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Statloss - Possible Way Out



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I attached a copy of a message I sent to the new staff 2 weeks ago, and didn't even receive the curtesy of a reply, although I asked for one..well, I decided to have a discussion, seeing as MP5 is getting more barren from day to day.

This change, asked for by many, in another forum topic, coupled with alliance would result in eternal balance, which would prevent statloss from happening again.

It is a wishshop addition, reset balance for 1 WP, 2 or 3 available, no spent WP required.

I myself am working to achieve eternal balance, to put up..let's say more enjoyable rituals like Burns. I just find it sad that so many people simply get driven out because of statloss. If any of the people mentioned does not wish to be named in this regard, my apologies, I shall remove you as soon as you contact me.

Hey there,

It's been raised in the forums and whatelse..is there a method to implent a reset w/l balance for the people? I'm not suffering from it, but I could name many who do..just recently, I heard of the following that they are always near skilldamage:

Metal Bunny, Ailith, Asterdai, Blackwood.

I remember in the past there used to be a few others as well, and those hiding in sancs (like Lifeline) suffer from it as well.

So how about a wish in wishshop, buyable 2 or 3 times, no wp's spent required, 1 WP cost: Reset your balance. (If you stay in alliance you can even have eternal balance due to that)

Just a sidenote on what I thought, a reply would be welcome. Thanks in advance for your work.



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[color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]I could name several as well. A couple have openly told me that they don't leave santuaries or play an alt instead. There should be a way to help these people. Especially if they can't find people to help them get out of stat damage.

(I sent a message to contact about something as well and got not reply)[/font][/color]

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Agrees that such a WP will be useful.

I know a few players that are in skill damage, and its hard work getting back to positive.

It is like sprinting up a hill.

One need victories but are vulnerable to attacks that will make them lose more.

A WP that helps balance will definitely help them.

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I just don't see the point of spending a wishpoint. In my opinion, a wishpoint should be used to give you an advantage or premium feature, and not to fixed stats or anything. I still think it is a better way to give player in balance some kind of advantage then to punish them via statsloss when baldy unbalanced. If you see my point of view, a spent "fix balance" wishpoint will only help a temporary time, and this is kind of a lost wishpoint.

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I'm not suffering from Statloss, or even all that close to it.
That said, the idea of statloss Does impact my choice of actions. I spend very little time out of sanctuaries if I can avoid it, and don't Idle unless I absolutely must.

While I often say I don't play for combat, it is also true that I do enjoy it. I am going to avoid statloss for as long as I can, But I don't like having defences that are not newbie friendly. This leaves me VERY open to players training Angiens, or anything else a new player would have a hard time with (you can all figure out what those would be).

While I don't like to waste wishpoints on things I can do myself, I do think that it is good to have that option. I know for a lot of players, having 2 or 3 shots to avoid stat damage would make a huge difference to their longevity in MP5.

I don't see any downside to this wish, and it has been getting asked for for a very long time.

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Some of the existing wishes are a lot more lame/wasteful/temporary than this one. Zeroing your xp is already a wish, and given the debate over Febuary and company, it ought to be more contentious than this.

Boosting your VE is another even more ridiculous one...

Eternal balance would change my game play, let me offer other public rituals etc., let me be more at ease at public gatherings away from sanctuaries, and burning a wish point vs. finding 650 victories is at least worth considering. Moving from 750 to 650 has been a lot of work, and I've had to do it twice now.

[Edit note: I did understand Shadow's points below. I am PRO this idea, and am countering the idea that this would be a waste of a wp - it is definitly better than existing ones I discuss. Sorry if I did not make this clear.]

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Actually, shadow...

In my opinion this is a textbook example of breaking this rule:

[quote]Spoiling quests or posting puzzle solutions / walkthrous on the forum is not allowed. You can help individual players but don't hand them the solution, just give them all the clues they need and let them figure it out..[/quote]

I feel that if several posts in this topic are not in violation of this rule, nothing is.

Rather than hinting that there might be some sort of "perma-ballance" you have listed each and every single requirement to a hidden feature that has been around for [i]ages[/i] (I remember being parma-ballanced at willows...)

PS: Your wrong on one about one requirement ;)

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[2008-11-23 08:05:08 - Alpha 7]
Perpetual ballance now also requires honor over zero. In that way as soon as you drop belo zero you will exit perpetual ballance and will be able to adjust your win/loss ratio to controll your honor.
[2008-11-23 05:59:54 - Alpha 7]
Perpetual ballance for alliance members is now possible only after 1000 won fights.

etc..actually, that option is in the announcements. Now's a bit too late, I'll remove some bits, but yeah, I'm surprised so little people ever realised it. My bad, I don't keep tracks of whether things are spoilers or not.

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