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Pointless bickering


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Actually, dst, I'm indifferent about the whole thing. From all your stalking and chat-log pulling, I'd think you'd know I have found another venue. I did not speak up on the cyber-sex thread because I didn't see what good voicing my opinion would do. You weren't listening then, you aren't listening now, and you are unlikely to ever listen in the future. YOU, my dear, are the hypocrite, a seasoned rule-breaker who has appointed herself one of the moral authorities of MagicDuel. The comic irony of that is deep.

So... you stayed because you didn't see a single RP thingy. Good for you. When people started roleplaying, you were confused and disgusted. Admit it: outlawing the cybering won't make MD a better place for you. You hate ALL roleplaying.

Yes, I do say if you have no training in art, you cannot appreciate art as an artist can. I've known scores of people to dismiss things such as modern art and oh, I don't know, maybe poetry, out of sheer ignorance. Your exposure to roleplay and the roleplaying world is ankle-deep, but you speak as though you have plumbed all the depths and intricacies of it. You have not. You speak almost entirely from ignorance, and like most ignorant people, you hate everything you do not understand.

I wouldn't bother threatening someone as self-centered as you. You have always been quite open about your flagrant disregard for anyone else's point of view.

No idea, do I? Hmm, whatever you say. I recall voting on your stigma, and I recall the events of that time. For the record, I voted against giving you the stigma... because I am a big softie.

I have always known I was doing a thing that could get me banned, and I was always prepared to pay the consequences of my actions. You don't read well - because you are not paying attention - and thus you didn't see my remark about what Mur has done and his record of being lenient on this and other matters. Like people such as yourself.

As nearly as I can tell, Amoran opened this topic because the rule seems to be something you and people like you pressed Mur to institute so you could get the people you don't like banned. You still don't have the spine to admit that your stance on this issue is really all about the people you don't like rather than any righteous horror at what they have done. Your concern for the MD community is entirely and demonstrably confined to issues and people that affect you personally.

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This was my response that generated the above ranting.
For Tarquinus first post check this link:


You Tarquinus are pissed cause you lost your toy and cause finally Mur has done something about the issue. You are a coward and a hypocrite. You never stated your opinion when the cyber sex topic was opened.

[quote]Why you would bother to play a game self-described as an RPG is an interesting question to me[/quote]
I saw it played by someone. I liked it and I tried it. I didn't bothered to check how it was described. All I saw was fights, head contests, crits, rituals. Not a single RP thingy.

[quote]invalidates you as a judge of what differentiates good roleplay and bad, or of what is roleplay and what is not[/quote]
So you say that if I am not a painter I should not state/have an opinion about a painting? You make me laugh.

[quote]And remember, if you will, the time when a decided majority of the community wanted to see YOU banned.[/quote]
So? What is this? A threat? I have always been prepared for a ban because I was (and I still am) never afraid of taking risks and speaking my mind. You and others on the other hand...

[quote]You still bear that stigma, and I, for one, have not forgotten why. [/quote]
This is the joke of the day :D. You have no idea what I did, how I did it and why I have the stigmata. Also, you should at least learn how to read that stigmata. You'd be amazed by the votes.

And now...enjoy ranting :D. Please let one of the mods know when you're done so we can close it.
Thank you :D

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I am grateful this was moved rather than deleted, though it all seems pointless to me now. dst and I are unlikely to see eye-to-eye on the topics of roleplaying and poetry if nothing else.

I do want to add - Amoran and I have taken pains not to continue to, uh, be explicit in MD. I want to repeat my thanks to Mur for having the kindness not to ban us and to create a private space in the game for people who want such a thing.

And I want to apologize to anybody I have ever offended with explicit RP.

[b]Edit - for those who care to sound off, I guess we'll leave this topic open for a day or so. I will ask for it to be closed soon, though.[/b]

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As someone who might appreciate Roleplay and art in general on a more intricate level, I will say the following:

I can see the values in roleplaying intimate behavior, even though I myself would never even consider participating in it. However, what happens between two people in this close and intimate way should be kept between these two people. The third person who is forced to participate just by reading or seeing what is happening is unpleasant.

Sex is fine, good, and lovely. Seeing it is a matter of utter severity. I am not saying what you and anybody else do is not beautiful, but rather to the unsuspecting eye it is jarring.

So this is why I say, as someone who supports Roleplay and all its facets fully, I sternly support this move to ban intimate behavior.

Also, if anybody is a proponent of Roleplay, it is Mur. Why in the world would he outlaw a form of it without due cause?


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*turn rant on*

OK, and here we go. For anyone here who is over the age of 15, most of us have had relationships IRL. When you see someone for several months to a year, what happens? So the question of intimacy is not weather it's really RP, because you would play the same as any person would feel after being together so long, it's the question of seeing it. The reason it hasn't been such an issue before is because most of us, yes me included, go to remote area's and after we are done scroll the text so no one is the wiser. There are many locations where you can sit for hours and there is a 99% chance you will see not see a soul. Two people got busted from DST's "witch hunting", and it downgraded into an outright pitiful sight of slander, degrading comments, and outright stupidity. Do I think DST was wrong for hunting them down, yes. Do I think they were wrong for being so rude, yes. The true depth of this horrid drama is that it affected the community as a whole, over two parties bickering.

Until now anything of this sort has RARELY ever been spoken of. Even when walked in upon, the chat is cleared, and most people are lucky to catch the last line. I think this is another factor in the degrading of MD. Yes DST i love you to pieces, but I think you are degrading MD in this whole mess. Making such a big deal, and throwing such a temper tantrum that Mur has to step in and take measures, well its simply ridiculous. I don't only blame you though, I also blame those who do their private business in places people are known to travel. Worse yet, it that they are so wrapped up in themselves, that they don't have the decency to wipe the chat all you do is
and poof the chat is gone. Then the only way that it can be read is WHEN SOMEONE PULLS A CHAT LOG, which at that point who is more in the wrong? The party who was RPing, or the party who felt the need to pull someone's chat log, because I think its the latter at that point. DST you are a great part of the MD community, and I enjoy talking with you whenever we do. I just feel that this was a "little girl throwing a temper tantrum because someone wasn't nice to her" and it created a mass hystaria, and almost deffinatly chased possible newcomers away from the game with all of this drama.

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[quote name='dst' date='10 January 2010 - 02:19 AM' timestamp='1263107943' post='52380']
So you say that if I am not a painter I should not state/have an opinion about a painting? You make me laugh.
The point is that the mere act of asserting an opinion on such subjective matters as morality and artistic taste immediately renders that opinion void. It's so laughably self defeating that it becomes more worthy of ridicule than the item or action you've spoken out against...

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I do not claim to like Dst's view on this or the way she handles things, nor do I claim to particularly care for how she "hunts people" in the game. (Pardon me, but that isn't playing a role.) So far, all I see is Dst trying to drive people she personally dislikes out of the game. Especially people she openly dislikes.

I will not argue that she has done good things for the game [i]before[/i] but I am tired of these kinds of things happening and I'm even more tired of not being able to enjoy a game because of certain people that are sad enough to hunt others who want nothing, absolutely [b]nothing[/b] to do with them.

We were polite when she walked in on us, we cleared the chat and asked if there was anything we could do for her, and for whatever reason that gave her the incentive to invade our privacy by pulling the log of what was cleared in the chat and then, not only that, but making rude comments in the mood panel about it? That is immature and childish on more levels than I can express.

What did she continue to do? She continued to return to the Tower and pull the logs, even logs of cleared chat that had nothing but innocent mushy junk in them.

What do we get when we express dislike over this sort of treatment? We get told, "If you don't like it, leave."

To tell another person to leave the game because of harassment is wrong on more levels than you know, and in most games the person DOING the harassment would have been banned a long time ago. As I have said before, she is a woman with a grudge who is more than a little openly selfish and I want nothing to do with a person with such obviously skewed morals.

I play the game for only one reason now, and that reason is not nor will ever be for Dst.

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