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Recruitment Selection Stage 2

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Any of you is welcome to try the next stage of this selection process. I will give each of you an evaluation based on your answers so in the end i will be able to make a list with those accepted into SOTIS.

Each stage is increasingly difficult don't be fooled by the simple shapes and pay attention to the words i use.

Find the symbol that cancels or closes the following shape. Specify in your reply if the symbol you posted is supposed to cancel, or to close.


The optimal answer Might range from a two part up to a 8 part symbol, but same like before, the fewer parts the better the solution.
One solution will hit the jackpot. Please don't inspire yourselves from what others post, it is not in your advantage.

This filter doesnt require intelligence or knowledge to pass, none of you know "better" than the other, ..each knows its own answer.

Clue basic: the following symbol has two areas of influence , an external and an internal one.
Clue advanced: There are 3 types of symbols, the ones holding the meaning , the ones countering the first, and a third type that counters the counter and yet its not the initial symbol.

note: it seems i was too unconfident in the 1st stage, thinking nobody will do a 1 part counter to that simple symbol..well someone did. My recomandation remains the same still, don't try a one part symbol. (because if you found it you will disregard my recomandation anyway :)) )

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On closing, I agree with previous authors: enclosing circle just feels intuitively right for the word.
Cancelling is more difficult. I perceive the square as the house, the shelter, the strength of protection of what it on one side of the square walls from what is on the other (inside or outside).
So the counter is the symbol that breaks the walls, that makes the protection obsolete no matter how much faith one had in its strength.
We also need not forget that as time goes by, new symbols appear and get entrenched in our minds. So if the square is the symbol of a stop - then the counter symbol is
play )))

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Mr Mystery's post made me thinking.
I disagree with the idea about the cube closing the square.
I think that, vice versa, what the cube does is actually opening the square.
So if to open the square I will increase the number of dimensions... then to close the square I will decrease the number of dimensions, making it a single dot:

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One aspect of any image is the space in which it resides. For this submission I changed the space in which the square resides to accomplish what Mur requested.

This image closes the square. The image shows the square placed on the surface of a sphere. Since it has neither an inside nor outside it is closed.


To cancel the square I placed it on a torus (donut) with the square residing around the outside of the ring. Since the inside of the square doesn't actually occur anywhere on the torus, the square has been cancelled.



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I found the posts before me intriguing.
To me circle means open, so I thought that was a nice addition.
I wanted to do a cross in the square and say that it was closed, but someone already did that so I tried to cancel it.


Also, I think someone did a sideways triangle with the elongated tip to the right, much like the play button on many devices. It wasn't until this point that I realized that circle may have meant open to many others as well, and that they may have seen the square as closed, or negative, to begin with.
As such, since they already did that, I decided to look at the square as open, or positive and fill it up to cancel it.

So... a filled up square it is. :D (canceled)

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