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Things To Do In The Realm

Fyrd Argentus

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There are many facets to this game. You have to listen to your feelings and decide which appeals to you the most, then follow it as far as it will take you. If a second facet jumps up and grabs you, then so be it.

My analysis of the different facets that might appeal to a player....

Creature Collecting
Witty chatter with friends over cake and tea
Puzzles and quests - solving and building them - this may take the "party game" approach or the programming/coding direction
Team building/sports - alliances
Political machinations - like the current brew-ha-ha over training techniques and the mp3/february debates
Alliance/lands politics - power struggles and balance
Creative writing of poems, songs, stories
Dress-up, formal serious role-play, rituals
Trying to get inside Mur's head, spiritual symbology
Paying back to the game - a functional role like LHO, newspaper, etc.
Trading - buying and selling stuff for profit
Fighting for truth and justice if you think some group (like mp3's, for instance) is being mistreated.
Land exploration - seeing if you can get into every corner of MD eventually
Personal vendettas against people you think are evil or stupid
Playing the part of Santa Claus/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy to give others joy
What else have I missed?
Debating just for fun (thanks Kafuuka)

If you can find your heart, I and many others will help you figure out how to chase after it. Don't give up until you've considered and rejected everything on this list....

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yeah playin policeman like seigh said, search for bugs, breakin down inner workings of game mechanics to understand them better, almighty mdscript, creatin papers and embellish them, i guess researchin falls under gettin inside murs head... umm will add more if i can think of it

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It started life as a response to some new player complaining that there was nothing to do.

I moved it here last year, trying to build up a community events bulletin board, courtesy of Legend Speakers. That has obviously not reached critical mass for various reasons.

Is there a better place for this advice?

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You're welcome to copy my list, add to it comments of others, change it around, re-title, whatever, and repost wherever, official or unofficial, you'd like.

I don't want to go backwards in my attempt to build up the Legend Speaker's publication kiosk, however, so leave this thread here. There have been enough slurs lately about alliances not doing anything.

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