when you decide to make negative remark. For the minors or whatever. You are responsible.

(oh and fenrir, WTF are you chatting on about?? no dont answer that..i dont wanna hear it)

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Emotions running high.

But Z made a good point.

The point is, if there is a remark made in the PL that we are not happy with (whether it concerns one's sexuality, genitals, mom or family members, pets or favorite positions with a sheep) what are our options besides arguing about it with the player who posted it.

DR says that he will delete that post from poe's PL.

Can we safely say the issue is dead or should we discuss options available?

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Toten I thought about bribing that up but thought better of it. Lol

Zleiph I never said that saying it was right. I was merely pointing out that it is up to the person being called a name to be offended. If they are black and called a N!!!!!', it only affects them if they are sensitive about being black. If I am called a cracker, I laugh it off. It's a word. They make themselves look stupid when The person doesn't react negatively. Names are just that, names.

We are not in the 1960s anymore. These words do not have the same effect anymore.Their meanings have changed dramatically, if you don't agree with me on anything. You have to agree with me about this.

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