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Ravenstrider ran up on this... I have this avatar in my fault, and it seems pretty clear that it was copied by an MD artist from this site.
Too bad, I kinda liked that old avatar.

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Although there are distinct similarities, they are not identical, nor seem to be copied. A major influence perhaps, but many elements are missing from the alleged copied avatar.

Edit: I spotted almost a full dozen major differences. I do not think it is a copy.

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If that is not copied work, I don't know what is... If five or six different details are just going to mark it "influenced", then I should start copying positions from the internet and just adding my details.

The forum post I found was from December the 3d 2009. But I'm guessing the artwork itself is older than that. I'm searching for the original as I'm typing this.

Edit: Artwork was originaly done in 2005 by an artist called Jason Chan, as a part of his Sorceres and Unicorn "series". http://www.jasonchanart.com/gallery/2005/unicorn/swordsman_02.jpg

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Okay, you guys are missing HUGE details. The character's right hand, the cape is not by the fingers, but by the wrist.

The folds of the skirt cape thing on the character's left leg is folded differently.

The shoes are completely different.

The leather strap on the big picture's chest is not there on the smaller one. The smaller one has a vest on...

The eye patch is gone.

The hair is laying over his ear, where as the big picture has his ear clearly showing

These are all MAJOR differences people...

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i can trace that Jason Chan character, replace the eye-patch with sun glasses, shorten the hair to a crop, lose the sword and cape, put a pistol on both hands, and replace the boots with a cowboy's. would that be copying?

if you talk about positions, i dont believe theres not a single position that hasnt been drawn yet. look at comics... the angles may be slightly different, the shapes and the sizes, the lithe or the bulk of the characters but they all have similarities (im talking about human or superhuman, if you will, characters here). but theres no copyrighted positions that i know of so you can copy positions, even styles, but the look can be more controversial. its 'possible' that the MD avatar one is not a copy but is it 'probable'? its probably a copy, by the looks of it, imho.
i say if you take a balance scale and place the two avatars on each side, they'd weigh exactly the same despite the other being gold.

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  • Root Admin

its a trace with a couple details changed. It should be removed from game because it is such a blantent trace.

The author obviously found this and copied/drew whatever with it. And MD boosts that it has its OWN unique artwork. This is neither its own, nor unique.

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Do you mean "paper on paper held to light" trace? as in, 2 papers upon eachother and draw it?

I don't think that was done, since there are details that suggest otherwise.

I'm not against copying a pose (as in, seeing how the anatomy works, and proportions), but this is too obvious the same thing.

Wasn't it stormrunners avy?

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This blatantly traced with small differences introduced perhaps just moved. Look at both the right hands the sword though moved to the hilt is the same design the artist could have just twisted the paper about 20 degrees and put it over top of there. The angle he is facing is exactly the same.

Though I would like to mention this is not in complete violation because some things have been changed. Such as the sword position and ect.Though I don't think this gives MD a good image. For example its like making a movie based on real events but just shifting enough that you don't have to pay the people who you interviewed to re-account it. If this image is removed (which I think it should) it should be incorporated into the rules or used as an example to show one of the things that should not be done. I just think its much too similar too not be a trace.

P.S. The amount of time that it has been on the server and not found as well as the gold color is intriguing though.

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This copying. Same Pose, almost the same clothing "style" and thus makes it a copy.
Basically the elements of it is the same.

What i would not say is a copy, if [b]ONLY[/b] the pose is copied.

For example, instead of putting a cape, put something else.. maybe a headdress. then could change the hair sytle, and face expression, and also maybe change the Body anatomy.

But this is almost exactly the same... like where the cape, crosses the body etc.

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