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Christmas Gifts, to be exact. Since I am a fairly poor player and don't have much to my name, I thought to do more for the community by doing odd "jobs" here and there for people in exchange of gifts that I will be giving people for Christmas.

I don't really know what MD would consider credentials for jobs, but I can do pretty much anything and everything that I'm asked to. However, I do take my work seriously and I appreciate it if people don't jip me of the exchange for gifts. If you don't like what I am doing, then you can fire me and I'm sure I can find someone else. There are a few things that I absolutely will not do which include:
-Things I consider degrading
-Harmful to the public
-Things against the rules
-Things against my moral code

[Basically, I just want you to use your head to figure out what would be acceptable not only to me, but to the community]

The reason why I am doing this is because I [b]HATE[/b] asking for things, especially for gifts and prizes in general which come from the hard work of other people.

So, if you wouldn't mind, please post your "job" openings here so that I may get started on them for you. I really appreciate your help very much and I hope everyone would be pleased with me work.

If anyone has any qualms about this, please write me a PM or such and we can discuss it that way.

Edit: Oh, and the gifts don't have to be anything very large. Just something to show my appreciation with. : 3

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  • Root Admin

Hired :D

but consider any other job offerings you will receive. My tasks won't take much of your time, so consider it a part time job.

Now i have to figure out what to give you to do, i dont really have anything but i loved the idea enough to create a job opening just for this :)

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How do you feel about spy work? You'd have to supply your own tux and the only gadgets we have available are a tube of lube and a roll of duct-tape.(very high tech) You would have one of those nice code names like 520006258221073...

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