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Just wondering, can we name places with player name now? I was under the impression that we were not allowed to, but my memory is not that good and I can't find the announcement regarding this wish. If it's allowed I'm probably gonna name something :P

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[spoiler]Wish 31 - Change location subtitle
Allows you to change a subtitle on a given location. The new title will remain forever untill someone else changes it and for at least 4 days. With this you can mark locations to support your role, such as pubs, markets, themed gathering places, mark historic locations to remember an important event for all future players, organise group activities, support role play situations, etc. [b]You are not allow to write playernames in this subtitle.[/b] Abusing this by writing ofences, advertising or similar will be penalised.[/spoiler]

Or however you do that spoiler thingy :P

Anyways, is Awiiya really considered a player anymore, or something different since he's... changed/changing?

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