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Recruitment Selection Stage 3

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The following challenge consists of fragments of a bigger thing. So try to do exactly what i say it needs be done.

The lower part of the following symbol requires one single dot placed in a certain spot . The placing of that dot is of extreme finesse , please be sure you are placing it in the exact spot you intend to and not just in "the area" where it might be needed.
It needs to be placed somewhere below the symbol.


For your information, that dot if placed right acts as a half counter, it will actually counter the symbol (just the lower part) but will keep its power available

This is advanced stuff, i don't expect any of you to pass this stage, so post with confidence, you have nothing to lose or to be afraid of :)

Good luck

P.s. i will await your replies on this on with most interest as this particular one has a personal story for me.

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I used a ruler this time just to be precise with the lines.
And I'm very sorry my work is very blurry.
The dot is at the intersection of the line and the outer half-circle just like a pivot.

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The dot is in the intersection point of the two semicircles that, when added, would make lower part of Mur's symbol into a one closed line.
Here's a schema so that the dot's location is precisely described:

Mur, this contest is very entertaining. Thanks a lot )

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to me it looks likes someone is sending out waves that are stopping something else from getting through. Hey mur after your done doing this can you keep putting these puzzles up if you can please.

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My dot is at the focal point of the lower half and, looking at the horizontal and vertical, closes and divides the semi circles acting as a partial, but not a strong, counter.
The dot is also exactly 3x3 pixels because it's the third layer deep.

Picture with my guidelines on it

With no work on it (so you can see the dot better)

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  • Root Admin

symbols are better than words, they can enclose a complex meaning, keep it, and throw away the details. While in symbol form, ideas have no manifestation, you can't tell what one or the other symbol is or means directly. To do that you need to expand it and let it aquire all the "details" it needs to form in a speakable state. In a way they are like seeds, they hold the DNA of the plant to grow, but they are not the plant yet.

Symbols can not lie, its only our mind that knows lies, but symbols will always show their true face to those looking at them. However, very very few are capable of reading that true information a symbol sends. Most people gather their information elsewhere, they let the false messsages in without knowing how harmful they could be.

Imagine you have a blank paper and that whatever you will write on it will be considered undeniable truth by the next person reading it. Now thats _POWER_ and thats what symbols look like when people abuse their power. A person with bad intentions could use a symbol with a certain meaning and present them as something else. A cruel thing happens then, people "feel" the true meaning of the symbol, but explain it by the "details" provided to them. When using this in a business for example, a company could use powerful symbols as their own logo, because people will feel their "power" but they will associate it with the compnay not with the symbol.
These are secrets not many know, but enough know to have the major symbols "abducted" for predefined purposes. The pentagram/five corner star/pentagon for millitary, the cross you know already where, several designers used such tricks as well, probably uncosciously because the artist creating the logo felt it "right", but others i have reasons to believe they knew what they were doing. Look at Chanel logo. It comes from the designers name, but the shape "mean" something like "crossing times, chanel covered the past and will cover the future". As an ex-designer i know these things come from intuition mostly and not from research, but hey ..microsoft did extended research even for the color to pic on the windows desktop..so some DO know what they are doing :)

why am i saying all these? well first of all because i was thinking to reply aranna with a "Maybe" but it turned into a long post :D

I am seriously thinking to allow all interested to participate in the Sotis but as scholars. This means..you can watch but you won't talk. I can explain anyone about why some things are in a certain way and not the other, and most important, i can explain you what the symbol that you posted means so you know why it was wrong, or right , for this selection.
It is however a problem of time. But..with the proper knowledge, provided there is no significant stubbornness in your head, i could "train" any person to understand basic to medium symbols. Maybe with the right clues a lot more of you will see what they are now missing. But my intention with sotis is to gather a few people, even one is enough, that have a certain type of ... idk how to call it..luck? intuition? I am 99% sure that none of you has any sort of training in symbols so it is not a matter of "who knows best" or "who is smarter" ..has absolutely nothing to do with that.

aranna .. the real challange comes with the complex/advanced symbols, its there where you feel amazing when you crack the meaning of one or see something that is so obvious yet no one else saw it before you.

On topic : (:P )
Some discovered the "jackpot" symbol, i didnt expected that any would, but hey... you people continue to amaze me constantly.
I consider it would be of great rudeness to name those that had it "right" without also doing everything possible to explain what "right" means in this case to those that picked other variants. Thats why first topics in Sotis that will explain these short tests will be public for a short while, be sure you get them before i make them private, unfortunatly i can't keep them public too long, i have my reasons (it will influence mentality of people in md to much..and that is ok with YOU that tried to apply to sotis, regardless what you did, but its very damaging if others not interested in sotis will read them out of context)

I am so excited , i can't wait to tell you about the "solutions" of these tests and detail their meaning. Believe it or not, untill now i had close to nobody to be interested in symbols in such way, and now all of the sudden i get more people able to figure out how to counter them.

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Although you said to ignore the top part of the image, it informs the rest in a way that two half circles and a line do not. To fully counter what I perceive this image to be requires visualizing the full image which I have shown below with the green dot the focal point of the fractal image (only drawn down to 2 levels). This is similar to a sierpinski triangle with a fractal dimension between 1 and 2.



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Again, quite interesting. It counters the symbol, but still powers it.
So what I thought was that it is opposite to the line, not the symbol itself and since it counters and is opposite to it, I thought that it'd be best to place the dot at the beginning of the supposed line if the circle was full. Then I realized the dot was a bit too big and I downsized it.
Kind of like Great Guba. [attachment=2382:Dot.png]

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