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Losing All Ve


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For the past few attacks even if i just lost 10 or 12k VE it takes most all of my VE

Jan 27 01:38:16
~ Day: 26 Year: 5 ~

VE before fight-140k
OUT Assira the Black 12451 -5404 2 27-01-2010 01:36:11 replay
VE after fight-14k

I don't have any way to prove this due to i didn't take a before and after screenshot, but i can garuntee it happened. It is the third attack I have lost that did it. Is this a common bug? The next time I am going to take screenshots of the different stages if it happens next time

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Here are the 4 screenshots I took to try and capture this bug.





so as ya can see i started out at over 97k VE
attacked and was supposed to lose 35k VE but instead lost all my VE..this is happening every time i lose an attack

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Phantasm, what was your pray power???? Cause if it was 100% then it's normal. You lose ALL your ve if you are attacked or if you attack and have 100% pray power. There is an exception to the rule but I kind of doubt you met the requirements...

LE:make the pics bigger. I need glasses to see them and I look baaad with glasses :D

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It's happened to me, and I haven't done any testing or anything, but I assumed that it was because I used 100%

And, logically, if you give your energy to your creatures, would they give it back? Would they even know what you did in the first place?

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[quote name='phantasm' date='27 January 2010 - 02:25 AM' timestamp='1264551953' post='53462']
of course it was 100%. Come on DST its Phantasm here..ive been playing enough to know when you start out with 97 thousand VE PLUS creature VE, have a battle that says you lost 20% WICH was 35k, but you really lose 97 thousand ve, Not couting the VE lost in creature ratio something is amiss. This has never happened to me once in the entire 330 days ive played the game

question: did you used lifestealers ? (because I noticed that Telperion already used them.=

using picture 3 I see that you used lifestealers too (one water), then ... it is a normal result as he stole more ve then you by 35k

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[quote name='phantasm' date='27 January 2010 - 02:42 AM' timestamp='1264552957' post='53465']
the thing is ive used 100% thousands of times before, I always use my attacks on 100%. You still only lose the amount of that VE it says in the battle log. If the creatures lost 35k of the VE in a battle they stay healed and take 35k out of your personal VE. To tell me after all these months (im sure there are plenty other people who use 100% in rits al the time) that at 100% you lose all your VE wether the fight uses it all or not is ludacris.

You lose the amount of VE in a fight, wehter its 1% or 100% ...shouldn't take everything at any time unless it says you lose 100%


whatever you say, counting ups and downs when having lifestealers ... it is pointless as it will be virtual VE (see Telperion should get an additional 35k ve) so ... you lose the battle you lose all the extra ve put in battle

give it a try and tell me the result

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This is only in combat, but I have noticed for a long time (almost the whole time I have been playing) That if I dedicate anything above 0% to a fight and I am the attacker, if I loose all my VE is removed, even the VE I hadn't dedicated.
I had assumed this was normal?

(If I am the defender, only the amount taken during combat is taken, with no penalty for loosing an attack since I didn't initiate)

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